Is Nestig’s hand-drawn Wallpaper for Nurseries Green Guard Gold certified?

Are you looking for Wallpaper for your baby’s nursery that is inspired by the wonder of childhood yet is sustainable and non-toxic?

Well, the good news is an increasing number of brands have started to create more sustainable and non-toxic products, such as non-toxic baby clothes, furniture wallpapers, toys and much more, meeting the demands of eco-conscious shoppers who are avoiding chemicals in their family’s environment. Especially while welcoming a new baby into their family.

Looking for brands that use voluntary standards like Green Guard gold which we talk about today, can help you recognize non-toxic products such as nursery furniture or Wallpaper more efficiently.

Is Nestig child-inspired Wallpaper non-toxic and GreenGuard gold certified?

Is Nestig Wallpaper Green Guard gold certified?

Nestig is a go-to shopping destination for parents looking for non-toxic convertible cribs, rugs, bedding quality and wallpapers.

However, Nestigs wallpaper is not certified with the voluntary Greenguard gold label; they use non-toxic paper and Green Guard gold inks for their childhood-inspired hand-drawn Wallpaper.

Are Green Guard gold certifications commonly used for non-toxic baby goods?

However, Greenguard gold is not as common yet as labels that test for chemicals in clothing, and your choices are somewhat limited; there are a few options for choosing products with Green guard gold certifications.

Yet, baby clothes that are tested and certified with voluntary labels to be free of harmful substances are much more common.

While shopping for babies’ non-toxic clothing, you can look for voluntary certifications such as Oeko tex or GOTS-certified baby clothes, which you may come across already. An easy and trustworthy way is to find genuine non-toxic baby clothes.

Check out Baby CLothes that use GOTS.

Check out Baby Clothes that use Oeko tex.

Yet, when it comes to other products in your baby’s environments, such as cribs, matrasses, change tables, wall decals and Wallpaper, there is the voluntary standard Green Guard gold to find products that are tested for harmful substances for humans and can help to optimize your indoor air quality.

Yet, this label is not as commonly used, but you have a few choices of products like nursery settings and crib mattresses from a handful of brands.

Final thoughts for Nestig’s non-toxic Wallpaper

Nestig is worth checking out for sustainable eco-conscious shoppers; however, their Wallpaper is not green guard gold certified; they use Green Guard gold certified inks and non-toxic paper for their hand-drawn childhood-inspired Wallpaper printed in a womon-owned business in Peru.

Did you know Nestig uniquely doesn’t work with any stock, and all others are made to order?

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