Are Nestig Cribs Green Guard certified?

Nestig is an exciting brand for various non-toxic baby goods, such as their most spoken-about convertible cribs that can grow with your baby.

Yet they have more unique and exciting products, such as toys, wallpaper, mobiles, rugs, and more, all made in Peru in a family-run business that prioritizes sustainability and safety.

When looking for something unique that does not come from a big box store, you might feel inspired to browse Nestig’s collections.

However, Nestig is a non-toxic brand. You may wonder if Nestig cribs and accessories are Green Guard certified. As you may have noticed, many baby products and brands use this standard to ensure their customers’ safe, non-toxic products.

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Are Nestig Cribs Green Guard certified?

Let’s find out...

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Are Nestig Crib Green Guard certified?

Nestig’s top priorities are safety and sustainability.

All its cribs are made to order from non-toxic, sustainable materials and finishes that are lead, phthalate, and phthalate-safe.

The Nestig cribs’ frames are crafted from solid, sustainably harvested Brazilian pine, and the mattress supports are made of eco-engineered wood.

Nestig is accredited with the voluntary JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association), which is based on adherence to state and federal laws, ASTM standards, and some retail requirements. Yet, Recently, Nestig has also achieved Green Guard Gold for some of their famous cribs now, which is super exciting news.

JPMA standards are designed to give parents peace of mind, knowing that products certified by JPMA have been independently tested to the most stringent standards.

Yet, has Nestig already used Green Guard for other products on their site?

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For which products does Nestig use Green Guard?

Nestig already offers crib mattresses approved by Green Guard, and as mentioned earlier, they now have a choice of cribs certified by Green Guard.

Check out the following Green Guard crib mattresses available at Nestig.

Green guard certified matrasses

  • Naturepedic Organic Breathable Full Crib Mattress with Washable Cover.
  • Lullaby Earth Breathable Full Crib Mattress with Washable Cover
  • Newton Breathable Original Crib Mattress
  • Nestig x Lullaby Earth Breeze Air Mini Mattress

And for the famous cribs that have achieved Green Guard certifications, you can check out the following designs…

Green guard Green-certified cribs

  • The Wave crib
  • The Cloud crib
  • The Candy Cloud crib
  • The woodland cloud crib
  • The mountain crib
  • The snow crib

Also, Nestig makes amazing wallpaper using non-toxic paper and inks that are Green Guard gold certified.

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Which other brands have Green Guard-certified cribs?

Another exciting brand with a Green Guard option for Green Guard-certified cribs to consider is Naturpedic.

Naturepedic is certified by Green Guard for all its cribs and matrasses.

They have impressive certifications, including GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard), and Vegan approved and certified with Green America.

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Final thoughts for Nestig’s Green Guard certifications.

However, Nestig’s cribs are certified with the voluntary JPMA, and Nestig’s top priority is creating non-toxic, safe products; they have not certified their cribs with Green Guard.

They do have Green Guard matrasses options available in their collection.

For certified Green Guard Cribs, please check our related article options above for options.

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