Do Biodynamic baby clothes Exist?

You likely have come across many organic baby clothes brands but have you seen any sustainable brands that offer biodynamic baby clothes yet? Do biodynamic baby clothes exist?

Do biodynamic baby clothes exist?-Cotton farm with a man walking in the field and a scenic background of mountains.
Do biodynamic baby clothes exist?-Cotton farm with a man walking in the field and a scenic background of mountains.

As you would have guessed, we like to chat about the existence of baby clothes that are made from biodynamic cotton and today; we are excited to share an exceptional U. brand with you that not only was the first brand that had all their garments certified with G.O.T.S but also has additional qualifications that are rather an exception than the norm.

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Do Biodynamic baby clothes exist?

Biodynamic baby clothes can be seen as the next step up from organic baby clothes. However, baby clothes crafted from sustainable farming are rare; they are available in the U.S and shipped globally.

What are Biodynamic baby clothes?

Biodynamic baby clothes are made from cotton grown on a biodynamic farm, unlike organic ones crafted from cotton grown on an organic farm.

While with organic clothing, only the cotton crop is considered for certification, all aspects of the farm are considered with biodynamic farming.

What is the difference between Organic and Biodynamic baby clothes?

Essentially the difference between the two is that Organic farming can still use certain external fertilizers for the crops permitted in organic farming. Yet biodynamic farming is 100% self-sustainable, and the only fertilizer used to grow their cotton comes from within their own farm.

So you could say that biodynamic baby clothes are the purest organic apparel you can buy on the market.

Why are biodyanmic baby clohtes rare?

Organic baby clothes have become quite popular over the last years and even certified organic baby clothes have become much more accessible with more affordable pricing from certain brands.

Yet, biodynamic baby clothes are a rare find and very unique indeed.

Only a very few farmers worldwide use biodynamic farming to grow cotton, and it costs lots of discipline and hard work to practise biodynamic farming.

Finding baby clothes crafted from cotton grown on a self-sustainable farm is more an exception than the norm, but it can be done with hard work and lots of care.

Are Biodynamic baby clothes expensive?

Jars filled with coins and little green plants growing out of the centers.
Jars filled with coins and little green plants growing out of the centre.

As you may expect, biodynamic baby clothes are far from mainstream and not your cheapest choice, yet compared to designer clothes still much more affordable and priced just slightly higher than other high-end organic baby brands.

Are Biodynamic baby clothes worth it?

Biodynamic baby clothes can be well worth for families keen for the next step in their sustainable journey. This is because they can afford the slightly higher price tags with these purest organic babywear brands.

Also, Quality organic babywear can easily be sold as pre-loved items on various platforms, or sustainable baby clothes services like Up choose. In addition, you can actually rent high-end organic baby clothes from brands.

What brand use biodynamic cotton to craft baby clothes?

The U.S brand Under the Nile is the ONLY brand that uses Egyptian biodynamic cotton to craft their baby clothes outfits. So it is safe to say, and that makes it safe to say it is rather a unique find.

Under the Nile is brought to you by the mission of a woman and mom called Janice Masoud.

Janice found the company now 20 years. When Janice found 20 years ago a farm close to Cairo in Egypt that aligned with her ethical and sustainable goals, she created Under the Nile. As a result, she could craft safe organic baby clothes from biodynamic cotton that were safe for her babies and all other babies.

What certifications does Under the Nile have?

Under the Nile is not only biodynamic; this Egyptian cotton baby brand was also the first company in the U.S that had all their products certified with the G.O.T.S (global organic textile standards).

You can watch the video below for some more information about the G.O.T.S certification.

Alternatively, Under the Nile has more impressive certifications such as Goldenseal certification that stand for the use of 100% authentic Egyptian cotton for all their products. The unique Under the Nile is the only brand that received the golden seal certification.

Furthermore, Under the Nile’s Cotton is certified with N.O.P )National organic program strictly regulated by the USDA. Lastly, Under the Nile has Fairtrade certification that ensures workers are paid a fair, livable wage.

What baby clothes collections does under the Nile has?

Under the Nile has several baby clothes collections, and all are made with Authentic Egyptian cotton that has long fibres ensuring the softest outfits for your babies delicate skin.

Check out some of Under the Nile’s biodynamic baby clothes collections underneath:

Under the Nile Panda and dot collection side snap Kimono.
Under the Nile Panda and dot, the collection side snaps Kimono.
Do biodynamic baby clothes exist?-Under the Nile biodynamic convertible romper with stork print.
Under the Nile biodynamic convertible romper with stork print.
Do biodynamic baby clothes exist?-Organic baby clothes from the Vegi collection of Under the Nile made from Biodynamic cotton.
Organic baby clothes from the Vegi collection of Under the Nile made from Biodynamic cotton.

Final thoughts on Biodynamic baby clohtes

Biodynamic baby clothes crafted from the purest organic cotton are available at the U.S based company Under the Nile; hence, you need a slightly larger budget to access these golden seal certified pieces.

Nevertheless, these outfits crafted from authentic Egyptian cotton characterise long-staple fibres and are ethically made. These biodynamic baby clothes are great for keepsakes or selling gently used clothing and make a uniquely meaningful and sustainable gift.

What are your thoughts on biodynamic baby clothes?

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