Most Eco-friendly Bamboo Baby Clothes Australia.

Are you looking for the most Eco-friendly Bamboo Baby Clothes in Australia?

Well, when it comes to bamboo baby clothes, there are A LOT of misconceptions about how eco-friendly choice bamboo as a fabric is.

In all honesty, the story of how eco-friendly bamboo baby clothes are is often told with half the truth.

Yes, bamboo has the potential to be an eco-friendly choice as it can grow without the use of pesticides. And don’t need fertilizers.

And yes, growing bamboo uses less water.

Bamboo is fast growing and, when harvested, able to replenish itself.

Yes, bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air than cotton.

Yes, to all these benefits…. but…..

The heavy processing required to make baby clothes from this beautiful plant is often not as eco-friendly.

The required processing part of crafting buttery soft baby clothes from bamboo viscose is often not shared as much as the beneficial part of using bamboo.

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Yet, did you know an eco-friendly processing method exists to make baby clothes?

However, far less commonly used, a handful of brands use this more eco-friendly method called the lyocell process. Organic solvents are used instead of harsh chemicals, and the water required for the processing can be used repeatedly, called closed-looped processing.

Which baby brands in Australia are the most Eco-Friendly?

In Australia, a few baby brands are set apart from the rest. This is because they focus on maximizing sustainability and being as eco-friendly as possible while utilizing bamboo to make their products.

Let’s check out which brands in Australia use Bamboo lyocells using closed-looped, more eco-friendly methods to craft their collections.

Which Brands in Australia use Bamboo Lyocell for their baby collections?

Regarding bamboo baby clothes made from bamboo lyocell, One thing is for sure: your choices in Australia are minimal.

Yet we have a couple of brands with a baby line crafted from bamboo lyocell using closed-loped processing systems, which we will share with you underneath.

Yet, for more great eco-friendly baby clothes choices, you could consider Organic cotton brands instead certified with GOTS.

Even a few sustainable-focused baby bands make their organic clothing locally in Australia.

Underneath, we share two brands with you in Australia that use Bamboo Lyocell using closed-loped systems…

#1 Boody

You may have heard from the highly sustainably focused bamboo underwear brand Boody, based in Sydney, Australia and is selling in 15 countries globally and counting.

Boody also has a baby line, with essentials made from bamboo lyocell.

However, initially an underwear brand, Boody has an essential baby line where you can find various basics for your little one, gift sets, newborn bundles, and maternity-friendly products.

Boody bypasses trends and fads, believing they lead to overconsumption and waste. 

Lyocell is a cellulose fibre traditionally made from birch trees, oak and eucalyptus trees, yet at Boody, they have developed their exclusive blend using a signature organically-grown bamboo.

The lyocell used at Boody is a closed-loop system where 99 % of the solvent is recycled.

#2 Ettitude

However, Boody is a proud B corporation Founded in Melbourne, Australia; its HQ is in Los Angeles and donates 1% of all sales to environmental nonprofits.

Ettitude is your other option for a 100% bamboo lyocell baby line for beth and bath products using closed-looped processing systems without toxic solvents.

Ettitude is an excellent go-to for sustainably luxurious crib mattresses, protectors, and bamboo lyocell towels, which you can find in their baby line. Yet, they do not have a baby clothesline as you see at Boody.

Final thoughts for most eco-friendly baby brands in Australia

However, your choices are limited regarding bamboo lyocell baby clothes in Australia; Boody or Ettitude is worth checking out.

For other non-toxic, eco-friendly options, consider checking out our links to GOTS organic baby brand in Australia or these Oeko tex-certified options in Australia.

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