Are Lamaze Organic Baby Clothes sold in Australia worth it?

Are Lamaze Organic Baby Clothes sold in Australia worth it?

However, the brand Lamaze is well known for its wide variety of children’s toys in Australia; this non-for-profit organisation also has an impressively low-priced baby clothesline sold in Australia.

So it is worth checking out if you are looking into dressing your baby organically but are working with a smaller budget.

Are Lamaze Organic Baby Clothes sold in Australia worth it?-Baby in green romper.
Baby in a grey romper.

Are Lamaze Organic Baby Clothes sold in Australia worth it?

Lamaze baby clothes are made from 100% organic cotton. The non-toxic infant clothing from this non-for-profit organisation is worth checking out for individuals shopping for affordable organic baby clothes in Australia.

What is Lamaze?

Lamaze is known as a rhythmic breathing technique that women can use during labour, and this technique is still thought of and used today.

What is Lamaze International?

Lamaze International is a non for profit organisation based in Washington D.C. that promotes evidence-based information for women to assist women during pregnancy and early parenting.

Additionally, they have a range of toys, books and a famous clothing line made from organic fires.

Are Lamaze baby clothes 100% organic?

While there are many choices for organic baby clothes, not all brands use high percentages of organic fibres to ensure durable soft quality free from harmful toxins.

Lamaze aims to change the norm from baby clothes to more eco-friendly apparel by using materials that put less strain on the environment than most mainstream clothes, using 100% organic fibres for all their baby clothes.

Are Lamaze baby clothes ethical?

Are Lamaze Organic Baby Clothes sold in Australia worth it?-Textile workplace.
A textile industry workplace.

Lamaze organic baby clothes are made by their parent company Kitex which has a facility that is Oeko-tex and G.O.T.S certified at safety for the environment and social compliance.

To be certified with standards, stringent measures must be met to ensure maximum effort is made to minimise environmental imof manufacturing daily clothing.

Avoiding toxic dyes and reducing water waste by recycling water are covered in the certified standards, ensuring the products are made ethically, putting minimal strain on the enviroment. But also, paying a fair, livable wage to workers is promoted in the standards.

Where are Lamaze baby clothes made?

As mentioned before, Lamaze baby clothes are made by Kitex, a facility based in Kerala based in Inda in a city called Kochi.

It is great to see that affordable organic brands like Lamaze bring cheap organic baby clothes to certified organic families, making them more socially responsible than most mainstream clothing.

Are Lamaze baby clothes worth it?

Like a few other brands, Lamaze is one of your most budget-friendly options for organic baby clothes in Australia worth checking out.

For your more affordable options, pick baby clothes bundles of organic clothing. This helps make organic baby clothes more accessible with a smaller budget.

For example, some of their bundles, such as the five-pack organic unisex bodysuits, work out as approximately $5 an item, which is terrific for certified organic baby clohtes.

Considering the garments are ethically made and crafted from 100% certified organic cotton, we think these organics are worth checking out; hence, Amazon Australia has not as much choice as Amazon U.S for Lamaze organic baby clothes.

Where to Buy Lamaze organics in Australia?

However, multiple places like Target, Big W or K mart offer baby toys of the brand Lamaze; we have not found any shops that stock the organics from Lamaze on their shelves, yet you can buy Lamaze organic in Australia online.

Getting organic baby clothes from Lamaze can be especially interesting if you want to dress your baby sustainably within a smaller budget.

Final thought for lamaze baby clothes

Are Lamaze baby clothes sold in Australia worth it?-Baby with pink suit laying on a white rug.
Are Lamaze baby clothes sold in Australia worth it?-Baby with pink suit laying on a white rug.

However, Lamaze is generally not known for its organic baby clothes in Australia; they are available and worth checking out for anyone who wants to dress their baby organically without spending a fortune.

However, the U.S.A has more choices for budget-friendly organic baby clothes brands. Australia gradually gets more affordable brands that are G.O.T.S certified yet affordable.

For example, Lamaze’s affordable pieces allow more people to choose eco-friendlier, ethically made baby clothes, which is Lamaze’s primary goal.

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