What’s IN the Honest Diapers?-{How eco-friendly are The Honest diapers}

What’s in the Honest Diapers? The honest company founded by Jessica Alba in 2011 is one of the many retailers who have created a disposable diaper with the claim to be safer for your baby and friendlier for the environment.

What's in the Honest company-Change table.
What’s in the Honest company-Change table.

The honest Diapers promises to be a more eco-friendly option and safer for your baby. Perhaps you have come across some of the Honest diapers, and you know how adorable the prints are you can choose from?

You may wonder, though, how eco friendly are these super cute diapers?

Are they just cute? Or are they eco friendly as well?

In today’s review, we aim to bring you transparent information to decide whether the Honest company diapers are worth it.

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Product details of The Honest Company diapers.

Brand:The Honest Company
Type:Clean conscious diapers
Wetness indicator:Yes
Contains natural ingredients:yes
Contains Synthetic ingredients:Yes
Subscription optionAvailable
Where to order The honest diapersHere
*Please note the wetness indicator is on the clean conscious diapers only
Product details of the clean conscious diapers

Why can it be challenging to pick genuine Eco-friendly products?

When it comes to picking eco-friendly clothing, products or services, it can be incredibly challenging to know how natural or sustainable a brand, product or service is.

Marketers know that the words ‘pure’, ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ sell well, but in some cases, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is as natural as you would expect it to be.

Doing research and learning about a brand is key to stay on top with sophisticated markers. Also, looking for independent eco-credentials of brands is good to measure to determine how eco friendly a product is.

Even though a product’s packaging has nice natural pictures and a natural claim, the percentage of natural ingredients in the product might be minimal…

How Honest are the Honest diapers?

What's in the Honest Diapers?-Giant question mark leaning against a wall.
What’s in the Honest Diapers?-Giant question mark leaning against a wall.

The Honest Company is a B cooperation certified company that is a great achievement and tells you valuable information about its ethics. Only companies that can provide transparent evidence of their profit and purpose are considered for a B cooperation qualification.

What's in the Honest Diapers?-Set of scales weighing money against world.
What’s in the Honest Diapers?-Set of scales weighing money against the world.

When a company is a b cooperation, it will give consumers more trust that the company cares about profit, ethics, and the environment.

However, it says something; it doesn’t say everything…

What’s IN the Honest diapers?

These are the ingredients of the new conscious diapers displayed as per the Honest companies.

New clean conscious diapers are made with:A Chlorine Free Absorbent Bio-Core
Sustainably managed wood pulp
*Sodium Polyacrylate Containing renewable materials
* Odor Inhibitors Including Citrus Extract
*Liquid Chlorophyll
Plant-Based PLA is used for the outer layer.
Polyethylene & Polypropylene is used for the inner layer.
Polypropylene and Spandex are used for the leg/waist.
Polyolefin Adhesives are used for the Seams & Joints.
INks/Super-Cute Design on Backsheet
Ingredients of the Honest conscious diapers

The Honest company proud itself to be transparent and eco-friendly.

In one aspect, they follow up with that claim as all ingredients of their diapers are displayed on their website.

Still, we would have loved to see more transparency in the percentage of natural ingredients used in the Honest diaper, as this list with ingredients doesn’t tell us all that much at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to track figures of HOW eco-friendly the Honest diapers are, but we do have an overview of the features of the eco-friendly diaper.

Eco-friendly features of The Honest Diapers include:

Underneath, you can find a list of some of the eco-friendly features and ethical standards The Honest diapers have.

  • 100% plant-based back sheet
  • sustainably managed pine for the core of the diaper
  • The honest company don’t add parabens, latex, fragrance to their diapers
  • chlorine-free processing
  • The diaper boxes are 100% made from post-recycled consumer cardboard
  • The honest diapers are cruelty-free and never tested on animals.

The Honest diapers are making an effort to create diapers friendlier than conventional diapers, backed up with the B-cooperation certificate. Still, It hard to determine how eco-friendly their diapers really are.

What percentage of the diapers is made of natural material?

What's in the Honest diapers?-Sunshine on growing plant.
What’s in the Honest diapers?-Sunshine on the growing plant.

When we contacted the Honest company to learn more about the percentage of natural ingredients used in Honest Diapers, the Honest company responded within 24 hours.

They informed us that their diapers are not biodegradable, but their goal is to launch a biodegradable diaper eventually; my initial questions remained unanswered.

The Honest company asked if we had any more questions, so we tried again and asked the questions once more. However, we did receive an answer within 24 hours, this time, the answer was even shorter, and it simply stated their diapers are not biodegradable.

Obviously, the Honest company doesn’t want to go into any further details of their ‘Eco-friendly diapers’.

It is quite disappointing and surprising that the Honest company is unwilling to share more details about their diapers with us.

When we talked to other diaper brands and requested more information, they always happily clarified any questions.

Pros and cons of the Honest Diapers?

