Are Hanna Andersson pajama’s worth it?

Are you interested in buying sustainable children’s fashion from Hanna and wonder if Hanna Andersson’s favourite Pajamas are worth it?

For those unfamiliar with Hanna Andersson, this Swedish inspired fashion brand for children is proud of its ‘hand me down’ quality; hence this quality doesn’t come cheap.

One of their collection’s signature children’s wear pieces is the popular Hanna Andersson Pajamas.

Today we like to take a moment to chat about Hanna’s famous P.J.’s to determine if they are worth it?

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Are Hanna Andersson Pajamas worth it?

In the opinion of many Hanna Fans, Hanna Andersson’s Pajamas are worth it even though the price tag is firm, so plan to stock up on your favourites during one of their sales. Alternatively, Moon by Hanna Andersson is available on Amazon and has organic PJs for a more affordable price point.

Are Hanna Andersson Pajamas soft?

Most Hanna Andersson pyjamas are made from organic cotton, generally softer than regular cotton.

Do Hanna Andersson Pajamas shrink?

Did you know that some premium brands prewash their baby clothes and avoid heavily shrinking after you have purchased them?

Hanna Andersson is one of the children’s clothing brands that prewashed what generally should avoid shrinking what you would expect from cotton clothing.

Are Hanna Andersson Pajamas true to size?

However, Hanna Andersson Pajamas are true to size, they are a snug fit, and you may want to consider ordering a size up to leave some space for potential shrinking.

Ordering a size up may also allow family members to use the P.J.’s for a more extended period, or if you choose holiday pj’s, they may still fit your children the holidays one year ahead.

Pros and Cons of Hanna Andersson Pajama’s


  • Almost all clothing is Oeko-tex certified
  • A generous selection of prints to choose from
  • Made with Organic cotton


  • High Pricepoint
  • Not all clothing is G.O.T.S. certified at this stage
  • No details on how much percentage of organic cotton the P.J.’s are.
  • Several customers have mentioned issues with Hanna Andersson’s service and slow shipping in online reviews.


Check out the more affordable Collection from Hanna Andersson available on Amazon :

Moon and back by Hanna Andersson

However, you may not have as much choice as Hanna’s initial collection; Moon and back from Hanna Andersson could be a great alternative if you are on a budget.

Moon and back have excellent 4+ reviews on Amazon and have a collection of organic pj’s inclusive of 6 design choices to match holiday pj’s for the family.

Is Moon and back from Hanna Andersson worth it for a cheaper alternative?

However, you may have a little less choice of designs; you may find it worthwhile to consider the organic Pj’s from the Moon and Back collection by Hanna Andersson.

The Moon and back available Amazon collections are crafted from 100% organic cotton and certified organic with g.o.t.s.

Organic Matching Christmas Pj from Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson collection.
Organic Matching Christmas Pj design from Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson collection.


Final thoughts on Hanna Anderssons Pajamas.

However, cute designs of Hanna Andersson’s initials collection Pj’s might be worth it if you have a larger budget; there are other options for more affordable pricing.

Additionally, for more affordable options for Hanna Andersson Pajamas, it can be worth it to check out the appreciated clothing line Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson.

However, less choice for cute prints, yet they have more affordable price tags and free, fast shipping for Amazon Prime members and are crafted from 100 % Organic cotton.

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