Are Bamboo Baby Clothes Eco-Friendly?

Are you wondering if bamboo baby clothes are eco-friendly?

If so, you have arrived on the right page, as today we will chat about the sustainability and eco-friendly values of Bamboo baby clothes.

Are bamboo baby clothes Eco friendly?

Most bamboo baby clothes are, in reality, made of Bamboo viscose or Bamboo rayon which is most heavily processed with not exceptionally eco-friendly methods. Yet, very few brands use eco-friendlier techniques to turn bamboo into bamboo rayon or viscose.

Why are most bamboo baby clothes not eco-friendly?

As bamboo viscose and bamboo rayon require heavy processing before being made into baby clothes, mostly bamboo baby clothes are not the friendliest choice for your environment.

Mostly, the methods used to make these bamboo baby clothes involve using harmful toxins and wastewater, with these toxins ending up in the environment.

Yet, some brands use newer approaches and methods that are safer and eco-friendlier.

What are safer methods for making Bamboo baby clothes?

Instead of using heavy toxins to break bamboo into pulp to make bamboo viscose or bamboo rayon, few brands use bamboo lyocell.

With Bamboo Lyocell, a non-toxic solvent breaks down the bamboo to make the yawn.

Also, a few brands have realised to make the manufacturing of bamboo eco-friendlier by using closed lopped systems where the wastewater from the manufacturing is recycled and reused.

If you look thoroughly, you can find very few brands that have committed to exclusively using Oeko-tex 100 bamboo viscose when using bamboo.

Or some that have their end product certified with this highly accredited label that tests the clothing to be free of a wide range of regulated and unregulated toxins harmful to humans.

Final thoughts for Bamboo baby clothes.

Unfortunately, there are many claims that baby clothes are eco-friendly because raw bamboo has eco-friendly properties. Yet, the heaving processing required to turn the bamboo into fabric and baby clothes is not exceptionally eco friendly. Yet, this story is mainly left behind, or little to no clarification is given.

Overall, Bamboo baby clothes are not that eco-friendly, yet a few brands use eco-friendlier methods and certifications to manufacture bamboo baby clothes.

Alternatively, consider looking for organic cotton options certified with G.O.T.S or baby clothes subscriptions for more eco-friendlier baby clothes.

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    • Hi there; thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      And yes, However, more people may become aware of misconceptions about bamboo baby clothes. However, there is still a lot of misunderstanding and a lack of clarity on the eco-friendly values of bamboo.

      Although maybe still not sustainable perfect, it is great to see some significant improvements in a handful of bamboo brands bringing bamboo baby clothes to the market manufactured with more eco-friendly methods.

      In the article, ‘Is bamboo fabric safe for babies?‘,you can find smore details about eco-friendlier methods such as closed-looped Bamboo methords and Bambo Lyocell.

      Cheers Jude


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