#10 Organic Baby Clothes brands on Amazon with G.O.T.S certification.

To find genuine organic baby clothes, looking for brands that use G.O.T.S certifications is helpful. Luckily, families who like to shop at Amazon have quite a few G.O.T.S certified baby clothes options available for you to choose from.

Today we share 10 unique baby brands that use G.O.TS certified Organic cotton, which is available on Amazon.

(Fast forward to numbers 6 and 7 for organic baby clothes that are locally made in the U.S.A)

What are the best organic baby clothes on Amazon?-Newborn baby in adorable white costume holding a soft toy.
A newborn baby in an adorable white costume is holding a soft toy.

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What are the Best Organic baby clothes on Amazon?

An increasing number of brands use the most respected voluntary standard G.O.T.S for their organic baby clothes,, which is an easy way to identify genuine organic baby clothes.

Today we share 10 unique G.O.T.S certified organic baby clothes available on Amazon. (Check out no 6 & 7 for G.O.T.S organic baby clothes made in the U.S.A)

#1 Lamaze baby clothes

Best Organic Baby clothes on Amazon- Lamaze Organic Baby Baby Pull on Jogger 2 Pack Pants pink.
Lamaze Organic Baby Baby Pull-on Jogger 2 Pack Pants pink.

Perhaps you are familiar with this non for profit organization, but for those who are not, Lamaze is a non for profit organization that promotes a safe, healthy and natural approach to pregnancy, childbirth and parenting during the early years of your child’s life.

Lamaze baby clothes are well-rated, affordable and certified organic with G.O.T.S. It simply ticks almost all the boxes if you are looking to dress your baby organically, are working with a smaller budget, or do not want to spend $30- apiece for your baby’s outfits.

Check out some of the Pros and Cons of Lamaze baby clothes below:


  • 100% certified organic
  • Made in fairtrade Oeko- tex certified facility
  • Affordable
  • Very well-reviewed brands arescore5+ stars out of 5 stars for their clothing.


  • Not made in the U.S
  • It should be true to size but frequently reviewed to run a tad small; consider sizing up!

Lamaze baby offers both individual clothing pieces and bundles with more basic outfits that will be perfect for all your baby basics and an excellent oppertuntiy to purchase affordable organic clothing.

Best organic baby clothes on Amazon-Lamaze star rating on Amazon for on of their products.
Best organic baby clothes on Amazon-Lamaze star rating on Amazon for one of their products.

Lamaze is very well rated on one of your cheapest genuine organic baby clohtes brands on Amazon!

You can check quite a great collection of Lamaze baby clothes on Amazon using the button below:

#2 Burt’s Bees baby clothes

Best organic brands on Amazon-Burt's bees best seller footies.
Burt’s bees best seller footies

Burt’s bees are one of the largest Organic brands and are very well known for their personal care product, especially their famous lip balm.

But also, their organic baby clothes range is a big success and is available on Amazon.

Like Lamaze, Burt’s bees are available in bundles for the more basic items and have individual items and are one of your more affordable options when you include the bundles.

As for the individual pieces, Burt Bees is very well rated, especially footies and wearable sleeping blankets. Have an exceptionally high volume of reviews rated with some products reaching 20000 + reviews with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars which is exceptional.

Burt’s Bees is one of the Climate pledge-friendly brands of Amazon.


  • Made with G.O.T.Scertified organic cotton
  • Climate pledge-friendly brand
  • Very well-reviewed brand


  • Not made in the U.S
  • Not pre-shrinking- you can experience up to 1-2″ of shrinkage.
  • Limted choices for bundels and desings

#3 Moon and back

Best Organic baby clothes on Amazon-Moon and back organic footie.
Moon and back organic footie.

Hanna Andersson is a well-known and popular high mid-range brand in the U.S and is primarily known and adored for their cute patterned soft pj’s.

However, Hanna’s initial brand has a strong following, which is worth it for many. The price point is considered firm. However, Hanna’s Moon and Back collection, exclusively made for Amazon customers, is much more affordable and can be a perfect option for a more budget-friendly organic baby clothes choice.


  • 100% certified organic with G.O.T.S
  • Well-reviewed collection on average above 4.5 stars out of 5
  • Prewashed fabric for added softness and minimal shrinkage


  • The collection is quite limited
  • Basic prints

#4 Under the Nile

Best Organic cotton baby clothes on Amazon-Under the Nile vegi  side snap outfit.
Under the Nile vegetable side snap outfit.

Under the Nile is unique in what they do and one of your more luxury brands. And did you know that Under the Nile is the only brand that uses Authetnical Egyptian cotton certified with the goldenseal?

Under the Nile is 100% certified organic with G.O.T.S for all their unique toys and clothing made from Egyptian cotton that is organic and biodynamically grown on a farm that is 100% sustainable.

Under the Nile is one of your Climate pledge-friendly brands on Amazon.


  • Biodynamic cotton
  • Made in Fair trade facility
  • Unique and super cute designs
  • Climate Pledge-friendly brand
  • Check out their super cute Vegi toys


  • Nihil reviews are available on Amazon
  • Not made in the U.S

The average across available reviews is definitely + for Amazon. Still, there are hardly any reviews of Under the Nile baby clothes, some more for their organic Veggie toys, which will also make some great gift ideas.

Under the Nile is not your cheapest option but unique in what they do and the purest organic cotton clothing.

#5 Monica + Andy

Best organic brands on Amazon-Monica + Andy outfit 'Amazons choice'.
Best organic brands on Amazon-Monica + Andy outfit ‘Amazon’s choice’.

Monica + Andy is unique in what they do and has some exclusive services and products up to their sleeves.

However, this luxurious brand now has a front store on Amazon; it could be worth it to check out their website as Monica + Andy are a unique community-based brand that is more than an organic clothing brand.

