What’s in the Ecoriginals?-(Ecoriginals review)

You may have arrived at this Ecorignals nappies review because you wonder what’s in the Ecoringals nappies and like to learn if these disposables are as eco-friendly as claimed in their adverts you may have seen on social media?

What's in the Ecoriginals?-Baby laying on a change table..
What’s in the Ecoriginals?-Baby laying on a changing table.

If so, you are on the right track as we like to provide you in this review with the pros and cons to see if Ecoriganls are worth it for you to give a go or one of the other Eco nappies on the market align better with your lifestyle choices.

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Product Details for the Ecoriginals

Product:Eco nappies
Based at:Australia
Founded in:Byron Bay
Sold in:Australia and New Zealand
Manufacturing:In China, in an ISO certified factory
Subscription available:Yes
Compostable?:Home compostable packaging
Non-Toxic? Free of:*phthalates
* fragrances
Biodegradable:90% biodegradable
How long to break down the nappy on a landfill?:Within 4 months at the landfill when disposed of correctly. (depending on landfill sides conditions).
Sizes:A wide range of sizes available-Newborn up to 18 kilos.
Availability:You can browse Ecoriginals here.
Ecoriginals Review 2021

‘Did you know that the goal of Ecoriginals is to produce 100% plastic-free nappies in 2025’?

What’s IN the Ecoriginals?

Ecorignals are made from FSC-certified wood pulp, Non-GMO corn starch and cotton and for the sake of performance, small amounts of polyethylene (PE) are used for the nappy’s strength small amount of lycra around the legs to prevent leaks. The newest launched Ecoringals are made from an impressive 90% biodegradable materials that have the potential to break down in 3 months. Ecoriginals aim to have a 100% plastic-free nappy in 2025!

How do Ecorignals preform?

Like any other product you read reviews about, also for Ecorignals, you can read both positive and negative reviews online.

Understandably, it is a constant juggle to balance performance and sustainability when creating an ‘eco-friendly nappy’. Of course, creating a greener nappy is what we all want, but obviously, we still expect adequate performance as well, don’t we?

Best Eco friendly nappies? Baby wearing eco nappy 'Ecoriginal'.
Best Eco-friendly nappies? Babywearing eco nappy ‘Ecoriginal’.

We have trialled Ecoriginals ourselves and have not had any issues with these plastic neutral nappies.

For any parents or carers who like to try out Ecoriginals, keep in mind that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are refunded any unhappy people with their products, so they must feel pretty confident about their products.

‘Did you know that Ecoriginals launched a new version of their nappies in 2020 and are now 90% biodegradable and have the ability to break down on landfill within the 4 months? (when dispost of correctly)’

Do Ecoriginals align with your sustainble goals?

Generally speaking, there are a couple of things beneficial to determine if eco products are genuine so you can decide if the products align with the sustainable goals of your family.

  • Eco-labels-The first thing you can look for when selecting eco-nappies or other eco products is Eco labels. A certified product with a globally recognised eco-label can give you a good insight into sustainable efforts. Some of the highest recognised eco-labels include Nordic Swan. Some great eco-friendly nappy brands like Bamboo Nature and Muumi are certified with this highly respected eco-label and choosing brands that carry such highly respected eco labels is the easiest way to find genuine eco nappies An other great one is the EU eco-label, where the brand Moltex is empowered with.

Some of these great brands are available in bulk and with some brands, you can save yourself some dollars while other brands do not give many benefits to purchase in bulk.

  • Research-However, eco-labels are an easy way to give you great reinsurance of a product’s sustainable efforts; there are other great brands out there who may not be certified but are still great eco-friendly choices. More research will be required to determine the brand’s sustainable claims are genuine. Perhaps consider visiting the product’s website and look for transparent information. You will soon learn the difference between brands who love to share details about their sustainable efforts and brands who are transparnt at all.
  • Ask questions-When you have any questions about the sustainable efforts of an eco-brand, contact the company and ask questions. You will soon find out the difference between genuine brands who love to provide you will detail and brand you may not hear back from or provide you with clear answers.

Is Ecorignals Certified with an Eco-label?

However, Ecoriginals don’t tick the first box, and they are not certified with an ecolabel. Still, they give you detailed and transparent information about their sustainable efforts as one could wish for. They also have helpful customer service to help you out with answering any questions you may have.

‘Did you know that Ecoriginals work together with Australian scientific organisations like the CSIRO(Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) and aim for continuous improvement of the environmental standards, and aim to be plastic-free in 2025?

Pros and Cons of Ecoriginals

What's in the Ecoriginals?-Set of scales with sphere on one side and money on the other.
What’s in the Ecoriginals?-Set of scales with a sphere on one side and money on the other.

