What’s IN Bambo Nature?-Most eco-friendly nappy/diaper?

What’s in Bamboo nature?

Are you Looking for eco-friendly disposables?

Choosing an eco nappy brand can be overwhelming, and it can be challenging to find out easily what ingredients are used to make these ‘greener’ disposables with some brands.

What's in Bambo Nature?-Pregnant lady holding a little teddy.
What’s in Bambo Nature?-Pregnant lady holding a little teddy.

Bambo Nature has created an innovative disposable where they carefully selected non-toxic ingredients. So if you like to know what’s IN your baby’s disposables, you are on the right track considering Bambo Nature.

Bambo Nature has created an innovative disposable where they carefully selected non-toxic ingredients with no vague eco claims with lack of evidence as you may have seen by other ‘eco brands’.

Bambo Nature is recognised worldwide as one of the leading eco disposables and has solid evidence to back up its sustainable claims through certifications with highly accredited eco-labels.

While in many countries, these disposables are named Bambo Nature eco nappies, in the U.S, these innovative disposables are known as Bambo Nature diapers.

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Product Details of Bamboo Nature

Product:Eco nappies
Brand:Bambo Nature
Wetness indicator:Yes
Recycle packaging:Yes
Sizes:9 different sizes-Newborn to training pants
Eco certificationYes
Product details Bambo nature

What is Bamboo Nature?

Bambo Nature is recognised and awarded as one of the top leading eco nappy brands across the globe. These innovative disposables are manufactured in Denmark but are now sold across the globe.

While Bambo Nature disposables are named nappies in countries like Australia, the same disposables are recognised in the U.S as Bambo Nature diapers.

However, these Bambo Nature products are initially the same; the U.S has an additional diaper except the classic edition called Bambo Nature Love diapers. Still, the difference between the two doesn’t appear to be significant.

Bambo Nature is proud of itself for its non-toxic disposables, which are created with carefully selected ingredients. You probably like to know what is in the Bambo Nature disposables, but as well, you might find it helpful to see all ingredients NOT used in Bambo Nature disposables.

Ingredients NOT found in Bambo Nature?

The following ingredients are NOT used to make Bambo Nature disposables:

  •  No perfumes
  • No Deodorants
  • No antioxidant
  • No chlorine
  • No latex
  • No lotions

The ingredients of Bambo Nature products are carefully selected, and their disposables are dermatologically tested and certified with asthma allergy Nordic. This means that Bambo Nature is a good choice for sensitive skin and minimize the chances of allergic reactions. Still, there is never a guarantee of skin reactions.

What’s in Bambo Nature?

When considering a nappy brand like Bambo Nature, you are likely interested in what’s IN the nappy/diaper?

You are so right to check these details as in some eco-nappy brands; it can be questionable how eco-friendly the eco nappies really are. Learning more about a brand and checking the ingredients and certifications of a brand is a great idea.

What's in Bambo Nature?- Lady working in a laboratory.
What’s in Bambo Nature?- Lady working in a laboratory.

As per Bambo nature, the following ingredients are used for their disposables:

  • For the Fluff: Peroxide-bleached paper (only from controlled forestry). (These do not contain optical brighteners).
  • SAP: The SAP Bambo Nature uses in the disposables are an acrylic polymer that does not contain phthalates and is approved by FDA.
  • Glue: The glue is based on wax and resin and is free of any phthalates.
  • The Ink: The ink used to print Bambo Nature doesn’t contain heavy metal.
  • The tape: The tap of Bamboo Nature is made from polyethylene and paper.
  • The Foil: The foil is produced from polyethylene.
  • Lycra: Contains elastomers made from polyurethane.

However, not all ingredients of Bambo Nature may not be 100% natural; Bambo Nature disposables are non-toxic. Therefore, you can ensure that the ingredients are carefully selected and safe for your baby and leave a smaller eco-footprint than conventional disposables.

High accredited Eco labels like Nordic Swan, where Bambo Nature is certified, back up Bambo Nature’s sustainable claims.

‘However, Bambo Nature is not compostable. Did you know that Bambo Nature’s disposables are recyclable or suitable for incinerating disposing’?

Is Bambo Nature recyclable?

What's in Bambo nature?-Lady holding nature earth.
What’s in Bambo nature?-Lady holding nature earth.

