What is Aster and Oak?

When browsing for premium baby clothes in Australia, you may have come across Aster and Oak.

Today, we introduce you to the Australian baby clothes brand Aster and Oak and share a brief overview of some details that will define this brand.

What is Aster and Oak?

Aster and Oak is one of Australia’s leading premium organic baby clothes brands, established in 2014 by a mum in search of naturally easing her children’s allergies and eczema.

Is Aster and Oak G.O.T.S certified?

Aster and Oak’s garments are G.O.T.S (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and available to families in Australia and New Zealand.

Buying from a brand that uses the world-recognised standards of G.O.T.S. is an excellent way to find genuine organic baby clothes that are ethically made, pay workers fair wages, and provide a safe environment.

The factory where Aster and Oak manufacture their products is, fortunately, G.O.T.S certified.

Ps, did you know that Aster and Oak products are also vegan?

Are Aster and Oak baby clothes made in Australia?

However, using the G.O.T.S standards ensures ethical standards are maintained for their products; the cost to use Australian cotton and realise manufacturing in Australia is not achievable due to cost and circumstances in Australia’s current organic cotton availability.

Yet, designing Aster and Oaks products is done in Western Australia.

Which other Australian organic baby clothes are G.O.T.S certified?

Brands increasingly use the worldwide recognised standard of G.O.T.S and give customers excellent recognition to find genuine organic baby clothes easily.

Also, Here are some other brands in Australia that use the G.O.T.S. to ensure their baby clothes are non-toxic.

Another highly recognised standard for baby clothes more frequently used in Australia and worldwide is the Oeko-tex 100 standard.

However, this standard does NOT mean the product is certified organic; Oeko-tex is a highly recognised standard and gives you reinsurance that the product is rigorously tested for many harmful substances for humans.

You can Check out HERE some premium brands in Australia that use the Oeko-tex 100.

Final Thoughts for Aster and Oak

Aster and Oak products don’t necessarily come cheap, yet if you are after whimsical hand-illustrated baby clothes, bedding with adorable prints, and premium quality and non-toxic fabrics, Aster and Oak could be worth checking out.

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