What’s Eco By Naty Diapers?-The most Eco-friendly choice?

Are you researching the most eco-friendly diapers and want to learn more about this world-leading diaper brand? If you do, you find yourself in the right place, as today we will be answering the question: What’s Eco by Naty diapers, and is this the most eco-friendly diaper choice indeed?

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So, What’s Eco by Naty Diapers?

What’s Eco by Nay diapers? The brand Eco by Naty was born in Sweden, and their initiative for eco-friendly products was developed in Sweden.

This innovative diaper brand is one of the industry’s leaders, and Eco by Naty is proud to be the first in the field to receive ‘OK biobased’ certification.

Today, we review the sustainable efforts of this leading diaper brand and share our findings of what Eco by Naty diapers are.

Shall we have a look at Eco by Naty product details first?

Okay, let’s get started…

Product details of Eco by Naty diapers

Product:Eco diapers
Brand:Eco by Naty
LocationDeveloped in Sweden
ManufacturedIn China( Good working conditions apply)
SizesSize 1 – 2-5 kilo’s (4-11 lbs)
Size 2 – 3-6 kilo’s ( 6-13 lbs)
Size 3 – 4-9 kilo’s (9-20 lbs)
Size 4 – 7-18 kilo’s (15-40 lbs)
Size 5 – 11-25 kilo’s ( 24-55 lbs)
Size 6 – 16+ kilo’s ( 35 + lbs)
Description option.yes
Materials:Made from natural and renewable materials
Free off*fragrances
Made fromYes, see the details below in the certification link
Suitable for sensitive skinGMO-free corn-based film
Unique featuresOnly diaper to receive ‘OK biobased’ certification.
VeganYes, see details below in the certification link
Test packs availableYes, check them out here. ( Not all sizes available)
AvailableIt is not specified, as it varies depending on size and subscription.
Price per nappyIt is not specified as it varies depending on size and subscription.
Product details Eco by Naty diapers

How to find genuine eco-friendly diapers?

What's Eco by Naty diapers?-Baby in a diaper and sunhat at the beach.
What’s Eco by Naty diapers?-Baby in a diaper and sunhat at the beach.

Are you looking for a disposable diaper that is safer for your baby and kinder for the environment?

You are not alone. Sustainable lifestyle trends keep increasing in popularity, and many families now value making more sustainable lifestyle choices, such as eco-friendly baby clothing choices and more sustainable disposable diapers.

Marketers are very aware of the lifestyle trends for eco-friendly products as well. For example, they know families are keen to buy products with fewer chemicals. Some brands and products utilize this knowledge sophisticatedly and label products as ‘pure’ and ‘natural, while these products are not always as green as hoped.

It can be challenging to find genuine eco-products, and being critical when selecting products for your family is advisable to make sure you are purchasing sustainable products.

However, it can be tricky to find clarity for some products labelled ‘eco-friendly’; a few things help determine whether your products are worth it and as eco-friendly as they promise.

How do we determine if products like Eco by Naty are genuine?

What's Eco by naty?-Mother holding her precious newborn baby closely.
What’s Eco by Naty?-Mother holding her precious newborn baby closely.

Eco by Naty Diapers is rated as one of the world’s leading eco diaper brands, and today, we would like to break down why they are considered one of the best in the field.

You see, there are many, many diapers now labelled as eco-friendly. They probably all have made improvements compared to conventional disposable diapers; it can enormously vary HOW BIG those improvements are.

In our opinion, It is worthwhile to do some research, and you will see that genuine brands are very open and transparent about their products. And when we say open, we mean they like to share solid details about the percentages of their natural diapers. They don’t have much to hide and are passionate and proud of their products.

Other brands who try to compete with the most eco-friendly products in the field might tell you what is natural about their products. Still, they won’t display the percentages of the raw materials or other detailed information.

The importance of Eco credentials of diaper brands…

What's Eco by naty diapers?-Person with a dress made out of plastic bags.
What’s Eco by Naty diapers?-A person with a dress made from plastic bags.

When researching for Eco-friendly diapers, look for independent eco-credential labels. Some world-leading titles have incredibly high standards, and when brands carry a certification, it gives you a reasonable estimate of their sustainable efforts.

Some world-leading eco-credentials you can look for include Nordic swan, which brands like Bamboo Nature use, or TÜV Austria, one of the certifications Eco by Naty holds. (more about this later).

