What is Nestig?-(A certified and safe brand?)

What is Nestig? While browsing for non-toxic cots and furniture for your baby’s nursery, you may have encountered Nestig’s handcrafted, unique, non-toxic products.

In today’s review, we introduce you to the Nestig brand, a relatively new U.S. brand launched in 2020 by Guilherme Picciotto and Sara Adam Slywka.

While Nestig might be primarily known for its uniquely designed, sustainable cribs that can grow and change with your child, they have some more exciting stuff to check out that can help you create the most unique, sustainable, safe, and cozy nursery.

Are Nestig’s non-toxic products Worth it?

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What is Nestig?

Nestig is a luxury and unqiue baby brand that hand crafts nursery furniture and accessories with a sustainable focus.

Netig could be interesting for families that avoid purchasing from big box stores and are looking for Non toxic unique products to create there nursery.

What products can you find by Nestig?

As mentioned before, Nestig is initially known for its handcrafted mini cribs that can grow with your baby by transferring into a bed suiting your growing child.

Yet, Nestig has some other unique sustianble products that could be interesting to check out if you are unique and sustainable, inspiring nursery furniture and accessories to check out, including designs crafted in collaboration with famous designers like Tan France.

You may check out the list below for an overview of Nestigs’ unique collection.

Some of the products crafted by Nestig include….

  • Rugs– Handmade, Washable organic nursery rugs
  • Crib sheets-Oeko-Tex-certified crib sheets are made with natural dye,
  • Mobiles-Beautiful, unique mobiles that are handmade in Brazil
  • Quilts-Organic handcrafted quality certified with Oeko tex and made with non-toxic dyes.
  • Design Wallpaper Hand-drawn design wallpaper crafted with Green guard gold certified inks on non-toxic paper

And, of course, the most famous Nestig product…

  • Nestig’s unique, sustainably non-toxic convertible cribs.

Is Nestig a certified Non-toxic brand?

To ensure that its products are safe and non-toxic, Nestig takes several measures, such as using the following standards and several certifications.

  • CPSC-Nestig is a non-toxic and sustainable brand whose products exceed the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • ASTM– The American Society for Testing and Materials.
  • J.P.M.ABut did you know Nestig has also taken safety further by testing and certifying its products with the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association? ( J.P.M.A. requirements go far beyond the mandatory governmental requirements and are the industry’s voice on quality and safety for children and baby products).
  • G.O.T.S- For their washable rugs, Nestig uses G.O.T.S.(Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton.
  • Oeko-tex standard 100 Lastly, Nestig uses Oeko-tex certified dye for their crib sheets and quilts. (Oeko tex, besides G.O.T.S, is an increasingly popular safety label to ensure non-toxic products and is a highly respected standard)
  • Green guard– Green Guard is an increasingly popular safety label used by various nursery furniture brands.. Recently, Nestig has achieved Green Guard certification for some of their cribs. Also, they have some Green Guard-certified crib mattresses, such as its Newton Breathable Original Crib Mattress and the Nestig x Lullaby Earth Breeze Air Mini Mattress. . (Also, its excellent, non-toxic wallpaper uses Green Guard-certified dye).

Nevertheless, let’s return to Nestig’s most well-known product, their convertible cribs.

Are they worth it?

All about Nestig cribs….are they worth it?

Nestig has four cribs in its collection. Available in various colours.

  • Mountain crib- Does NOT have a crib option, just a full crib and toddler bed.
  • Snow crib- Transfer from Bassinet to full crib to toddler bed
  • Wave crib– Mini crib, full-size crib, toddler bed.
  • The Candy Cloud crib– Mini crib, full-size crib, toddler bed.
What is Nestig?-(Is Nestig Safe and NON-Toxic)?- Screenshot of the star rating of the Cloud crib on Nestig website.
What is Nestig?-(Is Nestig Safe and NON-Toxic)?- Screenshot of the star rating of the wave crib on Nestig website.
What is Nestig?-(Is Nestig Safe and NON-Toxic)?- Screenshot of the star rating of the Mountain crib on Nestig website.
What is Nestig?-(Is Nestig Safe and NON-Toxic)?- Screenshot of the star rating of the Snow crib on Nestig website.

As you can see in the review image above, the wave crib is the most popular and highly reviewed, followed in second place by the cloud crib.

About the Nestig Wave crib..

You may have heard of the Wave crib. As you can see, it’s one of Nestig’s most popular and well-reviewed cribs.

The Wave Crib, inspired by the movement of the ocean, is designed sustainably to last and convert from a mini crib to a full crib to a toddler bed.

The wave crib features an organically shaped design with lockable wheels, which allow it to be moved effortlessly from room to room.

How does the Wave crib convert from a Nestig mini Wave to a full wave crib?

To visualize converting your crib to full size, Underneath, you can view the conversion from the mini-wave crib to the full-wave crib to learn a little more about the process involved.

How do you convert the Nestig Wave crib into a toddler bed?

For the next stage of this Nestig wave crib, you can watch the process underneath to convert the full-size crib to the toddler bed option.

Can all Nestig mini cribs transfer to a full-size crib?

Nestig products focus on sustainability, are made to last for a long time, and are designed to grow with your little person.

Yet, keep in mind that each crib is unique and not all convert the same as the Mountain crib does not have a crib option and the Snow crib transfers from a bassinet instead of a mini crib to a full-size crib.

Do The cribs come with the conversion kits?

Remember that The Snow, Cloud Wave and Mountain designs all include the necessary conversion kits to expand the beds to a full crib (Not relevant for the mountain), then the toddler/junior bed, and come with the mini crib mattress.

Yet, keep in mind that none of the cribs come with a full-size crib mattress and must be purchased separately. The full-size crib mattresses are later used for toddler conversation as well.

Where can you buy Nestig products?

Nestig products can only exclusively be bought from Nestig.com.

Still, remember that you can add your favourite Nestig products to your baby registry as long as your registry is universal, like Babylist, Target or Myregistry.

Final thoughts for Nestig?

Nestig, based in New York and made by artisan workers in Peru, is bringing some unique and luxurious non-toxic nursery products to the market, certified with various safety standards.

This sustainable brand could be interesting to check out for luxurious nursery items, gorgeous unique baby gifts or accessories like washable organic rugs or handmade wooden mobiles, or families looking for Green guard gold wallpaper and mattress options tested for improvement for indoor air quality.

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