Does Eennee have the Best Compostable Nappies in Australia?

What are the best compostable nappies Australia has?

Best compostable nappy  Australia 1.2-Baby wearing Eenee nappie standing upside down.
Babywearing Eenee nappy standing upside down.

However, plenty of eco-friendly disposable are available these days; compostable nappies are a different story.

Parts in a disposable nappy need synthetic materials that give adequate flexibility and strength; hence, one nappy brand found a way around this issue and launched the first fully compostable nappies in Australia. Therefore, this compostable nappy brand is ahead of most of Australia’s composters.

Finding compostable nappies

We stopped our search for compostable nappies for a while after we read an article from a composter in Australia stating that compostable nappies in Australia don’t exist. Later, we discovered that this information was slightly incorrect, and we learned about the best compostable nappies Australia one could wish for, endorsed by Compost Australia.

Of course, we tried these compostable nappies out, and today, we will share them here to use to your advantage. But first, let’s look at the details of this product, shall we?

Product Details Eenee sample pack

ProductEenee sample pack with one pull-up and a pack of U pads
Shipping timeArrived within a couple of days
IncludedEndorsed by Compost Australia
Special detailsEndorsed by compost Australia
Where to buyEenee nappies and trial packs are available here
Product details Eenee sample pack pull-ups with a pack of compostable U-pads

So compostable nappies in Australia do Exist?

Yes, that’s right; they do very much exist, indeed. How exciting, right? As mentioned before, we were amazed when we discovered compostable nappies exist. We gave up hope after reading an article from a composter in Australia explaining that nappy brands give misleading information to try selling their nappies labelled as compostable. Still, he states that no nappies in Australia are eligible for composting.

He also mentioned that commercial composters don’t have to accept compostable nappies as they contain human waste. However, he points out that the composter can refuse nappies containing human waste.

However, we understand what this composter is saying, and his point of view as a composter is understandable; we learned that the information seems somehow not wholly accurate.

Current challenges of disposing of Eenee compostable nappies

Yes, composters can refuse nappies, and yes, most still do. However, Eenee works hard to change those facts and successfully uses a composter in Brisbane that accepts and processes their compostable nappies through an organic waste company.

However, this service is a paid service; it is an opportunity for parents in the Brisbane region to dispose of their Eenee compostable nappies. (Let’s clarify to avoid miscommunication that this is for Enee compostable nappies endorsed by Compost Australia only).

However, the road is not easy, and the process may be slow; the Eenee team is working hard to change things up in composting Australia. Eenee is a small family business currently negotiating with several composters in Australia to get the approval for processing Eenee compostable nappies at their facilities.

Did you hear of the brand Eenee before?

Eenee has been very creative and innovative in creating a fully compostable nappy. It has jumped the queue of many other eco-nappy brands that have not launched a nappy 100% free of plastic and chemicals.

Sustainable struggles from regular eco-nappy brands

When you think about the product we like to buy, a disposable nappy without any single-use plastic, we may have to realise that this is nearly impossible to make without any use of plastic.

Or do we have to start thinking differently, out of the box, as Eenee did?

‘To cut single-use plastic out of disposable nappies, we need to change our perspective on using disposable nappies’. That is precisely what Eenee did.

Biodegradable nappies with independent credentials

A few eco nappies are doing well with their sustained effort. In addition, some brands have independent credentials, such as Muumi, Bambo Nature and Moltex and are great sustainable choices for an eco nappy. When purchasing in bulk, you can save yourself some $$.

Still, when nappy brands are not certified with an eco-label, you may have to make more effort to check out their sustainability efforts and how transparent they are willing to share them with you.

Genuine brands are likely to be upfront with you and happy to answer any questions you may have.

Being genuine and transparent with your audience

Ecoriginals are transparent about sharing details of their sustainability challenges and achievements of all ECO nappy brands.

Ecoriginals claim that 90% of their nappies break down within four months on a landfill site, significantly improving from regular disposable nappies, which can take hundreds of years to break down completely.

However, SOME eco-nappy brands are doing an outstanding job and can still be a great sustainable choice and a significant improvement from regular disposable nappies; they still contain a percentage of plastic and are NOT suitable for composting.

Are there more affordable, Eco-friendly nappy choices?

Are you looking for a more sustainable disposable nappy but can’t justify compostable or premium eco nappies? Supermarket brand Rascal Friends launched an eco nappy now, which is much more affordable.

However, there is nothing wrong with Rascal Friend eco-nappies; they may not be as sustainable as other eco-nappie brands. For example, only approximately 60% of the nappy is biodegradable. Still, it is a more sustainable choice than a regular disposable nappy and an affordable option.