Monica + Andy is great for gifts with choices available to embroid garments for mum or baby through their initial websites and services such as virtual and in-person classes and events organized by this brand.

Monica + Andy has four guide shops you can visit by appointment and some for a walk-in to view their collections in New York City, Oak brook, Prentice and Lincoln Park.


  • Climate pledge-friendly brand
  • G.O.T.S certified
  • Wide range available


  • Slightly more costly
  • Not made in the U.S
  • Sometimes items are cheaper through their site.

Monica + Andy is a well-rated brand; however, slightly more expensive, and some of its items are more affordable. In addition, they run sales through the initial site, which can make shopping at Monica + Andy more affordable.

#6 Tenth and Pine

Best organic brands on Amazon-Baby wearing Tenth and Pine outfit.(Courtesy Tenth and Pine.
Best organic brands on Amazon-Baby are wearing Tenth and Pine outfits. (Courtesy Tenth and Pine.

Tenth and Pine is another unique one we can’t keep out of this list as they are perfect for any parent that looks for a gender-neutral style for their baby and value locally made clothes.

While many U.S brands design their clothes locally, primarily, the garments are manufactured abroad. But not Tenth and Pine, as they have committed to manufacture their G.O.T.S certified clothing locally in the U.S.A.


  • 100% organic
  • G.O.T.S certified
  • Wide range of Cute graphic quotes
  • Locally made in the U.S.A


  • Slightly more pricey
  • No gender-specific clothes
  • amazon front store low in stock
  • Not many reviews

If you are interested in Tenth and Pine, it might be worth checking out Tenth and Pine’s initial site, as the front store of Amazon is bare at the moment.

#7 Soulflower

What are the best organic baby clothes on Amazon?-Baby wearing Soul flowers organic onesie-('Image courtesy Soul Flower.)
What are the best organic baby clothes on Amazon?-Babywearing Soul flowers organic onesie-(‘Image courtesy Soul Flower.)

Soulflower is unique with its in-home hippie style designs, and locally the U.S manufacture clothing lines for baby kids and adults.

However, Soulflower started as a small brick-and-mortar business and sold its clothing at festivals. This bohemian brand is now exclusively available online through their initial website or a front store at Amazon.


  • Locally made in the U.SA
  • Unique artwork on clothing
  • Made with G.O.T.S certified cotton


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Not locally made

If you love Boho-style clothing, definitely check out Soul Flower, which is appreciated for what they do with great Love. Make unique mindful clothing that is unique, artistic, comfy, and eco-friendly.

#8 Colored Organics

Best Organic baby clothes on Amazon-Colored Organics Unisex Baby Organic Cotton Emerson Sleeper.
Best Organic baby clothes on Amazon-Colored Organics Unisex-Baby Organic Cotton Emerson Sleeper.

Coloured organics is another brand founded in 2014 by a mum on Amanda Barthelemy’s mission. Amanda’s mission was to bring honest, ethical and adorable baby clothes to the baby wear market, and she has successfully done so.

Coloured organics adhere to the world’s leading certification for organic textiles, G.O.T.S producing baby wear that is ethically and sustainably made, minimizing eco footprints.

Colored organics is a premium brand slightly more expensive than more basic organic brands, yet, you will find unique prints and 100% organic baby clothes and luxurious quality baby clothes with unique prints and designs in line with other premium organic brands like Finn+ Emma, Monica and Andy and Tenth & Pine.


  • Made with 100% G.O.T.S certified cotton
  • Wide range of unique designs and prints
  • Beautiful colours
  • Good star rating above 4.5 out of 5


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Not made in the U.S.A

#9 Make Make Organics

Best organic baby clothes on Amazon.-Make make rainbow footie.
Make-make rainbow footie.

Make-Make organics is yet another great-rated brand that is also sold on Amazon. Make-Make organics stands for ethically made sustainable clothes, and we are sure you will soon fall in Love with their designs and adorable prints.

Make-Make organics is yet another option to shop ethically made baby clothes and is like Under the Nile, nominated as a climate pledge-friendly brand on Amazon.

However, Make-Make hasn’t received as many reviews as the more prominent brands; the reviews they get are very well rated, 4.5+ stars out of 5.

Best organic baby clothes on Amazon.-Review star rating for Make Make organic baby clothes.
Review star rating for Make-Make organic baby clothes.


  • Great reviews
  • Climate pledge-friendly brand
  • Made from certified organic cotton.


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Not made in the U.S.A

You can check out Make Make organic baby clothes underneath

#10 L’oved Baby

L’oved baby has been around for a long time and was found once upon a time by  Sharon Oved.

The very being of the brand L’oved baby all started with Sharon designing a nursing blanket for her own baby to help feed in public discretely and later own; she started making these alongside many more baby wear products the brands represent now.

All L’oved baby products are made with an ethical and eco-friendly focus and crafted from 100% certified organic cotton.


  • Well reviewed brand
  •  Love’d baby will drop Family thermals and holiday sets on October 12 2022. You can check it out here.
  • All products are made from 100% certified organic cotton.
  • Some Affordable options are available.
  • Basic yet beautiful rich deep tones coloured baby clothes.


  • Not made in the U.S.A.

For an overview of the complete collections of L’oved and free shipping over $50,- click here.

To check out, Loved baby at Amazon, click the button below…

Final thoughts for best organic brands on Amazon

Amazon has a generous selection of high-quality baby clothing that is organically certified with G.O.T.S and some options for locally made organic babywear in the U.S, such as Tenth and Pine and Soul flower.

And for more affordable options, consider checking out Lamaze at Amazon, which also offers certified organic baby bundles on Amazon, which works out quite affordable indeed.

What is your favourite organic brand on Amazon?

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