Is touched by nature GOTS certified?

Besides a few other well-known brands, such as Hudson baby, Little treasure, Yogo sprout and lovable friends, Touched by Nature are also one of Baby vision’s brands.

Touched by Nature is an organic clothing and accessories brand from Baby vision offering coordinated layette pieces made of 100% organic cotton and is one of the most popular and greatly reviewed organic brands on Amazon.

Yet there is little clarity on communication on Touched by Nature’s certifications, and you may wonder if their pieces are certified with the respected GOTS.

Today we will help you clarify whether Touched by Nature is a certified GOTS baby brand.

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Is it touched by Nature GOTS certified?

At this stage, touched by Nature’s end products are NOT certified with GOTS. Yet, this organic brand uses GOTS-certified organic cotton for all their products, non-toxic dyes, and GOTS-certified factories.

Touched by nature is one of the highest review organic brands on Amazon and can be an interesting choice as a well-reviewed organic brand that is affordable.

Where is Touched by Nature manufactured?

Touched by Nature is a brand of Baby vision and the pieces of Touched by Nature are manufactured in GOTS certified factories all around the world.

If you like to know where a specific piece is made your are able to enquire more details about specific pieces through emailing

Final thoughts for Touched by Nature’s organic clothing.

Touched by Nature is one of the most popular and highly well-reviewed organic brands on Amazon despite their collections not being certified with GOTS.

Yet, parents can have peace of mind that Touched by Nature uses GOTS-certified factories to manufacture their products, and 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and Baby vision confirmed that non-toxic dyes are used to make Touch by Nature garments.

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