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Our story

Welcome to mysustainablebaby.com. My name is Jude, and I am the founder and owner of this website; and I feel passionate about sharing our story with you.

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I am a mum of two young girls, the eldest is five, and the little one just turned 18 months. (I know she is growing up, but I still call her my baby…)

I am immigrated from the Netherlands to beautiful Australia in 2011 and never looked back. I met my husband Simon here in 2012, and in 2015 our first daughter was born, followed by our second daughter in 2019, who completed our family.

Becoming a mum

Becoming a mum was a different experience than I imagined, but I learned about the existence and meaning of the word ‘matrescence’. Finally, it felt like some puzzle pieces fell into place for me.

For those who didn’t come across this beautiful word yet, it means ‘becoming a new mum’ and refers to the transition period of a woman who becomes a mum.

Long story short, you may agree that becoming a mum is pretty much like rediscovering your identity all over again. It can take quite some time to find your balance again, and for me, it did. Anyhow, you may wonder why I tell you about becoming a mum?

Well, as mentioned before, In 2019, our second daughter was born, and you may recognise the feeling of reconsidering your lifestyle choices all over again right after such a significant life event as having a baby?

When I was at this point in my journey, I finally leapt and did something I wanted to do for a long time,

I started my very first website justcutebabyclothes.com

Becoming a mum made me move in a different direction and gave me the push to turn a corner and pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I started a new journey and started to make one of my dreams a reality.

The beginning justcutebabyclothes.com

I didn’t have any experience building a website, but I did know I wanted to create an online business for an extended period, and when I found a platform that could assist me in achieving my dreams, I took the plunge, and I never looked back.

About Jude-Women working behind her laptop.
About Jude-Women working behind her laptop.

Justcutebabyclothes celebrated her first birthday in December 2020, and we will keep extending this website with lots of helpful information on baby clothes, fabric choices, fashion trends and, of course, a variety of the cutest baby clothes. However, we love what we are doing; when the 1-year mark of our website came up, we realised it was time to start a new journey as well.

Let me explain to you why…

While gaining more knowledge during building justcutebabyclohtes.com, I became more aware of the abundance of synthetic materials and chemicals used in many (baby) clothes and products. As a result, I gradually became more interested in more sustainable lifestyle choices.

The exposure of unnatural substances and materials in our day-to-day life has somehow become accepted and the norm in our society; however, it is problematic. Therefore, it is not surprising that sustainable live style trends keep increasing in popularity.

The start of a new story

In November 2020, mysustainablebaby.com was born. This place will be a helpful, informative powerhouse for people who find themselves on a similar journey as me. We aim to assist you with tips, information and products that are friendlier for your baby and the environment as well.

Following a sustainable lifestyle is not a destination or competition but a process and a journey. Travel at your own pace and make changes one by one, right for you and your family. You can’t change your complete live style overnight, and we don’t have to‘.

Change is a work in progress, and we will always keep changing and adding things as we learn, grow and change. So wherever you are in your journey, remember to enjoy the journey and that perfection doesn’t exist.

I continuously keep making small changes, introducing new products into our lives, and there are still many elements in my life in need of change. Work in progress.

We think the most important thing is making lifestyle choices that fit YOUR family and lifestyle and YOUR budget. There isn’t only one way to Rome, and we are excited to see more affordable sustainable products and services.

Baby steps to a more sustainable lifestyle

About Jude-Baby learning to walk.
About Jude-Baby learning to walk.

One of my life goal journeys is to make more sustainable choices in my daily living with my family.

I love making all the small changes, and it makes me feel so good indeed. Still, there is plenty of room for growth and development for our future journey, and I feel excited about implementing more sustainable lifestyle choices.

‘Step by step, travel at your own pace, don’t forget to enjoy the journey…’

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Building dreams…

Lastly, if you have a dream like me to start a website and have perhaps had never done this before, you can do this too. I never build a website previously. I am not a technical person, but I have just started making my second website and love it and couldn’t have done it without the fantastic help and support of Wealthy Affiliate.


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