Is Angel Dear Organic?

Is Angel Dear Organic? Jeffrey Chang founded the high-end children’s wear brand Angel Dear in 1989, a company whose values reflect an ongoing commitment to using organic fibres when possible.

As well as the use of recycled paper and soy ink for its printed materials.

Yet, Is Angel Dear considered an organic brand?

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Is Angel Dear organic?

However, Angel Dear is committed to using organic fibre whenever possible; this high-end clothing brand is not exclusively organic and uses a broad range of unique art prints for designs exclusively designed by and for Angel Dear.

However, Angel’s Dear use various fabrics for their collections, such as Viscose of bamboo, Spandex and Modal; they have a section of wearables and blankets made from 95% organic cotton and 5 % spandex.

Yet, these are not certified with GOTS or Oeko Tex.

What products are found at Angel Dear?

Angel Dear is famous and loved for its products crafted with comfort and softness in mind.

A broad range of products can be found at Angel Dear, such as cashmere-soft blankies, super soft wearables, accessories, swaddles and outerwear.

Where to buy Angel Dear products?

Angel Dear is considered a high-end baby brand, and its sophisticated, classic baby clothing design and accessories are known for their consistent quality.

Besides its initial website,, you can also find the Angle Dear brand at stores focussing on high-end quality, such as Maisonette.

You can also find some Angel Dear products on Amazon, yet the choice here is limited.

What are Organic baby brands worth checking out?

If you are looking for organic baby clothes, there are many additional choices besides the organic cotton pieces available at Angel Dear.

Many organic cotton baby brands have started using GOTS (global organic textile standard) fabric or certifications for their collections, which is a great way to find genuine organic baby clothes.

You can find 20+ organic baby clothes bands that use GOTS here.

However, not organic, for bamboo baby clothes tested for harmful toxins, you could consider Bamboo baby brands that use the Oeko-tex standards.

Final thoughts for Angel: Dear baby clothes

Angel Dear is an overall healthy review high-end baby brand that uses various fabrics for its collections. It includes a small section with products made from 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex.

Angel Dear is overall well-reviewed for its quality. Although they are not an exclusive organic brand, they have some organic options available. Yet, these are not certified organic, though.

Is Angel Dear Organic?-Baby hold by mother.

Is Angel Dear Organic?

Is Angel Dear Organic? Jeffrey Chang founded the high-end children’s wear brand Angel Dear in…

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