Is Bamboo Fabric Safe for Babies?

If you are considering Bamboo baby clothes and are wondering about the Safety of bamboo fabric, you have arrived on the right page, as today we will look at the properties and Safety of bamboo baby clothes.

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Is Bamboo Fabric Safe for Babies?

Most commonly, bamboo baby clothes are made from bamboo rayon or viscose that use chemicals in the process that are considered harmful. Yet there are a few bamboo baby brands that are using eco-friendlier methods. To quickly determine whether bamboo baby clothes are safe, look for brands that use Oeko-tex.

Is Bamboo safe for babies’ skin?

Bamboo has to be the fabric with the most misconceptions regarding eco-friendly values and sustainability.

However, Bamboo itself as a raw material has great eco-friendly potential. This fast-growing grass is most commonly used as bamboo viscose or bamboo rayon.

To break the Bamboo to make Bamboo rayon, chemicals and heavy processing are required.

There are a variety of techniques and methods that can be used to make bamboo viscose or bamboo rayon. Still, everyday chemicals like Sodium hydroxide and carbon disulphide are used to break down Bamboo into pulp.

Both compounds can cause serious health risks for workers making the fabric for bamboo clothing. In addition, using these chemicals doesn’t make bamboo baby clothes as eco-friendly as bamboo baby clothes are often claimed to be.

Which methods to make Bamboo baby clothes are eco-friendlier?

Authentic mechanically made bamboo baby clothes-

However, it is possible to find clothing made from natural Bamboo; you likely will have a more challenging time finding it due to the more labour-intensive and costly process.

Real bamboo clothes that are mechanically processed instead of chemically processed may not feel as smooth as clothing made by a chemical process.

Non-toxic, Chemically processed baby clothes…

However, not standard; some bamboo baby clothes brands are still chemically processed into viscose and considered semi-synthetic fabric using non-toxic solvents to make bamboo viscose and have taken extra steps to improve the eco-friendly and sustainable values of bamboo clothing.

Where to look for?

There are a few things you can do to find baby clothes brands that take care of the Safety and sustainability of their baby clothes, and underneath we will share some of the things to look for that may be helpful.

1. Oeko-tex certification

Bamboo needs processing to make bamboo viscose or bamboo rayon, primarily used to make bamboo baby clothes. The fabric is not considered organic but semi-synthetic.

Therefore, bamboo brands can not certify their products with G.O.T.S as organic cotton baby clothes brands can. Yet Bamboo brands can use the highly respected testing institution Oeko-tex.

Oeko-tex 100 may not cover eco-friendly values as G.O.T.S does, yet you can trust baby clothes made with Oeko-tex 100 are safe and tested against a wide range of harmful substances for humans.

2. Bamboo Lyocell

Bamboo lyocell is still a processed and semi-synthetic manufactured fabric, yet Bamboo lyocell material is produced by dissolving raw Bamboo with the use of a non-toxic solvent which is safer for workers, the environment and

Bamboo Lyocell is free from harmful chemicals and requires less energy and water.

3. Closed-looped systems

To ensure the limitation of dirty wastewater in manufacturing, closed-loped methods recycle and reuse 98-99% of the manufacturing water.

When looking for bamboo baby clothes that are safe and eco-friendlier, looking for a closed-looped system is a more eco-friendlier choice than regular bamboo clothing processing.

Which Bamboo brands to consider for Bamboo eco-friendly?

Do you like to check out eco-friendlier bamboo baby clothing brands that are genuine eco-friendlier?

Consider checking out the following brands for Oeko-tex bamboo baby clothes options…

  • Ettitude- (No clothing, buy Oeko tex towels and crib sheets are Oeko te by Ettitude and made with clean Bamboo)(Oeko tex certified and closed looped)
  • Boody (However, Boody does use Oeko tex, you have to look per item to see if it is Oeko tex certified. Boody also uses other certifications, such as Eco cert, for raw organic Bamboo.(Some pieces are Oeko-tex and do use closed-looped methods)
  • Bellabu Bear Bellabu Bear is the go-to brand for bamboo baby clothes for safe skin, being the only bamboo baby brand that is awarded by only apparel brand awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association. (Oeko tex but not closed looped)

Or, for brands using Oeko tex with other fabrics, check out some using the green button below.

Final thoughts on the Safety of Bamboo baby clothes

Despite their extraordinary potential as raw material, mostly bamboo baby clothes are not the most eco-friendly choice due to requiring chemicals and processing to make bamboo viscose which most baby clothes are made from.

However, a few brands have taken on making cleaner Bamboo where closed-looped systems are used, and non-toxic solvents are used to make the bamboo viscose fabric.

Especially for brands that use Oekotex 100 is excellent reinsurance to know that bamboo baby clothes are tested to be safe.

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