Are Under the Nile baby clothes available in Australia?

Under the Nile, organic babywear is one of a kind. So even though the Company is based in the U.S.A and the garments are made in Egypt, you may wonder what your chances are to access some of these luxurious Egyptian cotton baby clothes in Australia?

Are Under the Nile baby clothes available in Australia?-A hand full of fluffy white cotton.
Are Under the Nile baby clothes available in Australia?-A hand full of fluffy white cotton.

Today we chat on the availability of Under the Nile’s organic babywear collection in Australia to learn more about your options to own some of these certified pieces to gift to your loved ones or to hold onto for your own.

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Are under the Nile baby clothes available in Australia?

Even though Under the Nile is an American brand and not manufactured locally, their unique babywear collections are also available in Australia. Hence, keep in mind Australian taxes may apply as this product is imported from the U.S.A.

Where to buy Under the Nile baby clothes?

To get your hand on some of Under the Nile’s unique products, you can either order straight from Under the Nile’s initial U.S website or additionally; you can also visit Amazon Australia to check out some of Under the Nile’s Egyptian biodynamic cotton baby clothes.

Are biodynamic and organic baby clothes the same?

Under the Nile us Biodynamic Egyptian cotton to craft all their products which is the purest organic cotton you could wish for.

However, Organic farmers are limited in what pesticides and fertilizers they can use for their growing crops; biodynamic cotton farmers don’t use external fertilizer and are 100%self-sustainable, making their babywear, toys and products the purest organic cotton baby products available on the market.

Are Under the Nile baby clothes expensive?

Are under the Nile baby clothes available in Australia?
Are under the Nile baby clothes available in Australia?

However, there are definitely more affordable ways to access organic baby clothes in Australia; under the Nile, the babywear collection is exceptional and fairly priced for what they represent and the creme the la creme for organic apparel for babies.

Why is Under the Nile exceptional?

Under the Nile was the first brand to have all their products certified with the G.O.T.S (Global Organic Textile Standards). Yet, they didn’t stop by meeting these high ethical and social responsibility standards that represent genuine organic products and met high social and ethical responsibility standards.

Under the Nile is the ONLY babywear brand globally that has their babywear certified with Goldenseal using Authentic Egyptian cotton.

Additionally, Under the Nile is also certified fair trade and use organic cotton that grows on a biodynamic farm which provides you with the purest baby clothes you could find on the market.

Is Under the Nile a good quality?

Are Under the Nile baby clothes available in Australia?-White cotton  plant on cotton farm.
Are Under the Nile baby clothes available in Australia?-White cotton plant on a cotton farm.

The circumstances of where the cotton grows and the purity and length of the fibres strongly affect the softness, quality and durability of the organic baby clothes.

The Authentic Egyptian cotton used to craft Under the Nile baby apparel and toys represents Long fibres, and the biodynamic farming culture ensures these authentic cotton plants don’t require pesticides.

The combination of optimal growing condition, long fibres, and preserved fibres result in more durable, softer cotton baby clothes than garments made from damaged or short length cotton fibres.

Things to keep in mind when ordering abroad.

However, you can access many products globally these days; keep in mind that sales tax can be charged by customs of your country depending on the product and value amount.

If you are unsure if this would be relevant to your order, consider contacting your local customs to determine what fees may apply to your order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Final thoughts for Under the Nile baby clothes in Australia?

Under the Nile baby, clothes are the purest organic apparel available, made with biodynamic cotton from a 100% self-sustainable farm close to Cairo, meaning even more stringent guidelines are met than organic farming regarding pesticides and fertilizers used to grow cotton.

In addition to America, you can access the unique Authentic Egyptian babywear and toy collection of Under the Nile in Australia and a few other countries across the globe, including Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Hong Kong.

Did you know you could access biodynamic baby clothes in Australia?

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