#5 Nursery Furniture Sets With Greenguard Gold Certification

Today we are writing about Green guard gold nursery furniture, and we will further this article; by sharing five options to find Nursery furniture sets that are green guard gold certified.

Besides the increasing trend of eating organic and dressing organic, eco-conscious parents are also looking at other products that are safer and friendlier for the planet, such as baby nursery furniture sets that have additional certifications to give parents that extra piece of mind they make a ‘healthy and safe choice for their growing family.

While the initial Greenguard gold standard was founded in 2005, this well-respected voluntary third-party standard is used to ensure minimal chemical emission in products like baby furniture to promote better indoor air quality.

Disclaimer-Greenguard gold is an additional certification. Always ensure that the baby nursery furniture sets you are interested in purchasing meet all the mandatory product safety certifications and standards in the country you reside in.

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Which baby nursery furniture sets are green guard gold certified?

A few baby brands have a limited selection of products certified with the resected third-party standard Green guard gold. Yet we have found only one brand that has all their products certified.

Most brands prioritize certifying their sleeping products like mini cribs and matrasses. Yet, each brand has different certified products, so it is important to check certifications per product to ensure products meet your expectations.

Underneath, we will share five options to browse baby nursery furniture products and sets with Green Guard gold-certified products or collections.

Let’s start with the first one:

#1 Wayfair

You can find various baby nursery furniture sets at Wayfair that are Greengurard gold certified.

Some brands they stock include Babyletto, Baby Mod, Greyleigh and Davinci.

The cheapest baby nursery furniture set certified with Greenguard gold by Wayfair starts approx from $700- (USD)

You can check the Greenguard gold-certified baby nursery furniture sets out using the green button below:

#2 Pottery Barn Kids

However, Pottery Barn doesn’t have its Greenguard gold nursery furniture sets offered in bundles like Wayfair. Yet, this website can be worth checking out if you are after Greengard-certified nursery furniture.

The collection of Pottery Barn is generous and exciting, with some beautiful, unique furniture designs from numerous brands,

Some brands you can find at pottery barn kids include Babyletto and Ava Regency. Larkin, Kendall and Catalina

It is safe to say that overall the brands you see at Pottery Barn Kids are the more luxury brands that are mostly more for higher budgets.

As mentioned, the green guard gold nursery collection doesn’t come in sets; the website is user-friendly to give suggestions for matching products after you have clicked a product you are interested in.

You can use the button below to check out Pottery Barn Kids’ green guard gold collection.

#4 Oxford Baby and Kids

oxford baby and kids have ALMOST all their baby nursery furniture certified with GreenGaurd Gold.

Still check per item. It is a bit confusing how Oxford describes the use of Greenguard certification on their website. First, it mentions that all their baby furniture is certified with Green Guard gold, whereas elsewhere on their site, it mentioned almost everything.

So whenever you see Oxford baby nursery furniture sets, you are on a win to find a generous selection of baby furniture for your baby’s nursery with a choice of 15 collections.

Yet, double check your selected items are certified.

Aditionally, other retailers offer Oxford baby nursery furniture. However, the Oxford website will be the best place to view the complete sets with all available bits and pieces.

You can also find a generous selection of Oxford safeguard gold baby nursery furniture sets at Amazon Oxford front store by using the green button below.

Also, Buy, Buy Baby has Green Guard gold certified nursery furniture available from Oxford in addition to some other brands as well, which we will discuss in the next point no #4

#4 Buy Buy Baby

However, Bub Buy baby has a generous selection of nursery furniture; remember that not all their available products are certified, and some brands that sell green guard gold-certified products also sell uncertified products, making it tricky to find a complete Green Guard gold-certified set.

e.g. Da Vince offers Greenguard gold-certified products but only on a selection of their full-size cribs, mini-cribs, and mattresses. And Oxford offers most baby furniture with GreenGuard Gold, yet not everything.

All in all, while shopping for Greenguard baby furniture, check each product for certifications to ensure they meet your expectations.

(It is important to check each product for Greenguard gold certification by BuyBuy baby as most brands available at Buy Buy baby only have selected products Green Guard gold certified).

#5 Amazon-

Also, at Amazon, you can find baby nursery furniture that is green Guard gold certified, yet like baby buntings and buy by baby, it can be a bit more hassle to find a complete set that is certified as most brands have only a selection of their products certified, (Mostly some cribs and matrasses).

Yet, here is an overview of brands that have a front store on Amazon and have a (Limited) selection of Greenguard gold baby nursery furniture to check out. (So make sure to double-check per product what their certifications status is).

(For green guard certified products, it is essential to check Greenguard gold certification for each product, as also the brands DaVinci, Babyletto, Dream on me, and Delta children ONLY have a selection of their products Greenguard gold certified).

Are baby nursery furniture sets with Greenguard gold worth it?

Likewise, the G.O.T.S certification is increasingly used for organic babies, and the Greenguard gold certification is increasingly used for baby furniture.

However, the Green Guard certification is additional to the mandatory safety standards of products in the U.S, they are handy for parents looking for that extra piece of mind.

Because let’s keep it real, the truth is that greenwashing unfortunately exists and finding thoroughly sustainable and safer products is not always easy.

And standards like G.O.T.S or Green guard gold can help recognize eco-friendly and safer products making life a bit easier for eco-conscious shoppers.

Both standards are rigorous and highly respected, and it makes it a whole lot easier to find products that are tested to be safe.

Like G.O.T.S, remember that some brands have green guard gold certified products, while they also sell non-certified products, so always check each product they are accredited even though they are products from the same brand.

Where does the GreenGuard gold test for?

Products that are Green guard gold certified are tested for thousands of chemicals.

So when you buy furniture for your baby’s nursery certified with GreenGuard gold, the emission levels of chemicals released by the furniture ls are tested and have to meet rigorous standards of the Greenguard gold label.

The clear benefit this can give you is optimizing air quality indoors and minimizing chemical exposure for your baby and your family.

As kids are especially susceptible to chemical exposure, this voluntary certification can help parents find furniture for the nursery that is tested for safety regarding chemical emissions.

Final thoughts for baby nursery furniture sets with green guard certifications.

There is plenty of GreenGuard Gold-certified baby nursery furniture around, with Oxford offering most of its baby furniture certified with Greenguard gold.

If you are after furniture sets and want a choice from a few different brands, your most user-friendly go-to option with all-ready pre-selected Greenguard gold nursery sets is Wayfair, where you have a choice out of 14 sets.

Pottery barn kids are probably your next best go-to for Greenguard gold nursery sets. However, they do not offer Green guard gold nursery sets. Yet, they have selected certified products and give you proposals of matching products after choosing a product from the list, which can work out pretty helpful to find a certified set and there collection is quite exciting and unique.

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