Are Boody baby clothes Eco-friendly?

Bamboo baby clothes are a popular choice amongst families as Bamboo is ultra-soft and has a reparation to be a sustainable choice. But are Bamboo baby clothes sustainable and eco-friendly?

There is a lot of misconception and confusion about the sustainability of bamboo. So today, we like to chat about Boody’s famous bamboo eco wear brand and its eco-friendly values and approaches.

Are Boody baby clothes Eco-friendly?

Are Boody baby clothes Eco-friendly?

Boody is one of the few bamboo fashion brands that have taken a proactive approach to ensure sustainable and eco-friendly products and is transparent with their audience by sharing lots of clear information about their values.

What is Boody?

Boody is a Bamboo eco wear brand for Man, women and babies launched in Sydney, Australia, in 2012 and now sold, but they are now selling in 15 countries across the globe.

Boody is all about simplicity, comfort and sustainability, selling a range of babywear products and blankets with relatively simple designs. Boody bypasses fashion trends that are in line with their philosophy to be sustainable as they believe that fashion trends can easily contribute to overproduction and waste.

What does Boody do to be eco-friendly?

Boody can be interesting for anyone interested in buying bamboo clothing while shopping sustainably. The body is one of the leading Bambo brands that actively take many ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly actions.

#1 B-corporation-

Did you know that Boody is a B-corp?

Like the Honest company, Boody is a registered B-corporation covering various efforts the company takes to benefit the planet.

For a company to become B Corp certified, the business has t meet high standards of verified performance, demonstrating high environmental and social performance. To pass, companies have to score a minimum of 80 points doing the designated risk review.

Over 5000 companies across 80 countries are B-certified.

Underneath, you can watch a little video if you like to learn a little more about the B Corp movement.″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

#2 Eco-cert-

Boody uses Bamboo, which is certified organic by Eco cert. Eco cert is one of the leaders for organic certifications globally.

Boody uses yarn certified with eco cert, meaning the bamboo viscose, which gives buyers transparency about your product. Yet, Boody end product is not certified with Eco-cert, yet Boody end products are accredited with Oeko-tex 100. Yet not all products are Oeko-tex certified.

3# Oeko-tex 100 certified

Bamboo clothing can’t be G.O.T.S certified as this organic standard doesn’t recognise bamboo as organic fibre due to the required processing to make bamboo viscose. However, Oeko-tex 100 can be used for all fabrics to prove that textile products are free of harmful substances for humans.

To find Boody products that are Oeko-tex certified, check induvial product pages on the Boody website as not all Boody collections are Oeko-tex certified.

4# FSC

Fsc certifications stand for  Forest Stewardship Council, and this growing certification allows customers to buy products from wood or timber that is responsibly sourced.

All the Bamboo Boody uses for their products comes from FSC certified forests, ensuring best practices throughout production and supply chain. Yet not the end products of Boody’s is certified with FSC.

5# Peta Vegan

Peta stands for ‘people for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

All Boody products are Peta approved, which means that there are no animal products used in any of Boody’s products, and they are suitable for the vegan lifestyle.

6# Iso certifications

Boody uses factories with Iso certifications ISO 9001 which stands for a range of quality standards, and ISO 14001, which supports positive outcomes for the environment.

7# Giving back

Additional to the six previous key points where Boody aligns t their actions with their core values, they also support three charities to give back.

  • Firstly Boody supports 1% of the planet. So if you buy Boody products online, 1% goes to a non for profit organisation that supports helping protect the environment.

  • Secondly, Boody donates 10% of all online beanie sales to the non for profits organisation Chris O’Brien Lifehouse which helps cancer patients to receive whatever care and treatment they need.
  • Lastly, Boody is an official charity partner with Thread Together. This charity helps people in emergencies in their life by supplying new clothes donated by approx 250 retailer partners, including Boody.

Final thoughts about Boody’s eco-friendly efforts

It is safe to say that Boody does a lot more than many other competitors’ Brand that sells Bamboo baby wear to ensure the possible eco-friendly bamboo baby clothes. From growing the Bamboo responsible right to the end product, with Oetex certification providing Boody clothes are free from harmful substances.

Suppose you like to go for bamboo baby clothes and you want to buy environmentally friendly ones. In that case, the Australian sustainable focussed Boody brand is one worth checking out and is now available in 15 countries across the world.

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