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Welcome to mysustainablebaby.com. My name is Jude, and I am the founder and owner of this website, and I feel passionate about sharing our story with you.

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I am a mum of two young girls, the eldest is five, and the little one just turned 18 months. (I know she is growing up, but I still call her my baby…)

I am immigrated from the Netherlands to beautiful Australia in 2011 and never looked back.

I met my husband Simon here in 2012, and in 2015 our first daughter was born, followed by our second daughter in 2019, who completed our family.

Becoming a mum

Becoming a mum was a different experience than I ever imagined.

When I learned about the existence and meaning of the word ‘matrescence’, which means ‘becoming a mum’, a corner turned. Learning about this beautiful word and its importance, I started to understand that becoming a mum is refinding your identity that can cost a different time frame for every woman. It can trigger to change complete direction in your life who belong into your new identity.

Anyhow, you may wonder why I tell you about becoming a mum?

While rediscovering as a mum, I redirected my life to pursue an online career dream. In December 2019, I began blogging and creating my website online journey, and I never looked back and loved it.

Fast forward to 2022, I now run multiple websites and love what we do and feel exciting to have you visiting us today hope we can assist you in finding answers you may have at mysustianablebaby.com.

What we do at mysustainblebaby.com..

In November 2020, mysustainablebaby.com was born. And this is the place we feel passionate to help you find eco-friendly products that align with your lifestyle and budget.

We love to review brands and bring you information that can help you decide which brands and products are genuine and the right ones for you.

Following a sustainable lifestyle is not a destination or competition but a process and a journey. Travel at your own pace and make changes one by one, right for you and your family. You can’t change your complete life style overnight, and we don’t have to‘. Travel in your own pace!

Building dreams…

‘Step by step, travel at your own pace, don’t forget to enjoy the journey…’

Lastly, if you have a dream like me to start a website or online business/career and perhaps had never done this before?

You can do this too.

I had never built a website previously. I am not a technical person, but I have just started making my third website and love it so much I honestly couldn’t have done it without the fantastic help and support of Wealthy Affiliate.

We hope you enjoy the environments we have created for YOU, and they are helpful for you.


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