What’s The Honest Company?-{Are they truly sustainable}?

What’s the Honest Company? Actress Jessica Alba launched The Honest Company in 2012 and was committed to creating safer products for families and babies’.

Jessica inspiration to start the Honest company began with the arrival of her firstborn child. Still, her childhood illness history also played a role in the commitment to create safer products for babies and families.


Have you read the book Healthy Child Healthy world?

What's the Honest company?- Family of 4 are drinking juice in the kitchen.
What’s the Honest company?- Family of 4 are drinking juice in the kitchen.
The book Healthy Child healthy world is written by Christopher Gavigan and addresses different toxins that children commonly are exposed to in their household environment.
After a search of 3 years, Jessica found Christopher, who became one of the Honest company’s business partners.

Together they dreamed of creating ethical safer products for families that they would be happy to use themselves too for their minor persons and families.

What products does the Honest company sell?

The Honest Company sells multiple households cleaning and care products for families. Some of the products include washing detergent, suncream, baby care products, wipes, and well-known honest disposable diapers made with fewer synthetic materials.

After Jessica kept receiving requests for a ‘clean’ makeup line, in 2015, the company opened the Honest Beauty brand and now selling more than 80 products.

What are some best selling products of the Honest company?

However, the makeup line has become very popular and successful. Still, diapers are another popular bestseller of the honest company.

Have you considered using the Honest diapers for your little one?

Sustainable lifestyle choices are trending and popular amongst many families. For many parents looking for disposable diapers that are safer than conventional disposables, the Honest company nappies will be one of the brands often considered.

However, the Honest company diapers are not biodegradable; a percentage of the diapers are made from plant-based ingredients.

However, it is evident in many ways that the Honest company is genuine about their sustainable efforts; yet, it is unclear how large or small the percentage of the diapers are made from natural ingredients.

Still, any diapers made with more natural ingredients is a win for the baby and the environment. It improved conventional disposables diapers.

Are the products of the Honest company safe and free of toxins?

What's the honest company?- Warning sign.
What’s an honest company?- Image of a warning sign.

Did you know that only a dozen out of 1300 synthetic chemicals are forbidden in the U.S to use in household products?  It is quite a significant difference with Europe, where all of these 1300 chemicals are prohibited from using in household products and are considered unsafe, right?

The Honest company initial aim was to create household products without the use of these 1300 synthetic chemicals. Some of these chemicals in this list include petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances, which can risk a human’s health.

‘Did you know that most chemicals in synthetic fragrances are coming from petrochemicals (petroleum-based) and can be harmful to human health’?

What's the honest company?- Laboratory image.
What’s an honest company?- Laboratory image.

Are The Honest company products 100% natural?


However, The honest company claims to be transparent about what they use to make their natural products. Still, they are not perfect and not 100% natural.

However, some synthetic ingredients are used to make some of the Honest products, generally speaking, these Particular chemicals are considered safe and well tested. Still, there have been a couple of lawsuits against the Honest company over the years…

Questionable product issues with the Honest company products…

The Honest Company has faced a couple of lawsuits from people who had experienced some of their products.  Some of the products there have been issues with we have listed below:

Suncream-There have been complaints from users who had experienced sunburns after using Honest suncream. The issues happened just after the zink in the cream dropped in levels. (this case is still legit)

Formula-There have been complaints about their organic formula milk and 11 synthetic chemicals found in the powder. However, the formula case was dismissed by the judge permanently.

Washing powder-Sls was reported to be found in washing powder from the Honest Company. Still, the Honest company stated that they do not’s use SLS but sodium coco sulphate (SCS) instead of SLS, which is the more gentle variety of some ingredients. Still, many scientists state there is no difference between the two; however, opinions are divided on how safe this ingredient is; this pharmacist states it is not

synthetic chemicals found in washing powder. However, such claims and not pretty, and it will be upsetting if you were directly involved in one of the named issues; a company will likely go through some errors and growing pains and some mistakes, unfortunately.

Still, we believe the Honest company’s intentions are genuine, and it appears they have tried to manage the faced issues swiftly.

Are the Honest company’s products certified?

B cooperation certification-The Honest Company is proudly certified as a B corporation since 2012 and has continuously improved and achieved higher scores within this standard.

Businesses can only become certified with b cooperation when their approach and actions show environmental and ethical responsibility. To become certified, companies have to show evident proof about the moral and ecological steps they maintain within their business and score a minimum of 80 points on the required test to qualify.

Organic certifications- It appears that some of the products the Honest company sells are organic and certified organic with USDA.

So you may wonder, how eco-friendly and safe are the Honest company diapers?

Understandable and valid questions…


The honest company is certified as a cooperation b  company, giving us the reinsurance the company’s eco-friendly effort is genuine. The Honest Company diapers avoid using many less desired ingredients like Chlorine, Latex and fragrances. And they use as many plant-based materials as possible. Still, the honest company couldn’t confirm the percentage of a natural ingredient used in their diapers.

When you look at other eco-friendly diaper Brands like Bambo nature or Eco by Naty, you get a little more detailed information about the percentage of renewable and natural ingredients used in their diapers. For example, bamboo nature is certified with the Eco-labels Nordic Swam by example, giving you actual test results of how biodegradable the certified nappies are.

However, we do not doubt the intentions of The Honest Company’s eco-friendly efforts, and we have to admit that their diaper has attractive print options. Still, we would ideally see more clarity on how eco-friendly and safe their disposable diapers are and hope to learn more about this soon.

Is the Honest company worth it?

What’s the Honest Company, and are they worth it?

However, the Honest company may have experienced some hiccups over the years; their overall intentions to create safer, more ethically made products for families appear genuine.

Bottom-line for what’s the Honest company and are they worth it?

The Honest company’s efforts of their initial goal to create safer eco-friendly products appear to be quite successful and appreciated by a reasonably large audience. Still, there is room for improvement. However, we like that the Honest Company is honest enough to admit their future challenges and continuously strive for improvement.

Do you have experience with the Honest company? 

Or would you consider the Honest company to purchase eco-friendly products? 



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