Did Tan France Design a baby nursery collection for Nestig?

Did Tan France Design a baby nursery collection for Nestig?

You might be surprised to hear that Tan France has designed a baby nursery collection, considering that the famous British-American television personality and fashion designer is usually busy in other designing areas.

Yet, on the other hand, since Tan France welcomed a baby into his life in July 2021, it may not be surprising afterall that his passion for designing also evolved when creating his son Ismail’s baby nursery.

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Did Tan France design a baby nursery collection in 2022?

Yes, Tan France has collaborated with the Non-toxic premium lifestyle brand Nestig to design a nursery line inspired by the love for animals of his son Ismail.

The collaboration with Nestig and Tan France has created a whimsical Gender, neutral limited edition of nursery furniture and decor, representing a connection between Tan France’s design style and his son Ismail’s passion for wildlife.

A bit about Fashion designer Tam France

The fashion guru Tan France is best known for guiding young designers as a judge on Next in Fashion. Tan France is famous for his transformational wardrobe and confidence makeovers on Netflix’s hit show.

Also, Tan France designed clothing and worked with major retailers like Zara.

Later, when Tan France moved to the U.S., he launched a series of brands, including womenswear.

Why did Tan France design a nursery collection with Nestig?

Designing nursery decor has been something new in Tan France’s design career. Still, as Nestig states, Tan France was passionate about creating a nursery with elements his son would automatically respond to, which aligns with his classic British design style.

A bit more about the Tan France nursery collection

Tan France’s exclusive nursery collection combines the design style and skills of Tan France and the passion of his son Ismael for animals.

All products and collections of Nestig, including the Tan France collection made in collaboration with Tan France, are crafted sustainably with non-toxic materials in Peru.

Nestig is most famous for their Non-toxic cribs that are convertible to grow with your baby.

Also, the Candy Cloud crib of the Tan France collection is convertible from a Mini crib to a full crib to a toddler bed.

Tan France collection is designed and hand-made with much thought and care. This gender-neutral whimsical style nursery has become unique; the wall decal adds a specific stylish touch.

All products are non-toxic and sustainably made, making this collection interesting for families looking for something unique.

During an interview Nestig had with Tan France before they started the collaboration to find out what Tan France’s expectations and desires were for his son’s nursery, he shared that he wanted a place where his son would feel right at home.

As a designer, Tan France created a style he loved, which is a classic British style and combined this with his son’s interest in animals.

Which products are found in the Tan France collection?

You can find a variety of stylish, whimsical baby decor and furniture in the Nestig collection crafted in collaboration with Tan France, including but not limited to the following.

  • The Candy Cloud crib
  • Lively Menagerie wall-mural
  • Cloud forest rug
  • Monkey rug
  • Tiger rug
  • Jasmine quilt
  • Prancing tiger sheet sets
  • Monkey business sheet set
  • Whirl wallpaper
  • Twee strip wallpaper

And More…

You can check out the entire Tan France nursery collection underneath.

Final thoughts for Tan France, his baby nursery collection

Families who used to make nursery animals themed with gender-neutral colours while using non-toxic materials may find it interesting to check out the Tan France collection at Nestig to find something whimsical and unique.

And don’t forget to check out the gorgeous animal-themed wall decal inspired by Ismail’s passion for wildlife and Tan’s love of classic British style that features transformative, hand-drawn designs made from non-toxic paper and inks, which is just one piece of the Tan France collection from Nestig.

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