Pros of the Honest Diapers:
B cooperation company
Eco-friendly diapers
Adorable prints
Pros of the Honest Diapers
Cons of the Honest Diapers:
Not biodegradable
Mixed reviews on customers service and performance on consumer affairs (3 out of 5 stars) (50 verified reviews)
Limited clarity on how eco-friendly these diapers are
Cons of the Honest diapers

Wrap up for the what’s in the Honest diapers

You can find many mixed reviews about the Honest company online, but I suppose that is pretty common for most reviewed products or brands. While some people love a particular brand or product, it simply doesn’t work for the next.

Are the Honest diapers worth it?

The Honest Company is a B cooperation and shows environmental conscious actions with the diapers they have created. However, these diapers are likely more eco friendly than conventional disposables. Still, it is unclear how eco-friendly these diapers really are.

Even though we have not been able to find clear evidence of how natural the Honest diapers are, still they appear to be fairly popular.

Unfortunately, The Honest diapers leave here some room for improvement, in our opinion. For example, their diapers are not classified as biodegradable, and we have no idea which percentage of diapers is natural.

Perhaps the adorable diaper prints to choose from works their magic, as we have to admit they are extremely adorable. Still, when purchasing eco-diapers, perhaps you rather like to know HOW eco-friendly the product really is, don’t you?

Leading biodegradable nappy brands

If you are looking for eco-friendly diapers with a high percentage of biodegradable materials and clear, detailed evidence of their sustainable effort, eco Brands to consider are Bamboo Nature or Eco by Naty. They are not 100

‘Did you know that Bamboo nature diapers are certified with the world-leading eco label Nordic Swan, and Eco by Naty’s diapers are Oeko-tex and TÜV certified?’

However, it is always unique to your baby which diapers will work; both internationally sold diapers brands are word considering and have high independent world-leading eco-labels. Detailed information about their sustainable efforts will likely give you the information you like to see when selecting eco-diapers for your baby.

Did you try the Honest Diapers?

What is your favourite eco diaper brand?


The Honest Diapers




Cute Print choices


Performance (Based on many mixed reviews online)



  • Certified as an B cooperation
  • Super cute design choices available
  • More natural than a regular disposable diaper


  • Not biodegradable
  • No clairy on how eco-friendly these diapers are
  • Many sizes out of stock

6 thoughts on “What’s IN the Honest Diapers?-{How eco-friendly are The Honest diapers}”

  1. Hi Jude. Thank you for another great post. I’m trying to be eco in my day to day life, but it’s not always easy to find ‘green’ replacements for common things. To be fair, I haven’t heard before about the Honest company products, but the idea is great. Only young parents know how many diapers a child can produce every day, and for sure, it’s not good for the environment. Quite a low rating from customer reviews is a bit concerning, but I’m still willing to give them a chance for a good environment.

    • The best way to find out is by trialling some different brands to see which one work best for your baby. Also, it depends on your personal sustainable goals. I personally think there are eco nappy/diaper brands that are stronger in backing up their sustainable claims, such as Eco by Naty, Bambo Nature.

      Still, the Honest Company has quite a big following and is a b cooperation, and I have to say their print choices are adorable, and they will still improve conventional disposables. Still, when shopping for the most sustainable brand, I would consider checking out some other eco brands.

      Best wishes,


  2. I didn’t know that Honest Company was a B Cooperation. I have to admit it:  I was surprised to read that the Honest Diapers has some synthetic component. But I have always asked myself about how biodegradable a diaper really can be. 

    For me, this brand tries to be as transparent as it can, and its diapers are friendlier than the conventional ones. It means a lot to me because my mother used to tell me how difficult it was for her to buy the right diapers. I was allergic to conventional diapers.

    • Yes, it is always great to buy from B-cooperations. However, it does give you information about the companies choices balancing profit and purpose. It doesn’t give you necessarily a lot of information about the sustainable efforts of a specific product. 

      I an m sorry to hear you were allergic to conventional diapers; that must have been hard for your mum. Do you know what diaper brand your mother ended up using? 

       However, eco diapers improve conventional diapers; they all do contain a percentage of synthetic ingredients to ensure adequate performance, alternative you can consider certified compostable diapers. 

      When choosing an eco-diaper, I think it is important to trial a few different ones find the one who works for your baby, fit in your budget and meet your lifestyle goals. 

      Wishing you a great day and week ahead.


  3. Hi, thanks for this article about the honest diaper review. It is good to see that there are a lot of companies producing eco-friendly products for babies. This is beneficial to both the newborn and the environment. I believe that the honest diaper company is truly an honest company since it qualifies as a B corporation.

    • Hi Nedia, thanks for stopping by. I agree it is great to purchase from B corporations as it is an easy way to learn a little more about the value and goals of a company; still, the information it gives us about a specific product of this company can be quite limited. 

       While this information is sufficient for some, others might desire more in-depth information about a product to learn if a product aligns with their sustainable lifestyle goal. A good way to learn more in-depth about a product can be looking for certified products with high accredited eco-labels. In the case of diapers, Nordic Swan, where brands like Bambo Nature is certified with. This Nordic standard is one of the toughest eco-standards worldwide.

      Most importantly, whatever choice we make is that we all choose products and brands to feel good about and suit our lifestyle and have access to transparent information to make well-informed decisions.

      Wishing your a great day and week ahead.



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