Yes, you could use a recycle service for Bambo Nature nappies if you have excess to an appointed facility. For example, one of the recycling plants in Eastern Creek in NSW is named Global Renewables recycling.

As there are no environmentally harmful ingredients in the Bambo Nature nappies to be released into the atmosphere, you can actually use an incinerate specialist to dispose of used Bambo Nature disposables as well.

Still, even if the above described disposing options would not be available for you, disposing of Bambo Nature in the bin would be still more sustainable as you would use conventional disposables.


When choosing truly sustainable products, it is essential to look at the whole lifecycle of the product, as very often not only is looked at a single factor as to how to dispose of the product.’

Because Bambo Nature has a cradle to grave eco-friendly approach and is manufacture with carefully sourced non-toxic ingredients. Bambo Nature is made in a facility where 95 % of the production waste is recycled. Therefore the nappies/diapers will still have a lower impact on the environment than conventional nappies as not only is looked at a single factor to be more sustainable.

For who is Bambo Nature?

If some of the following features are high on your priority list, Bambo nature might be worth considering for you…

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Certified with asthma allergy Nordic
  • Have a cradle to crave eco-certification
  • Editors Choice Award by baby gear lab
  • The Ethical Consumer Best Buy Award
  • Lower impact on the environment
  • Globally leading eco nappy brand
  • FTC certified (forest stewardship council)

Pros and Cons of Bambo Nature?

Underneath some of Bambo nature Pros and Cons ones more in an overview…


  • Multiple award-winning nappy
  • Wetness indicator
  • Certified with high accredited eco-labels

Did you know that Bamboo Nature is created in a facility where 95 % of production waste is recycled?


  • Premium pricing
  • Nappy/diaper not compostable
  • Packaging not compostable(is recyclable, though)
  • Currently, not many sizes are in stock

‘Every baby is unique and has different shapes and sizes, and even the best-rated brands don’t perform for every baby. Before committing to a subscription or purchasing nappies/diapers in bulk (which will generally work out cheaper), we recommend trialling out nappies/diapers first with a trial pack or at least a single box when possible to find out of the brand aligns with your families expectations and your babies’ needs’.

Check out more eco nappy/diaper reviews….

Wrap up for What’s in Bambo Nature?

What's in Bambo Nature?-Sleeping baby.
What’s in Bambo Nature?-Sleeping baby.

When your goal is finding a truly sustainable eco-friendly disposable, Bambo Nature is worth considering in our opinion and back up its claims with multiple awards, eco-label certifications and tons of transparent information about their sustainable efforts.

Unless you are searching for the next step up in your sustainable journey, you may like to learn more about compostable disposables. However, compostable disposables come with a price tag; it gives an excellent option for families where compostable disposables are aligned with their budget and lifestyle goals.

Have you used Bambo Nature?

Bambo Nature Eco Nappies









  • Certified with Multiple Eco labels
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Multiple award winning nappy


  • No many sizes in stock
  • No compostable packaging
  • Fair but Premium pricing

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  1. Hi, thanks for this article on what in Bambo nature? I like the fact that this is an eco-friendly diaper and can be recycled. It is a good thing to know what type of material your babies diapers are made of to avoid using diapers made from toxic material on your baby which can have a negative impact on your new born  

    • Hi Nedia, thank you for leaving us a comment today. Yes, it is great to Bambo Nature is recyclable. You can still only use the service when you are close enough to one of the approved recycling points. Still, even though you cannot access an approved recycling facility for the diapers, using these eco-friendly disposables is a win and will leave a smaller eco-footprint as these diapers are created more sustainably and contain no toxins, which are better for the environment and babies. Win-win.


  2. I didn’t know that they are making eco-friendly diapers now. I guess sooner or later; this would also come if you think how many are being used daily over the globe. But the pricing is a detrimental factor, and as many are trying to get the cheapest products, they can find this can make them stay away from them. If they manage to make them competitive, they have a chance to gain traction.

    • Hi there, yes you are so right. Eco diapers are definitely come with a price tag, and we can only hope they will be more affordable and accessible for a larger audience shortly. Purchasing in bulk or considering a diaper subscription is probably your cheapest option at this stage. You can check out here an article on Bulk disposables in Australia and keep an eye out for a blog post on Bulk diapers in the U.S, as this will follow soon.

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