Nestig Mountain Crib Review

For those who aren’t already familiar with the sustainable Nestig cribs, they are unique as they can grow with your baby. Yet, the Nestig Mountain crib suits slightly different needs than the other options as it has different convertible options than the Nesig Wave crib or the Candy Cloud crib.

Underneath, we share our Nestig Mountain cribs review to learn a little more about the Moutain crib specifically to help determine if this crib is what you are looking for, suiting your needs.

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Nestig Mountain Crib Reviews

Like Nestig’s other crib designs, the Mountain crib is non-toxic, crafted by artisan people in Peru and made from the same sustainable solid hardwood timber.

Yet, the Nestig Mountain crib is slightly different in conversion options from the other cribs as it doesn’t include a bassinet or mini crib but a 2-face sleeping solution including a full-size crib and toddler bed, making the Mountain crib suitable for families that are not looking for bassinet or mini crib options.

Pros and Cons of the Mountain crib

Nestig Mountain crib review.- Star rating for the Mountain crib reviews.
Nestig Mountain crib review.- Star rating for the Mountain crib reviews.

Nestig cribs are famous for their quality, sustainability and the fact that Nesig cribs can grow with your child.

The Mountain crib features sustainable craftsmanship and modern design with details, making this crib a breath of fresh mountain air.

The Mountain cribs are the only crib from the Nestig crib collection that doesn’t have a bassinet or mini crib option suitable for families looking into getting a Nestig crib but don’t need the mini crib option.

Yet, as you can see in the screenshot above, the Moutain crib is not the most reviewed crib from Nestig and is not as consistent and high as some of the other Nestig cribs.

Underneath is an overview of some pros and cons of Nestig’s Mountain crib.


  • Potential Challenges with the assembly of the crib.
  • Some customers experienced some design flaws while installing the crib.
  • Available in only one colour
Mountain crib review.-Star rating for the Nestig Mountain crib.
Mountain crib review.-Star rating for the Nestig Mountain crib.


  • Nestig’s Superb-rated customer service
  • Beautiful piece of furniture
  • Non-toxic, no nasty smell
  • Made from solid, sustainable timber.
  • Suitable for families looking for a Nestig crib without the mini crib included.
Mountain crib review.-Star rating for the Nestig Mountain crib.
Mountain crib review.-Star rating for the Nestig Mountain crib.

Which Nestig cribs are reviewed best?

The Nestig brand is all about quality and not quantity, and overall, Nestig is reviewed very well, yet perhaps some improvements are required for the Mountain cribs to get up to the standard of their other cribs.

Nestig has four different cribs, yet the following two have received the most and highest reviews.

#1 Candy cloud crib

Mountain crib review-Screenshot of star rating review for the Candy cloud crib.
Candy Cloud crib review-Screenshot of star rating review for the Candy Cloud crib.

The colours inspired the Candy Cloud Collection on a fresh birthday cake and are available in Mint, Rose, black licorice and Bluebell.

Recently, Tan France has collaborated with Nestig. In the Tan France collection, you will find this Candy Cloud Crib across some other Nursery matching accessories, such as washable rugs, bedding and a spectacular Wall-mural.

This Candy Cloud crib is reviewed more often than the Mountain crib and can convert into a mini crib, a full crib, and a toddler bed.


Approx. Four weeks before shipping and five weeks for the licorice colour.


  • Highly recommended by costumers
  • Cribs set from Tan France collection
  • Sturdy and well-made
  • It comes with a mini crib
  • Easy to assemble
  • Four colour choices

#2 Wave crib

Nestig Mountain Crib Review-Star rating of Nestig reviews for the Wave crib.

The movement of the ocean inspires the Wave Crib, which is available in two different colour choices: white and natural wood.

With 500+ reviews, the Wave crib is Nestig’s most frequently reviewed crib, as well as highly reviewed, as shown in the screenshot above.

Like the other Nesig cribs, the wave crib is certified with the voluntary JPMA and hand-crafted by artisan workers in Peru, featuring a perfect option for a safe, Non-toxic, lead and phthalate crib frame constructed from sustainably harvested solid Brazilian Pine and mattress support from eco-engineered wood.


  • There are a few weeks of waiting before the Wave crib is shipped.
  • Only two colour choices.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Made well from sturdy solid wood
  • Comes with a mini crib.

Final thoughts for Nestig Mountain cribs

However, Nestig wave cribs and de Candy cribs might be the most popular options for Nestig’s famous convertible cribs; Mountain cribs bring an opportunity to the market for families looking for a sustainable convertible crib set-up that does not include bassinets or mini cribs.

However, the customer service is superb; some customers have had issues with the design flaws and assembling the Moutain cribs. Yet, as Nestig does not work with inventory, this issue will hopefully be resolved soon if not already cleared.

Consider the Nestig candy Cloud crib or Nestig popular Wave cribs for cribs that have already received great reviews and are easy to assemble and recommended by many happy customers.

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