What’s Tooshies by Tom?-{Review on Tooshies by Tom 2021}

What’s Tooshies by Tom? Tooshies by Tom is one of the more affordable eco nappy brands in Australia that is designed in Melbourne by a team of mums. The goal of Tooshies by Tom is to create a nappy that is more sustainable over the complete lifecycle.

What's Tooshies by Tom?-Multiple Thoosies by Tom nappies stacked on a shelve.
What’s Tooshies by Tom?-Multiple Tooshies by Tom nappies stacked on a shelve

Does Tooshies by Tom delivers and provide a ‘greener’ disposable nappy choice compared to conventional disposable nappies?

Today we like to walk you through Tooshies by Tom nappies and look at their performance and sustainable benefits.

While we review Tooshies by Tom today, we will also provide you with a quick comprising with Rascal & Friends eco nappies as these two eco nappy brands are available in the same price range.

Shall we get started?

What’s Tooshies by Tom?

Tooshies by Tom are Organic Bamboo Disposable diapers and a product from Tom Organic.

Tom Organic is certified as a B cooperation since 2012 and has both Feminine hygiene and baby care products in their production line.

Tooshies by tom are bamboo nappies made from certified organic bamboo designed in Melbourne, Australia, by a team of mums.

Underneath, you can find a little video introduction you can watch with some more details to learn more about Tooshies by Tom.

For who is Tooshies by tom

Tooshies by Tom is one of the more affordable eco-friendly nappies available at Coles, Woolworths, Chemist warehouse and various other online retailers.

While it is questionable how eco-friendly some of the disposables nappies are out there, some of the premium eco brands out there have booked impressive results with creating more sustainable disposables with high percentages of plant-based ingredients. Some are also certified with high accredited eco-labels like a Nordic swan or the EU eco-label.

As you may have noticed, there is an abundance of eco-friendly nappies available to choose from, but and Tooshies by Tom is one of the most affordable eco nappies offering a more sustainable nappy option for parents who are looking for a more sustainable disposable but are having a limited to budget to replace the cheaper conventional nappy.

Are Tooshies by Tom worth considering?

Is Tooshies by Tom eco-friendly?

However, Tooshies by Tom have sustainable benefits and is a more sustainable choice than a conventional disposable nappy; still, we would not classify Tooshies by Tom as a premium eco-friendly nappy brand.

There are nappy brands with lots more evidence of their sustainable efforts and certified with highly accredited eco-labels to back up sustainable claims.

Organic Toms sustainable efforts include chlorine-free nappies that only use water-based inks and dyes and do not contain toxins like Xylene, toluene or formaldehyde.

However, every sustainable effort is beneficial, still over the whole nappy; only close to 5o-% of the ingredients of Tooshies are biodegradable.

Still, Tooshies by Tom is a B cooperation….

What does a B cooperation mean?

What's Tooshies by Tom?-A set of scales weighing between profit and purpose.
What’s Tooshies by Tom?-A set of scales weighing between profit and purpose.

When a corporation is certified B, it means that the company makes considered choices within their business and balances profit and purpose.

The actions of a B cooperation have to be balanced between purpose and profit, and a minimum score of 80 points have to been met during a test to become certified.

Eco by Tom scores 83.7 in this test which is clearly above the minimum requirement of 80. Did you know that ordinary businesses score 50.9 within this score, which is actually quite worrisome, right?

However, the socially responsible efforts of a B corp business are higher than an ordinary business; it does not directly give you detailed information of a specific product of that business.

‘Generally speaking, Eco products certified with the highest accredited eco-labels like Nordic Swan or the EU ECO-label are giving you the highest guarantee that a product is truly sustainable, leaving a smaller eco-footprint as the whole lifecycle of the product is taken into consideration, not only the disposing of the product which is important but a single factor’.

Pro’s and Con’s of Tooshies by Tom

Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of Tooshies by Tom to learn more about the strengths and areas of improvement, shall we?


Tooshies by Tom are:

  • Socially more responsible than an ordinary business as with 83.7 points certified B-cooperation since 2012
  • More Affordable than most other eco nappies
  • Tooshies have cute Prints
  • Tooshies have Subscription options available


  • Multiple user rapport issues with leaks
  • Currently, Tooshies nappies seem to have some issues with tags breaking off quite easily.
  • The Absorbancy of the nappy is quite limited, and you may find the baby bump doesn’t stay dry enough.
  • No certified with a high accredited eco-label like Nordic Swan or EU eco-label.

Be aware of current performance issues of Tooshies by Tom

Multiple customers of Tooshies by Tom have reported having issues with their nappies now, while previously they had used Tooshies by Tom happily for an extended period of time.

As for our experience, The Tooshies by Tom nappies we have tested has unfortunately not offered sufficient absorbance for our baby.

Absorbance issues– Unforutanlly this resulted in our case in wet skin. Luckily we had no rashes developing in our case, but the likelihood of this will increase if absorbancy is inadequate.

Leaks-Additionally to our research and multiple reviews online, unfortunately, we have experienced repeating leaks with Tooshies by Tom ourselves.

Tag issues-Also breaking tags has been a repeating issue we experienced as well.

Is Tooshies by Tom worth giving a go?

What's Tooshies by Tom?-Women holding up her hand with questionable expression on her face.
What’s Tooshies by Tom?-Women holding up her hand with a questionable expression on her face.

However, Tooshies by Tom is one of the more affordable eco-friendly nappy options, and multiple users reported satisfying reviews; it appears that Tooshies by Tom currently experience some ongoing performance issues resulting from recent changes they made to their nappies.

Surely Eco by Tom is working very hard to resolve these performance issues of customers soon, and we are looking forwards to more positive Tooshies by Tom Reviews shortly.

If you have been keen to try Tooshies, you may like to wait for a little until there are some updates on improving the ongoing performance issues of Tooshies by Tom, and for now, it’s perhaps worth considering one of the other eco nappy brands.

Conclusion of Tooshies by Tom

Conclusion? At this stage, We do NOT recommend Tooshies by Tom!

Tooshies by Tom appear to have been appreciated by multiple customers previously; still, since they have made recent changes to their organic bamboo nappies, multiple issues with leaks and tags have been reported in reviews. As well we have experienced this for our selves.

However, both Tooshies by Tom and Rascal & Friends are not the most sustainable eco nappies available; still, they provide an affordable eco nappy on the market with sustainable benefits compared to conventional disposables.

Still, we would recommend Rascal & Friends as an affordable eco nappie choice when choosing between Tooshies and Rascal at this stage. (the Rascal & friends eco option is unfortunately not available in the U.S yet after we checked last)

Alternative: If you can justify it within your budget, you could consider one of the more affordable premium eco nappies like Bambo Nature for a little bit more.

Bambo Nature eco nappies are certified with the Nordic Swan, which guarantees you reduce your eco-footprint with your product choice. To make premium nappies more affordable, you could consider a subscription or purchasing the nappies in bulk. It is worth checking out.

Have you tried Tooshies by Tom?

Did they work for your baby?


Tooshies by Tom









  • B cooperation
  • Affordable eco product
  • Cute prints


  • Issues reported with leaks
  • Limited absorbency
  • some issues with tags

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