What are the Most Eco-friendly Bamboo baby Clothes brands in the U.S?

Looking for the most Eco-friendly Bamboo baby Clothes brands in the U.S.?

Bamboo baby clothes are often claimed to be the most eco-friendly and safe. However, it may also have come to your attention that this is not always the case.

In many cases, heavy processing and harmful toxins are used to make the fabric for bamboo baby clothes, and the methods used are not necessarily supporting eco-friendly practices.

That being said, the good news is that increasing brands use the more eco-friendlier version of bamboo fabric used o make baby clothes that do not require harmful toxins in the process but use a natural organic solvent instead to break down the raw bamboo.

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What are the Most Eco-friendly Bamboo baby Clothes brands in the U.S.?

There is no shortage of choice regarding bamboo baby clothes brands in the U.S., with the number of brands offering bamboo baby clothes being astronomical.

Yet, only a handful of brands use the more eco-friendlier version of bamboo named bamboo lyocell, also called the third generation of bamboo viscose.

Bamboo lyocell uses a natural organic solvent instead of harmful toxins like sodium hydroxide and carbon disulphide.

Also, with bamboo lyocell approx, 95% of the water used for the processing can be reused repeatedly, also called a closed-looped system which is a lot more eco-friendlier for the environment than methods used with non-closed processing of bamboo.

Today we share 4 brands with baby lines that use the more eco-friendlier bamboo Lyocell with you to help you quickly find the most Eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo baby clothes in the U.S.

#1 Ettitude (For bed and Bath)

However, you can not find bamboo baby clothes at Ettitude; this highly sustainable bamboo brand has a baby line for baths and beds.

Ettitude uses 100% Bamboo lyocell and closed-looped processing methods, and their products are also Oeko tex certified.

You can find various bamboo baby products in Ettitude’s bamboo baby line, including crib sheets, crib mattress protectors and a variety of towels.

#2 Boody- (For Essentials baby wear)

Boody is another bamboo brand with a high focus on sustainability and eco-friendly approaches throughout the brands and a certified B cooperation.

Boody uses non-toxic solvents, closed-looped systems and natural dye to craft their products, and Boody uses their exclusive blend of signature organically-grown bamboo.

Boody is originally an underwear brand, yet they have a baby line with essential bamboo baby wear products such as top bottoms, sock wraps and accessories.

Boody also has a baby gift available.

#3 Zipease (Not launched yet-From February 2023)

What are the most eco-friendly bamboo baby brands in the U.S?-Image of 3 Zipease.
What are the most eco-friendly bamboo baby brands in the U.S.?-Image of 3 Zipease.

However, this unique well-reviewed baby brand has not yet launched its Bamboo Lyocell baby clothesline; we like to include it in our list to give as many people as possible the heads up about this great small business that handmakes their baby clothes in the U.S and have adaptive baby clothes available that re G-tube friendly as well.

Zipease is unique and designed as baby clothes that are easy for diaper changes as they are uniquely open with a zipper that runs from ankle to ankle.

Currently, Zippease is running a Kickstarter to realize the launch of this bamboo lyocell line, and, of all go, by plans, this new bamboo baby clothesline made from more sustainable eco-friendlier bamboo will be available from February 2023.

You can pre-order the unique Zipease made from Bamboo Lyocell using the button below.

#4 Bamboa (Eco-friendly Bamboo lifestyle brand)

The last eco-friendly bamboo brand from our list is Bamboa which is based in Hongkong and is the first bamboo retailer in Asia with also an American website for their eco-friendly home and lifestyle products that are 100% biodegradable.

Also, Bambo uses the latest methods to process bamboo, which more eco the bamboo lyocell method that doesn’t use any toxic substances or chlorine-containing bleach, and approx 95% of the water used for production is recycled in a closed-loop system.

Bamboa has lifestyle brands with kids, like where you can find swaddles, bedding and more for kids you can check out using the button below.

Final thoughts for the most eco-friendly bamboo baby clothes in the U.S

While most bamboo baby brands use bamboo viscose or rayon for their baby clothes that require toxins and do not necessarily use eco-friendly processing systems, a handful of brands use new methods where most of the processing water is reused through closed-looped systems. Natural solvents are used instead of harmful chemicals.

What is your favourite eco-friendly bamboo baby brand?

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