#14 brands that use Oeko-tex standard 100 fabrics for their baby clothes…

Which brands use Oeko-tex standard 100 for their baby clothes? Besides the G.O.T.S. (global organic textile standards), used for organic fabrics, Oeko-tex is another respected and popular 3rd party testing standard many brands use.

While some brands use a combination of both certifications, such as Hanna Andersson, other brands that use fabrics that are not categorised as organic, such as bamboo, can still use Oeko-tex 100 certified fabrics or certify their clothing with Oeko-tex standard 100.

Today, we would like to share 13 brands that use the Oeko-tex standard either by using Oeko-tex 100 certified fabrics or others who have realised certifying their end products with the Oeko-tex 100 standard.

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What are Oeko-tex standard 100 baby clothes?

While some brands use Oeko-tex 100 fabrics, other brands certify their end product with this respected label, which means that in that case, every thread, button and zipper is tested to be free of harmful substances for humans.

Which baby clothes use the Oeko-tex standard?

For Oeko-tex standard certification, products don’t necessarily have to be organic or natural.

Any textile product can be certified for the Oeko-tex standard 100 as long as the products are tested to be free of harmful substances for humans by the independent testing agency Oeko tex team.

Any baby clothes free from the continuously updated list of 100 harmful substances for humans can earn the Oeko-tex standard 100 certifications if the testing results are safe.

When products are tested for Oeko-tex certification, this is done very thoroughly. As a result, you can be assured that every button, zipper and threat used for the product is tested to be safe and free from harmful substances for humans.

Alternatively, some bands use Oeko-tex-certified fabrics such as Oeko-tex-certified bamboo viscose while not verifying the end product with Oeko-tex 100.

Oeko-tex vs. G.O.T.S. baby clothes?

When looking for non-toxic baby clothes free from harmful substances, you may have noticed that you most commonly find baby clothes certified with G.O.T.S.

G.O.T.S. (Global Organic Textile Standard)

G.O.T.S. is one of the most respected standards globally for organic fibres.

Many brands now use organic cotton to make baby clothes and use 100% G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton to make baby clothes.

You can find many great G.O.T.S.-certified organic baby brands online, and even on Amazon, you have a massive range of G.O.T.S.-certified organic baby brands available.

Oeko-Tex standard 100-

But also, you can find increasing baby brands using the Oeko-tex 100.

This is especially useful to find Bamboo brands that have taken extra measures to be transparent with you as a customer. Their baby clothes are safe and free of harmful substances as more people become aware of them now, but that is not automatically the case.

Where can you buy Oeko-tex standard 100 baby clothes?

Besides bedding and towels, clothing brands have started using the Oeko-tex 100. Underneath, we will share seven baby brands that use Oeko-tex-certified fabric or have baby clothes collections accredited with the Oeko-tex 100.

#1 Primary- (Slogan freestyle)

Primary was launched in 2015, so this company, with a highly sustainable focus, is still very young.

Yet, they are doing very well and have already gained lots of traction by offering durable, sustainable baby and kids’ clothing that is more affordable than most of their competitors’ sustainable babywear products.

Primary is about simplicity and making clothing from sustainable fabrics without the fuss of following fashion trends, labelling kids through colours, or screaming logos.

All Primary clothing is made with Oeko-tex 100 fabric, and selected baby clothing is made from certified organic cotton.

#2 Hanna Andersson-(Famous for their Iconic organic PJ’s)

Hanna Andersson is also a brand known for hand-me-down kids’ clothing made to last and is especially famous for its PJ collections, which are available in tons of different prints.

Hanna Andersson has ALMOST all their clothing certified with the Oeko tex standard 100. In addition to the Oeko-tex 100, Hanna Andersson uses G.O.T.S. certification for selected items and is exclusive to their Organic clothing line on Amazon Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson.

#3 P.K. beans-

The Canadian baby brand Pk Beans is a boutique that uses Oeko-tex standard 100 for baby clothes.

P.K. Bean’s playful clothes are designed out of kids’ eyes and made to last, and this Canadian boutique brand also uniquely offers preloved versions of their P.K. Bean garments for sale on their site.

P.K. Beans is doing something unique within its brands and is focused on sustainability and eco-friendly approaches to the brand.

(*edited- Unfortunately, P.K. beans have stopped trading in 2022. However, you may still find some Preloved pieces around on various platforms online…).

Which brands use Oeko-tex standard 100 for their baby clothes?-Announcement from the brand Pk beans they have now stopped trading the brand.

#4 Carters Raise the Future collection(Budget friendly)

Baby brands use Oeko-tex standard 100 fabrics for their baby clothes?- Image of two young children wearing Carters clothing.

However, you may not consider Carter’s when considering sustainable OEKO-tex baby clothes. Still, Carter’s has worked to improve their sustainable children’s clothes options. It has now launched Carter’s Raise the Future collections, where you can find its previously established organic collection, a new recycled material collection and an Oeko-tex 100 collection.

