#5 Bamboo Baby Clothes Brands with Oeko-tex Standard 100

If you want peace of mind that the bamboo baby clothes are free of harmful chemicals, you might be considering brands that have their collections tested and certified with Oeko-tex 100.

Great choice, as Oeko-tex is a reputable and highly regarded independent testing agency that tests garments for many regulated and unregulated chemicals.

And however, Bamboo can not be certified with the GOTS standard as Bamboo due to the required processing of Bamboo. Yet, bamboo brands can certify their garments with Oeko-tex 100, an increasingly widely used and recognised global standard.

Also, some brands do not have their end garments certified with Oeko-tex 100, such as no 2 on our list. Also, sometimes brands work with multiple certifications and may have used other standards, such as GOTS.

So to help you quickly find those brands that use the Oeko tex standard for their bamboo baby and kids clothes, we have made a list for your below to check out of any of these brands align with your style and values.

Just check per brand how they use Oeko tex 100 for their bamboo baby clothes.

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Which bamboo baby clothes Brands use Oeko-tex 100 for their baby clothes?

#1 Bellabu Bear-(Certified for all end-products)

Bamboo Baby Clothing | Softest Family Matching Sets

Bellabu bear is, together with number 4, the only bamboo brand with all their baby clothes end product certified with Oeko tex 100.

This means that the independent lab team of Oeko tex for many government-regulated and unregulated harmful chemicals tests every single thing.

Every stitch, button, zipper and detail is tested to be safe for humans.

Bellabu Bear has also been awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association.

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#2 Tenth and Pine-Uses Oeko-tex certified Bamboo viscose)


For those unfamiliar with Tenth and Pine, this is an interesting one to check out for sustainable baby and kids clothes for families looking for brands that make baby clothes locally in the U.S.A.

Tenth and Pine is a gender-neutral brand and your g0-to store for organic onesies with quirky and cute graphics.

Tenth and Pine does not have their end products Oeko tex certified but uses a combination of GOTS-certified organic cotton and Oeko-tex-certified bamboo viscose for their baby clothes to ensure non-toxic, sustainable garments consistently across their brand.

#3 Boody-(Mainly uses Oek-tex for their non baby collections)

We included Boody in this list as an Eco-friendly bamboo baby brand with a highly sustainable focus and recognise that Boody uses Oeko tex for SOME of their products.

When Boody products are certified, all the thread, fabrics and trims meet the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex requirements.

Yet, to find out which products are certified with Oeko tex, you need to check per product if they are certified, which we understand may not be very convenient when you are shopping for bamboo Oeko-tex-certified baby clothes.

Still, anyhow, Boody does not appear to use their Oeko tex certifications more for other collections and not for their baby clothes. However, it uses Eco-cert for the bamboo fabric and FSC for the harvested organic Bamboo.

#4 Bamboa-(Certified Oeko-tex end products)

Bamboa was launched in 2008 by Julia Washbourne and is a bamboo premium awarded-winning lifestyle brand based on a children’s-friendly focus and children’s lifestyle products available featuring a range of wearables.

Bamboa is based in Hongkong but also has an office in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A and Saint Tropez, Nice, France. You can find their collections on their U.S. website at bamboahome.com.

Bamboa is one of the brands that use the latest environmental production process for bamboo fibre, called lyocell.

The bamboo lyocell method doesn’t use any toxic substances or chlorine-containing bleach. Approximately 95% of the water used for production is recycled in a closed-loop system and can be used repeatedly.

Bamboa is certified by Oeko tex for all their end products meaning all the thread, fabrics, and trims meet the standard 100 by Oeko-Tex requirements. 

#5 Zipease (Oeko tex certified Bamboo Lyocell line available from February 2023)

Bamboo Baby clothes Brands that use Oeko-tex 10o.-Image of 3 Zipease bodysuits.

Zipease is a unique small U.S. business that hand-makes baby clothes with a zipper that runs from ankle to ankle to make nappy changes a breeze.

Zipease is also one of the brands that crafts-specific adaptive baby clothes that are G-tube friendly.

However, Zipease has not yet launched their Bamboo lyocell baby clothesline made from Oekotex-certified bamboo lyocell; you can pre-order from their site with a launch date of their newest eco-friendlier collection available from February 2023.

Final thoughts for Bamboo Baby clothes Brands that use Oeko-tex.

However, you may not have an abundance of choices, and the most popular baby sleepwear brands are off the list; you still have a few great options if you like to go with a bamboo brand that is tested for harmful substances by Oeko-tex 100.

Even a few options are Oeko tex certified and use Bamboo lyocell and closed-looped systems most suitable for the most eco-friendly bamboo baby clothes.

What is your favourite bamboo baby clothes brand?

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