#4 unique Organic Baby Clothes Made in The U.S.A

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When looking for organic baby clothes made in the U.S.A. for a while, you probably notice that most of them are manufactured abroad.

Still, a few great U.S. brands have chosen to manufacture their organic baby clothes in the U.S.A. Today, we will share 4 of these unique brands with you.

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Certified organic baby clothes made in the U.S.A

Today, we would like to share three organic baby clothes brands manufactured in the U.S.A. and provide adequate evidence to identify the brands as genuinely organic.

Independent certifications are a beneficial tool for identifying trustworthy organic clothing. G.O.T.S (Global Organic Textile Standards) is the most respected and globally recognised label regarding organic fibres.

We believe choosing certified brands with an independent standard is worth it, as you know you are at least buying genuinely organic products.

Our top 4 organic baby clothes are made in the U.S.A

All four brands we share today have certified their baby clothes with G.O.T.S., and their designs are crafted with 100% organic cotton, something we like to see when shopping for organic baby clothes.

When you are in a hurry, you can find the direct links to our three selected U.S.A. brands below. Further along in this review, we will share more details about these three unique brands with you.

Organic baby clothes made in the U.S-Organic baby onesie with 3 bees from Soul-flower.Soul flowerCheck out prices here ($$)
Organic baby clothes made in the U.S.-Organic baby footie from Castle Ware baby..CastleWare babyCheck out Prices here ($$)
Winter Water Factory KidsCheck out Prices here ($$)
Organic baby clothes made in the U.S.A-Tenth and Pine organic bodysuit 'Bunny'.Tenth and PineCheck out Prices here ($$)

#1 Soul flower

Organic baby clothes made in the U.S-Organic baby onesie with 3 bees from Soul-flower.
U.S.-Organic baby onesie with three bees from Soul Flower.

Soul Flower was founded in 1999 by Mike and Peggy, and their aim to launch an eco-friendly apparel brand has become quite successful.

While Mike and Peggy started selling their unique bohemian-style clothing at festivals and their small boutique in Minestona in 1999, they closed their brick-and-mortar shop in 2004 and sold their ‘hippie style clothing’ exclusively online.

Soul Flower is one of those brands you don’t have to doubt their eco-friendly efforts. Not only are they certified organic, but their passion and values for ‘green products’ shine bright through the communication and actions they take across their brand.

The Soul Flower team is proud of their high customer service, and their apparel collection includes garments for the whole family.

We think these Minnesto-made funky baby clothes won’t disappoint you when you appreciate hippie-style clothing.

#2 Castleware baby

Organic baby clothes made in the U.S.-Organic baby footie from Castle Ware baby..
Organic baby clothes made in the U.S.: Organic baby footie from Castle Ware Baby.

In 2008, Maureen and Tom Smithey began CastleWare Baby. Their vision was to create organic sleepwear that was sustainable and made in the U.S.A.

Maureen and Tom believed that the quality of babies’ sleepwear should be durable enough to last long enough for multiple babies.

At CastleWare, you find high-end quality sleepwear that is simple and comfortable for babies’ skin but is also functional.

Castleware preshrinks their sleepwear collection to avoid significantly shrinking your purchased items, and they mention their clothing is true to size in their details.

If you are looking for classic designs and non-toxic sleepwear for your baby made from high-quality fabric manufactured in the U.S.A., we believe CastleWare is worth checking out for you.

#3 Winter Water Factory

Organic baby clothes made in the U.S-Organic Cotton kids dress from Winter water factory kids.
Organic baby clothes made in the U.S. Organic Cotton Kids dress from Winter Water Factory Kids.

Based in Brooklyn, the Winter Water factory specialises in organic clothing and screenprinting, as you can tell by the unique and beautiful prints on the textiles of the baby clothes.

Stefanie Lynen, one of the owners of Winder Water Factory, mentioned feeling inspired by vintage wallpaper, envelope liners and children’s books. Good news for the whole family for those who love these unique designs: Winter Water Factory is not restricted to baby and kids clothes only with organic apparel collections. Still, men’s and women’s clothes are also available as well.

The signature of Winter Water Factory includes its compelling, fresh, bold prints and beautiful textiles. So, if you are looking for unique prints for baby or kids’ clothes, we think Winter Water Factory is worth checking out.

#4 Tenth and Pine

After her first daughter was born, Kerynn decided to turn her passion for natural and organic fibres into a sustainable clothing brand and launched Tenth and Pine in 2016.

You can recognise Tenth and Pine’s pieces by their high quality, simple and timeless gender-neutral designs that are made to last for more than one baby.

The cotton pieces found in Tenth and Pine’s collection are made from 100% G.O.T.S certified cotton. In addition, tenth and Pine use nickel-free snaps for baby clothes and water-based ink certified with class 1 grading of Oeko-Tex Standard, the highest grade.

When looking for unique Gender-neutral organic baby clothes made in the U.S.A., think Tenth and Pine. We think Tenth and Pine won’t disappoint you and are worth checking out.

Final thoughts about organic baby clothes made in the U.S.A

If you don’t mind your baby clothes being made overseas, it isn’t hard to find some of the best organic clothing brands in the U.S.A.

But when you prefer U.S.A-made organic apparel, finding baby clothes you love can be more challenging.

We hope you love the 4 U.S.A. baby brands shared with you today, and it has given you some new options to find organic baby clothes you love and align with your lifestyle.

Moving forward, we will keep adding U.S.A.-made baby clothes to this list when we come across more awesome brands.

What is your favourite organic baby clothing brand certified and manufactured in the U.S.A.?

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