Is Pure Baby Australian made?

Is Pure Baby Australian made? Of the many choices for baby clothes in Australia, there are quite a few options for iconic Australian brands. Although some of these brands manufacture their clothes in Australia, others have moved on and started manufacturing abroad.

Does Pure Baby make their collections in Australia, or does this well-known Australian brand manufacture abroad?

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Is Pure Baby Australian made?

Pure baby is a leading and likely the most well-known brand for organic baby apparel in Australia. Yet, like most competitors, also Pure Baby is not made in Australia.

Where is Pure baby made?

Like most organic baby clothes brands, Pure baby is also made in China and India. However, Pure baby value and maintain its relationships with the workers of the factories in China in India, where their baby collections are made.

But how do they maintain those relationships? Is Pure baby an eco-friendly, ethical brand?

Is Pure baby an ethical brand?

Pure baby uses the leading standard G.O.T.S (global organic textile standard), for their famous collections. G.O.T.S is the most respected standard for organic fibres recognised across the globe. To be certified with this textile standard, clothes must meet various ethical and eco-friendly standards.

Some of the standards included with the G.O.T.S have wastewater management control and pay fair, livable wages to all workers making the garments.

Also, the manufacturing chain must be transparent to eliminate unethical practices like forced and child labour.

How is Pure baby reviewed as an Australian brand?

With many organic brands that are certified organically available these days, It’s slightly surprising that one of the significant Australian organic brands, Pure baby, doesn’t appear to be reviewed very well lately.

For customer service and inconsistent quality, Pure baby scores an overall 2.1 out of 5 stars by

What is Organic Brands Australian-made?

For Organic brands that also use certified organic cotton for their babywear but make their appeal in Australia, you could consider checking out a few of these smaller brands.

Dust Road apparel

Dusty Road Apparel was founded by long-term friends Amanda and Bessie, and the brand is a combined concept. Dusty road is an Organic Australian baby brand made in Australia displaying Australian-themed prints that are originally hand-drawn, strongly connecting to the Australian culture and earth.

Dusty Road can be found on their original website, Etsy and

G day Baby

Another brand to consider for organic Australian-made baby clothes is G day. At G day, clothing ranging from the littlest to the age of 14 is made with dyes and prints free of harmful chemicals.

G-day clothing is made with G.O.T.S, or Fair Trade Organic certified, and the Morano will they use is certified organic.

You can check out G day at their initial website, but their collection is also available at

Final thoughts for Pure Baby

The pure baby may be the most well-known Australian brand for organic baby clohtes sold in many nursery retailers across Australia and on their website.

Yet, although they are G.O.T.S certified, they are not made in Australia, and the latest reviews on their service and quality are not overwhelmingly positive.

With increasing families preferring to buy from Australian-made brands, the few Australian brands that have realised local manufacturing for their organic apparel may become a trendy go-to choice for many families.

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