Are Hanna Andersson pajama’s worth it?

Are Hanna Andersson pajama’s worth it?

Well it all depends on your budget, expectations and preferences…

For those unfamiliar with Hanna Andersson, this Swedish-inspired fashion brand for children may come in tons of cute prints and is recognised for their ‘hand me down’ quality; hence still, these quality garments don’t necessarily come cheap.

One of Hanna Andersson’s most iconic products is the popular Hanna Andersson Pajamas which traditionally come in bold striped patterns yet are now available in tons of different prints.

Also, the Organic seasonal matching family PJs are a famous Hanna Andersson Product.

But are these organic Hanna Pjs worth the money?

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Are Hanna Andersson’s Pajamas worth it?

Many Hanna Andersson Fans agree the quality of Hanna Andersson’s Pajamas is worth it even though the price tag is firm.

Saying that, for any families that are planning to purchase new Hanna Anderson PJs, planning purchasing your newest Hanna Andersson PJs during the sale is totally worth it and recommended to save a lot of money.

Are Hanna Andersson Pajamas soft?

While almost the whole collections of Hanna Andersson is certified with Oeko-tex 100, not all their collections are certified organic; yet, Hanna Andersson’s pyjamas are made from G.O.T.S certified soft organic cotton,

Organic cotton is generally softer than regular cotton. Especially when you buy from quality brands like Hanna Andersson, famous for their hand-me-down quality.

Do Hanna Andersson’s Pajamas shrink?

Did you know that some premium brands often pre-wash clothes? This process help with heavily shrinking after you have purchased them.

Hanna Andersson is one of the children’s clothing brands that pre-washes their pajamas, which should avoid most of the heavy shrinking you could expect from cotton clothing.

Are Hanna Andersson Pajamas true to size?

However, Hanna Andersson Pajamas are true to size; some families consider ordering a size up, which may allow family members to use the P.J.’s for a more extended period, or if you choose holiday pj’s, they may still fit your children during the holidays one year ahead.

Yet, perhaps don’t get too excited as Pj.s are designed to be slightly roomy already by Hanna Andersson.

Pros and Cons of Hanna Andersson Pajama’s

Underneath, you can find an overview of the most common pros and cons of Hanna Andersson Pajamas.


  • Almost all clothing is Oeko-tex certified
  • A generous selection of prints to choose from
  • Pajamas are made with 100% Organic cotton
  • Regular sales are available.
  • Hands me down, quality


  • Steep Pricepoint
  • Not all clothing is G.O.T.S. certified at this stage, yet pajamas are all made from organic cotton.
  • Some Customer reviews have mentioned Issues with Hanna Andersson’s customer service and slow shipping.

When does Hanna Andersson have sales?

Hanna Andersson has regular sale events, and purchasing pj’s during these events can be worthwhile, saving a fair amount of money.

You can use the button below to learn more about all sales at Hanna Andersson.

Or, with the season coming close, you may wish to learn more about the release of Hanna Andersson’s famous Holiday P.J.’s by using the button below.

Final thoughts for Hanna Andersson’s P.J.’s?

Overall, Hanna Andersson PJs don’t come cheap, yet the price doesn’t appear to hold this famous brand back as their highly trending hands-me-down quality organic pj’s.

Hence, many families plan to purchase their new Hanna Pj sets during sales even though these sales events can be worth saving big money.

Have you purchased Hanna Andersson Pj’s and loved their quality?

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