Okay, you had enough said about biodegradable nappies now. Let’s go back to Eenee and their compostable nappies. Would you like to learn a bit more about Eenee?

The story of Eenee?

Are you interested to learn a little more about the brand Eenee? Please find the story of Eenee under the need to know more about the journey of Eenee and the launch of their eco nappies.

Video of the story of Eenee

(I would like to mention that the weenees that are about first in the video are no longer available, but the U compostable pads only.)

How do Eenee compostable nappies work?

So this sounds all great, but how do Eenee nappies work?

As mentioned before, Eenee compostable nappies are 100% plastic-free, and they have created nappy pants or belts to keep the nappy in place.

Interested in how Eenee nappies work?

It is pretty straightforward, and you can watch the video below to see how to fit the nappies on your baby successfully.

Our Experience with Eenee compostable nappies?

So, do they work?

When we first learned about Eenee compostable nappies, we felt very excited to try them out; however, we were unsure what to expect.

If it sounds too good to be true, it often is too good to be true, right?

Are these compostable nappies going to work?

Or would they sound like an excellent sustainable solution but give regular leaks and perform poorly?

Well, we ordered a trial pack worth $46,90(plus $18- postage will differ per location) and started trying these compostable nappies to find answers to our questions. We ordered the starter pack containing one stretchable pull-up cover with a side opening and one pack of 26 compostable u pads, and like a flash, the postman arrived at our front door. Wow, that went quickly. We are off to a good start!

We were excited to try out these nappies but plan to use them at night. We tried them in the daytime until we felt confident enough to fit them on Bub for a full overnight.

(Our trial baby is 19 months old and 11,5 kilos; we choose U-Pads size L)

Shall we have a look at the pros and cons first? Okay, let’s get started.

Pros and Cons of Best compostable nappies Australia

Pro’s Best Compostable Nappies AustraliaCon’s Best compostable nappies Australia
It works. Excellent performanceMore expensive
100% compostableOnly one composter in Australia accepts Eenee nappies
and you have to pay for this service
Sustainable choiceOnly hot composting is suitable for wet U-Pads
Free postage for bulk ordersnappies can only compost soiled nappies commercially
Super soft cover, no marksOnly suitable for home composting done by a specific method (hot composting)
Healthier for the planetNappies may end up in landfills due to accepting composters
Nappy breaks down in one compost cycleNappy shell(non-natural material) in direct contact with babies’ skin as U-pad not fully close on sides
The convenience of a disposable nappyPostage expense for smaller orders
Less washing while still a sustainable choice
Pros and Cons of Best compostable nappies

Performance of Eenee compostable nappies

We started to try out Eenee compostable nappies in the daytime and were unsure what to expect. At first, we had to get used to the fact that the nappy is not like any disposable nappy but an u-pad. At first, we thought the nappy was too small, but the U-pad doesn’t completely close at the sides when fitted on the baby.

Best compostable nappies Australia-Baby wearing Eenee nappy and pack of compostable u pads displayed
Babywearing Eenee nappy and pack of compostable u pads displayed

Ideally, I would prefer the natural material of the nappy to touch the skin instead of the nappy pants, which is non-natural. However, the fabric is super soft and doesn’t leave any marks.

We were impressed with the Eenee nappies’ performance and amazed at how the Velcro in the pull-up kept the nappy in place. (We honestly expected this to fail). In addition, the pull-ups are super elastic to assist the nappy in staying in position.

After a while, we felt confident trying out Eenee compostable nappies at night, and we are happy to say that Eenee didn’t disappoint us.

Eenee has not only the best compostable nappies in Australia, but did you know they are also the ONLY compostable nappies endorsed by Compost Australia.’

Composting of Eenee compostable nappies

Only wet U-pads are recommended for home composting, while soiled nappies are not for home composting due to hygiene reasons. If you are interested in home composting, you must follow a method(hot composting) to compost wet Eenee U-pads at home successfully.

Final thoughts about Ennee compostable nappies

Best compostable nappies Australia-Baby sitting on chair facing to the wall and wearing a white Eenee nappy
Babysitting on a chair facing the wall and wearing a white Eenee nappy

Did you know that Compost Australia endorses Eenee compostable nappies in Australia?

Today’s parents are following a more sustainable lifestyle and making sustainable lifestyle choices for their babies and family carefully considered.

If Eenee comes to parents’ attention who try to make the most eco-friendly choices for their families, they likely would be very excited to try out compostable nappies.

Eenee might not be for everyone, and that is fine. There are other great sustainable choices out there. But for those parents seeking a plastic-free compostable nappy, you can stop looking as you find where you were looking.

