MakeMake Organics Review

Makemake Organics may not be around for as long as some of their competitor organic baby brands, yet they have gained quite a bit of brand recognition and received excellent reviews.

When you come across the collections of Makemake Organics, you may have noticed that they are not the cheapest brand for your baby organics, yet if you are browsing for high-end organics for your baby, this brand could be worth considering.

Today, we discuss how Makemake is reviewed and help you decide if this U.S. brand is worth it for your family.

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Makemake Organics Review

Makemake Organic is one of the climate-pledge-friendly brands on Amazon and is exceptionally well-reviewed.

Makemake Organic’s luxurious collections feature non-toxic baby goods and are certified with well-respected labels such as Oeko tex, GOTS and Fairtrade.

Are all Makemake Organics products GOTS-certified organic?

Yes, Makemake is all about organic, non-toxic products that are ethically made. All cotton used for Makemake organic products has been made from Certified organic cotton since the beginning of Makemake created the brand.

Is Makemake Organics certified by Fairtrade?

Purchasing certified Fairtrade products gives you the insurance that your product was made according to rigorous social, economic and environmental standards. At Makemake Organics, you can rest assured they are as Makemake Organic is a certified fair trade.

Which of Makemake’s organic products is Oeko tex certified?

For materials that can not be certified with GOTS, Oekotex is a greatly respected label to test for harmful substances for humans nowadays commonly used by many baby brands.

Makemake use of Oeko tex-certified polyester, which is used in products like the filling of the GOTS-certified playmate.

So polyester has had rigorous testing for regulated and government-unregulated harmful substances that are safe for humans.

What are brands like Makemake Organics?

However, various organic baby brands focus on creating more affordable organic baby clothes that are perfect when working with a budget.

Yet, for alternative luxurious brands like Makemake Organics, you could consider brands like Finn + Emma, Under the Nile, Monica and Andy, and Coloured Organics, which primarily focus on uniqueness and luxurious high-end organics. Yet, these brands will cost you a little more.

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Final thoughts for Makemake Organics.

Makemake Organics is very well reviewed, working its way along to build on some great brand recognition for a relatively young company.

If you have the budget, Makemake Organic is an excellent, well-reviewed brand for high-end organic baby clothes and goods to consider.

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