Rascal Friends Nappies Review-(Are they Worth it)?

You may have noticed Rascal + Friends nappies around as this nappy brand is increasingly used as a disposable nappy instead other prominent nappy brands like Huggies or pampers.

And besides popularity in New Zealand and Australia, this new Zealand brand has now also distributed and introduced their performing affordable dispaobles to the U.S.

Are Rascal Friends worth it?

Are Rascal + Friends nappies worth it?

Rascal + Friends has gained quite a bit of popularity. Not only in Australia and New Zealand but globally as well.

Rascal + Friends are convenient as they perform well while available for considerably affordable pricing. Yet, for more eco-friendly disposable, it may be worth considering their eco range or other eco-friendly brands like Bamboo nature, Ecorignals or Eenee.

What is the story behind Rascal + Friends Nappies?

Rascal and friend nappies are created by a mum desperate to find good quality nappies suitable for her third son, that experienced severe eczema.

So one thing was sure, the Nappy for her son had to be free of nasties to ensure it would suit his skin.

Furthermore, the nappies had to be affordable, perform great, and look cute.

Mother Louise, a mum of 4 boys now, tested hundreds of designs and eventually settled on the premium Rascal + Friends disposable nappies in the shop available today.

Rascal and friends is a New Zealand brand; however, the brand developed into an international brand and is available in many countries worldwide.

Overview of some of the facts of Rascal Friends.

  • Rascal + Friends nappies are all unisex*
  • Rascal + Friends are selling nappy pants and sensitive wipes as well  but are not included in this review*
  • Rascal and Friends nappies in Australia are exclusively sold in Coles supermarkets in Australia.

Rascal + Friends Sizes and Prices

Rascal and Friends has six different sizes. All sizes are $14 -per package, but the bigger the nappy size, the fewer nappies will be in the pack, and the price per individual nappy will slowly increase.

Rascal Friends Nappies review-Pack of Rascal +Friends Nappies
Rascal Friends Nappies review-Pack of Rascal +Friends Nappies
  1. Newborn nappies. Size 1 – 3-5 Kilo *54 pack* $0.26 per Nappy
  2. Infant nappies Size 2 – 4-8 Kilo *48 boxes $0.29 per Nappy
  3. Crawler nappies Size 3 – 6-11 Kilo *44 pack $0.32 per Nappy
  4. Toddler nappies Size 4 – 10-15 Kilo *36 pack $0.39 per Nappy
  5. Walker nappies Size 5 – 13-18 Kilo * 32 bags $0.44 per Nappy
  6. Junior nappies Size 6 – 16+ Kilo * 24 pack $0.63 per Nappy

There are Jumbo packs available, too:

  1. Newborn nappies – 108 Nappies
  2. Infant nappies – 96 Nappies
  3. Crawler nappies – 90 Nappies
  4. Toddler Nappies – 72 Nappies
  5. Walker Nappies – 64 Nappies
  6. Junior nappies – Not available in Jumbo packs

Where are Rascal + Friends nappies made from?

Rascal Friends Nappies Review-Baby with Rascal + Friends Nappy standing up showing high waste band
Image of High waistband from brand Rascal + Friends nappies.

The materials in Rascal + Friends nappies are chosen with great care and collected worldwide. Materials include superabsorbent content such as fluff pulp, polypropylene non-woven fabrics, polyethylene film, and elastic and fastening equipment.

The material and manufacturing process follows stringent guidelines to ensure safety and quality control.

One of the great features of Rascal+Friends nappies is that packaging can be recycled with soft plastics.

Rascal + Friends is a New Zealand-owned brand, but they are manufactured in China to keep the price of the nappies as affordable as possible.

Are Rascal+Friends nappies worth it?

When talking about the performance of Rascal and Friends, yes, Rascal+Friends is a fantastic nappy. Yet, when looking for more sustainable disposable, there are eco-friendlier 0ptions, including Rascal and Friends’ newer launched range, the Rascal and Friends eco-nappies.

Eco-friendlier disposable to consider…

Rascal+Friends Eco nappies- Rascal and Friends have launched an eco nappy in addition to their initial Rascal + Friends nappies.

However, Rascal + Friends eco nappies may not be the most sustainable choice. Nevertheless, they are affordable, perform well, and are more sustainable than their initial range.

You can read more about our experience using Rascal+Friends Eco nappies here.

Compostable nappies– However, commercial composting is still in baby shoes with limited availability; Australia has one fully compostable nappy brand certified compostable.

You can learn more about compostable nappies in Australia here.

Bambo Nature– Bambo Nature has an excellent cradle-to-grave certificate and is one of the most sustainable nappy choices while still considered affordable.

You can learn more about Bambo Nature Here.

Ecoriginals- However, Ecorignals is not certified with an independent label; they are one of the leading eco-nappy brands in Australia and deserve credit for the transparency.

Ecoriginal nappies are approximately 90% biodegradable for 100 plants based in 2025.

You can learn more about Ecorignals here.

Eco by Naty-Is is an experienced nappy brand that started its sustainable journey 25 years ago and is now one of the leading global eco-nappy brands.

Did you know that Eco by Naty is the first nappy brand to receive an Ok biobased certificate?

You can learn about Eco-by Naty nappies here.

Final thoughts for Rascal + Friends nappies.

Rascal + Friends is a great performing nappy yet not necessarily an eco-friendly choice for disposable nappies.

For an eco-friendlier disposable nappy, you could consider their eco-range or some of the other great brands that sell eco-friendlier nappies.

Best eco-nappies in Australia…

What are the leading eco-nappy brands in Australia?

Did you try our Rascal+Friends nappies or their newly launched eco nappies?

Or do you have any other nappy brands on your list you want to try?

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