Are Carter’s clothes Oeko Tex Certified?

Are Carter’s clothes Oeko Tex Certified? Carters is one of the significant kids’ clothing brands in the U.S, and as you may know, they overall do not have the best reputation in regards to reasonable social approaches.

Yet, they have been making some positive adjustments lately, introducing new collections across their brand with more sustainable and eco-friendly values.

Do Carters have Oeko-tex-100 certified baby and kids clothes collections?

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Are Carter’s clothes Oeko Tex Certified?

Carter’s has a wide variety of kids’ collections, and one of their newest collections, launched in 2021 named ‘Carters Raise the Future,do have a choice of Oeko-Tex-certified pieces.

Where can I find the Carters Oeko-tex collection?

Good question, and unfortunately, Carters Oeko-tex and other more sustainable collections out of the Caters Raise the Future collection are not overly easy to find.

You would expect these collections to be found under the section ‘Collections’… Nevertheless, they are not at this stage.

You have to do actually a specific search term for ‘Caters Raise the future that will then bring you to a designated page where you can find all of Carter’s more sustainable focuses collections.

Is carters clothing Oeko tex certified.-Screenshot with example of search enquiry to find Carters Oeko-tex  clothing.

What is Carter’s other more eco-conscious clothing?

Besides the Oeko tex clothing collections, Carters has launched several other clothing lines crafted with sustainability.

Some include clothing and swimwear collections made with recycled materials, organic cotton, and heirloom collections.

To learn more about Carter Raise the future collections, check it out using the red button below.

Final thoughts for Carters Oeko tex clothing

Carters does have a collection of Oeko-tex kid’s clothing within their more eco-conscious line launched in 2021 named Carter Raise the future.

Within this line are several collections, including a line made from recycled materials, an organic collection, an heirloom collection and the Oeko tex collection.

Remember that Carter’s future collection is not overly visible on Carter’s website. You have to do a specific search term for the Raise the future collection to arrive on the page. You can then be redirected to the Oeko tex collection or another you may be interested in checking out.

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