When we research the Diapers from Eco by Naty, you will soon learn the solid evidence of their sustainable efforts.

Eco by Naty is talking the talk and walking the walk!

Let’s look at the current certifications, Eco, by Naty Hold, and what they mean.

‘Did you know that the brand Eco by Naty dates back 20 years before the popularity of ‘green’ products entered’?

What Eco-friendly claims does Eco by Naty make?

Eco by Naty backs up its promises with many certifications for its products. You don’t have to take their word when they tell you their diaper core is made from 100% FSC-certified pulp.

Diapers are NOT 100% biodegradable, and they are open and upfront about that. Still, they give you solid and transparent information on HOW significant the percentage of natural materials used is.

EG mentions that the Leakage barrier of the diapers is 80% plant-based. And they are working on 100%, which is solid information and gives you a good grip on the product’s eco-friendly standards.

Other than transparent details about the Eco by Naty products, another good way to tell Eco by Naty is genuinely eco-friendly is by their certifications.

Let’s look at the certifications of Eco by Naty diapers, shall we?

What certifications does Eco by Naty have?

Oeko-tex-One of the world’s best-known labels tested for harmful substances in textiles. So when you purchase a product certified with Oeko-tex, you can have peace of mind the products are free and tested for humans’ harmful substances.

Okay biobased TÜV – The star system of this standard gives you the customer information on how much renewable materials are used in the product, which will help determine how eco-friendly a product is.

The system works with a star, and while one start lets you know 20% renewable materials are used in the product, every start edited means an additional 20% use of renewable materials.

FSC stands for ‘Forest for all forever’. Products labelled with FSC give you reinsurance that the forest used to make the products is sourced responsibly.

Vegan– The vegan label is internationally recognized, reassuring you that the product is vegan and vegetarian.

Wrap up for What’s Eco by Naty Diapers?

What's Eco by Naty diapers?-Baby laying down in pink tutu while parent hold both legs making a heart shape.
The baby is lying in a pink tutu while the parent holds both legs, making a heart shape.

In our opinion, Eco by Naty belongs in the pool of leading eco-diaper brands. They thoroughly back up their claims with world-leading certifications, and there are plenty of reviews online from their following, which state they are satisfied with the quality of the diapers.

Even though most reviews we read about Eco by Naty were positive, there is never a guarantee a diaper works for your baby as well.

It is so cliche but true that every baby is unique and has a different shape and size; some babies are heavier and wetter than others. So, testing out a diaper brand on your baby is unavoidable to determine what works for your baby.

But we can say that in our opinion, Eco by Naty appears genuinely eco-friendly and is an eco-friendly disposable diaper choice worth considering if it is a truly eco-friendly option.

Even though it is more expensive, always consider a trial pack if you want to test Eco by Naty for your baby.

Would you consider Eco by Naty for your baby?

4 thoughts on “What’s Eco By Naty Diapers?-The most Eco-friendly choice?”

  1. Thank you for introducing us to eco by Naty diapers. Our environment is so challenged on many levels, and it is important that individuals take the responsibility of doing their part, in big or small ways. To think that diapers will not only keep the environment clean but are also protecting our babies from harmful chemicals is a plus.

    • You are very welcome, Bogadi. I think slowly the norm is changing and many people are using modern cloth diapering now and eco-diapers instead of conventional disposables. Perhaps the biggest challenge some individuals facing is the price tag of eco nappies as they are more expensive than conventional diapers.

      Still, considering a nappy subscription or purchasing eco diapers in bulk can make the chance a little more affordable.


  2. Hi Jude. Thank you for another great post. From your blog, I have learned about eco diapers, and from this time, I’m looking closer to these interesting topics. I’ve seen some other companies which offer such products (also reviewed on your site), but I was a bit concerned about mixed user opinions. For Naty diapers, it seems that it’s not only an ecological product but also very positive feedback from parents. They are a bit more expensive, but I think it may be something I was looking for.

    • Hi there, thank you for your comment today. However, it is always trial and error to find the perfect diaper for your baby; I think Eco by Naty is worth giving a try. Depending on where you are residing, another popular leading eco diaper brand you could consider is Bambo Nature. 

      However, we believe the benefits of eco diapers are significant compared to conventional disposables; indeed, premium eco diapers are not as cheap as conventional diapers.

      Still, If you know which brand works for your baby and aligns with your sustainable goals, you could consider a subscription with the particular brand or purchase in bulk, making eco diapers more affordable.



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