Is Bamboo Fabric Safe for Babies?

If you are considering Bamboo baby clothes and are wondering about the Safety of bamboo fabric, you have arrived on the right page, as today we will look at the properties and Safety of bamboo baby clothes.

Is Bamboo Fabric Safe for Babies?

Most commonly, bamboo baby clothes are made from bamboo rayon or viscose that use chemicals in the process that are considered harmful. Yet you could look for Oeko-tex-certified bamboo brands that are tested free of toxic substances or check for brands that use eco-friendlier methods such as Bamboo lyocell.

Is Bamboo safe for babies’ skin?

Bamboo has to be the fabric with the most misconceptions regarding eco-friendly values and sustainability.

However, Bamboo itself as a raw material has great eco-friendly potential. This fast-growing grass is most commonly used as bamboo viscose or bamboo rayon.

To break the Bamboo to make Bamboo rayon, chemicals and heavy processing are required.

There are a variety of techniques and methods that can be used to make bamboo viscose or bamboo rayon. Still, everyday chemicals like Sodium hydroxide and carbon disulphide are used to break down Bamboo into pulp is often not a closed-looped system which is no good news for the environment.

Also, Both compounds can cause serious health risks for workers making the fabric for bamboo clothing. In addition, using these chemicals doesn’t make bamboo baby clothes as eco-friendly as bamboo baby clothes are often claimed to be.

Which methods to make Bamboo baby clothes are eco-friendlier?

Authentic mechanically made bamboo baby clothes-

However, it is possible to find clothing made from natural Bamboo; you likely will have a more challenging time finding it due to the more labour-intensive and costly process.

Real bamboo clothes that are mechanically processed instead of chemically processed may not feel as smooth as clothing made by a chemical process.

Non-toxic, Chemically processed baby clothes…

However, not standard; some bamboo baby clothes brands are still chemically processed into viscose and considered semi-synthetic fabric using, such as bamboo lyocell made with an organic solvent and a closed-looped system where 95% of the water can be reused over and over again.

So, Where to look for finding safe bamboo baby clothes?

There are a few things you can do to find baby clothes brands that take care of the Safe, and underneath we will share some of the things to look for that may be helpful.

1. Oeko-tex certification

Your first option is to find bamboo brands that use Oeko tex 100.

The number of brands to choose from will be heavily reduced. Still, there are a few bamboo brands that use Oeko tex 100 where either the fabric or the end product is certified with the highly respected Oeko tex label tested safe by government regulated as well regulated harmful substances for humans.

Oeko tex is very helpful for peace of mind in finding baby clohtes that independent laboratories test.

Check baby brands with OEKO TEX here- Check 5, 8,10 and 11 for Bamboo options.

2. Bamboo Lyocell

Bamboo lyocell is still a processed and semi-synthetic manufactured fabric. Yet, Bamboo lyocell material is produced by dissolving raw Bamboo with the use of a non-toxic solvent which is safer for workers and the environment.

For a more sustainable choice than regular bamboo baby clothes, looking for brands that use Bamboo Lyocell is a great start.

The good news is as well that bamboo Lyocell is made with a closed-looped system which brings us to number 3

(To find baby brands that use bamboo lyocell, check out these most eco-friendly bamboo baby clothes brands the U.S.

3. Closed-looped systems

To ensure the limitation of dirty wastewater in manufacturing, closed-loped methods recycle and reuse 95% of the manufacturing water.

A closed-looped system is more eco-friendly than regular bamboo clothing processing with non-closed systems when looking for eco-friendlier bamboo baby clothes.

Overall, Bamboo lyocell is the one to look for that use a non-toxic solvent and a closed-looped system.

Final thoughts on the Safety of Bamboo baby clothes

To find bamboo baby clothes that are trusted to be safe for your baby’s skin, look for brands that use Oeko tex 100 and are tested to be safe.

Aditionally, when you are also looking for the most eco-friendly bamboo baby clothes, look for brands that use Bamboo lyocell, which is recognised as the third-generation bamboo viscose and uses closed-looped processing methods.

Especially for brands that use Oekotex 100 is excellent reinsurance to know that bamboo baby clothes are tested to be safe.

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