As mentioned before, we trialled Ecoriginals, and they performed fine for us. They are nice and soft and not bulky, and the nappies are nice and long on the waist I like.

We personally hadn’t any issues with absorbancy or tags not staying in a place, but we read in reviews some other people had issues with this. Still, this might have been cleared by now and start-up issues after the newly launched nappies.

The fitting of the nappy was fine, too, with no issues whatsoever. As per the image, the nappy has a fairly high waist, which I really like.

Let’s have a look at some pros and cons for Ecoriginals, shall we?


  • 90% biodegradable
  • Clear and transparent detailed information from the brand
  • Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied
  • Friendly, helpful customer service
  • Home compostable packaging


  • Not certified with an eco-label
  • Premium pricing
  • Mixed reviews online

How can I try out Ecoriginals?

You have different options to excess Ecoriginals, including trial packs, single purchases or subscriptions.

Trial packs-If you like to get a feel of Ecoriginals eco nappies and wipes, you have the opportunity to order a trial package and claim a 25% discount with your first order. The trial packs are a great way to get a feel for the products, and the test ofEcorignials perform for your baby.

Single-use purchases-You can also choose to place a single order of your choice, either a single nappy pack, a bulk pack, just wipes of a bulk pack with a combination of the products.

This could be great if you already trialled Ecorignals and you feel confidant Ecorignal products perform for your little person. Still, if you feel confident about Ecoriginals, considering a subscription can be worth it too, as this may work out cheaper for you.

Subscription-You can order Ecorignals in subscription format what would likely work out the cheapest for you. You can do this in different dynamics, such as only nappies, wipes, or combining the two. Subscriptions with Ecoriginals is perfect for people who feel confidant about the products and like to save themselves some dollars.

(Please note that you can pause, edit or cancel your subscription at any time…)

Wrap for; What IN the Ecoriginals?

What's in the Ecoriginals?-Baby on belly with white hat one and soft toy on the side.
What’s in the Ecoriginals?-Baby on the belly with white hat and soft toy on the side.

However, Ecoriginals are not certified with an eco-label; you will find reinsurance of how eco-friendly their eco nappies are when you start researching Ecoriginals.

You will learn how transparent the communication is from Ecoriginals and how they do not hesitate to share clear figures with their audience of how sustainable their nappies are and in which areas their nappies still need improvement to reach their goal of 100% biodegradable in 2025. (something that can’t be sad from all eco nappies brands).

If you are searching for genuine eco-friendly disposable nappies, in our opinion, Ecorignials is one of the brands worth considering indeed.

Still, if you like to take things one step further, compostable nappies might be worth checking out as well and perhaps aligning even better with your lifestyle goals. Of course, they don’t come cheap, and there are some obstacles to excess composting services for the nappies, but these nappies are worth checking out as well.

Did your trial the Ecoriginal nappies?


Ecoriginal Nappies









  • 90 % biodegradable
  • Home compostable packaging
  • Money back guarantee if not satisfied


  • Not certified with eo-label
  • Premium pricing
  • Mixed reviews online

4 thoughts on “What’s in the Ecoriginals?-(Ecoriginals review)”

  1. This is a great idea and gives one the convenience of a disposable nappy without harming the environment. I wish that these companies could develop a cheaper way of manufacturing these products, as the expense is what causes people to buy into the cheaper brands, even though they harm the environment more. Unfortunately, these nappies are essentials for parents, and they don’t want to mortgage their house to pay for them.

    Maybe as the idea takes off more, these products will reduce their prices and manufacture more at a more affordable rate.

    • You are not wrong, Michel; the price tag can be a set back for many families as eco nappies don’t come cheap. Still, many families have made the change to either cloth diapering or eco nappies with the ongoing lifestyle trends. 

      Most eco nappy brands do offer subscription, though, which can make eco diapering more affordable. Alternative multiple brands offer a discount if you are purchasing eco nappies in bulk.

      And as you said, hopefully, in the future eco nappy brand can offer compatible pricing with conventional diapers. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Great post, and thank you for once again paying attention to ecology. I personally do not have a child or a problem with nappies, but I definitely support it, and I think it is great that there are things like Eco nappies. I am not sure if they are sold in my country, I sincerely hope that they will appear on the market here.

    • Hi, Thanks for stopping by and sharing your insight on eco nappies /diapers today. Eco nappies have many benefits for our environment and babies’ compared to conventional diapers, and brands like Bambo Nature are sold across the globe, so these might be available to you? Ecorignals are only sold in Australia and New Zealand at this stage.



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