Even though you might not be able to access a commercial composter and you may not be able to do hot composting at home, Eenee would still be the only plastic-free disposable nappy choice.

Also, supporting Eenee’s products will help the progress to change composting opportunities for nappies in the future, which will significantly help lower the eco-footprint and help change a lot of little people.

Well, voila, here it is for you! Oh, and the other good news, Eenee Nappies perform. They sound good, but they also work, well, at least they do for us.

Did you feel excited to learn about the nappies of Eenee and interested in giving Eenee ago?

Without committing to the brand, you could take advantage of the trial pack and learn that Eenee would make a good match for your baby and family lifestyle.


We hope this information has been helpful to you, but if you have any questions, feedback or experience with compostable nappies in Australia, please leave any comments below. Again, we hope this information has been helpful to you.

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8 thoughts on “Does Eennee have the Best Compostable Nappies in Australia?”

  1. Hi Jude. Very interesting article. Myself and my family trying to be eco but it’s not always easy to find an environment-friendly equivalent of common things. To be fair I have never heard before about Eenee nappies before, but it seems like a great solution to be more ‘green’ Looking forward to testing them in practice, there are a bit more expensive but if it really solves nappies trash problem (at least partially) it’s worth a try.

    • Hi there, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment today. We mostly use washable nappies, but these compostable nappies are a great disposable option that performs well. 

      Eenee their sustainable efforts are sublime and genuine. Hopefully, more commercial composter goes behind them and accept their nappies for composting. 


  2. I came across your website because I am always on the lookout for more sustainable products. Already I have the ‘mooncup’, buy hair soap instead of in a plastic bottle and so much more. I knew about washable nappies, but compostable ones I never heard of. What a great idea! I wish you a lot of happiness with your baby in the future!

    • Hi Lizzy, yes we got the shampoo soap bars as well and loved them. We mostly do washable nappy but we loave the compostable nappies, and they are a great as a disposable nappy option.

      Hopefully, Australia will go behind this company, and more commercial composters start processing this nappies. 

      Have a great day and week ahead, and if you like to keep up to date with all the latest sustainable lifestyle trends for your family, you are invited to subscribe for our newsletter on the homepage.

  3. I never even considered biodegradable diapers. I know you call them nappies but I called them diapers ha ha. Anyway, I really do find it interesting how you have compared these two types of diapers. I find biodegradable to be very useful simply because they are biodegradable but I love all the points you have made on this article

    • Hi Misael, thank you for leaving us a comment, biodegradable nappies and compostable nappies will both break down over time. It will depends which particular nappy and brand you pick of how long it will take to break down. 

      As regular disposable nappies like Huggies are full of plastic, it can take up to hundreds of year before the nappies is full broken down. Both biodegradable and compostable nappies are huge improvement compare to regular disposable nappies, still it is advisable to learn more about the ‘greener’ products you buy as ‘greenwashing’ is not uncommon. 

      We believe the perfect choice is one that suit your budget and lifestyle, and a choice perfect for one, might not work for the next. For biodegradable nappies with a genuine sustainable effort you could check brands like Bamboo Nature, Muumi or Moltex eco nappies. We also love how transparent the brand Ecorignals are about there sustainable effort but they don’t have an independent eco credential like the other 3 do.

      When you purchase these eco nappies in bulk, most brands give you a discount. But you can also choose to to order a sample box with different brand eco nappies to find out which nappy is best for your baby before purchasing nappies in bulk. (When buying in bulk keep in mind that you may need to order 2 different sizes as babies grow so very quickly)

      It is great Compostable nappies are available too and  if they align with your budget and lifestyle, they are an excellent sustainable choice for an disposable nappy(or diaper).

      We hope this is helpful for you Misael and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

      Have a fantastic day and week.


  4. Hi Jude, thankyou so much for your comments and support for our eenee compostable nappies.
    I thought I would let you know that in our home State of Tasmania, our nappies are accepted in Council residential FOGO bins in Hobart, Glenorchy and Kingborough Councils, so our customers can send eenee nappies to be commercially composted along with their food and green waste at no extra cost or energy, which is exactly how it should be. This has been allowed for many years now, we just wish we could get the rest of Australia to be as accepting.
    We are still working on it…
    All the best,

    • Hi Sue, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Thank you for sharing more details about the opportunities as for disposing off Eenee compostable diapers. Its great that Glenorchy and Kingborough Councils are giving these opportunities… Fingers crossed we will see more of this throughout Australia in the near future…

      All the best to you too.

      Cheers Jude


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