You can check out Carter’s Oeko tex kids collection underneath:

#5 Boody Baby Clothes-(Lyocell Bamboo option)

Boody was launched in 2012 in Australia, based in Sydney and is now sold in 15 countries across the globe, including America.

For those unfamiliar with this brand, Boody is a Bamboo wear brand with a highly sustainable focus.

However, Bamboo fabric can’t qualify for G.O.T.S. certification due to the required raw material processing; bamboo can apply for Oeko-tex certification.

Boody is one of the few bamboo brands that have chosen this direction with their brand.

Boody uses various standards for their brands, such as eco cert for their raw organic bamboo, but for Oeko tex, you have to check Boody per item if it is certified Oeko tex as only limited products are.

Nevertheless, Boody is one of the few genuine sustainable baby bamboo clothes brands that actively focuses on sustainability and eco-friendly approaches across its brand.

Yet, for more eco-friendlier bamboo brands that use Oeko tex, check out number 8.

#6 1212 Organics (Organic option)

1212 Organic Baby & Child

1212 may be one of the smaller brands, but it is interesting to check out if you are looking for a luxurious set of PJs for your baby or perhaps a unique gift.

Co-owner Stacey Effman uniquely draws all prints of 1212, and 1212 collections are made from one of the best quality cotton you can find in the world.

The durable 100% Pima cotton used for 1212 collections is certified with G.O.T.S., and 1212 uses the Oeko-tex 100 standard for their garments.

#7 Grace and James’ baby clothes (Classic style)

Grace and James were found in louched in 2016 by two sisters, Georgia Anne and Mary Agnes.

Grace and James’ baby clothes are handmade in Ireland and perfect if you are looking for a choice of classic design dresses such as embroiled or hand-smocked quality girl’s dresses featuring hand-painted designs and vintage patterns.

However, Grace and James’ end products are not certified with Oeko-Tex 100; we still wanted to include this unique brand as they use Oeko-tex 100 fabric for their baby collections.

#8 Bellabu Bear-(Awarded the Seal Of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association)

Bamboo Baby Clothing | Softest Family Matching Sets

Bellabu bear is yet another Bamboo brand launched by a mum due to the skin issues with her daughter when she was little.

The fabric of Bellabu Bear is certified with Oeko tex 100, and the end product is Oeko-tex tested to be safe.

Bellabu Bear is the only bamboo babywear brand awarded the Seal Of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association; it is the perfect option for any child’s baby-soft skin.

#9 Gerber (Budget-friendly option)

Gerber may not be the first brand coming to your mind when talking about the Oeko tex label; also, Gerber has an increasingly baby clothesline available that is eco-friendlier and more focussed on sustainability.

One eco-friendly and safe baby clothes option Gerber has is their Oeko tex baby clothes. Yet, you have to check per item if they are Oeko-tex certified, as you can not shop their Oeko-tex baby clothes directly, unfortunately.

#10 Tenth and Pine (Mix of GOTS organic cotton and Oektex bamboo baby clothes)

brands that use Oeko-tex standard 100 fabrics for their baby clothes.-Baby wearing Tenth and Pine outfit.

Tenth and Pine is an excellent option for sustainable shoppers looking for U.S.A.-made baby clothes.

Tenth and Pine is a gender-neutral baby clothes brand that uses G.O.T.S certification for organic cotton and Oeko tex-certified bamboo viscose to craft their pieces.

Tenth and Pine have sizes available from newborn up to 6 years of age and some adult tees options.

#11 Ettitude- (Perfect for eco-friendly basics- 100% bamboo lyocell)

Ettitude is another bamboo brand with a highly eco-friendly focus using clean bamboo, and all its products are certified with Oeko-tex.

Ettitude is not as much where you find a stack of baby clothes, but it is perfect for finding Oeko-tex products for babies’ bed and bath time, such as crib sheets, towels, bedding and/or complete baby bundles.

Soft & safe for babies: cruelty-free and hypoallergenic bamboo bed & bath essentials. under $50

#12 Loul0u Lollipop-(High-end Non-toxic baby lifestyle brand)

LouLou Lollipop started in 2015 with two original silicone Donut and Ice Cream Teethers designs, yet fast forward to today. Loulou Lollipop’s sustainable-focused products are now sold in 30+ countries.

Lou Lou Lollipop’s sweet and sustainable baby goods are made to love and last designed with durability and functionality in mind. All products are ASTM, CPSC and CPSIA compliant, and all the Muslim and Tencel fabrics they use in their collections are Oeko tex certified.

#13 OETEO-(Budget Friendly and G-tube friendly baby clothes options available)

Recently, while researching brands that make rompers and bodysuits with no buttons or zippers for their outfits, we came across Oeteo.

Oeteo primary focus is designing thoughtfully functional baby clothes; you can see this in their available collections.

Oeteo has various collections, including organic GOTS-certified and Oekotex collections.

Oeteo is also one of the available baby brands with g-tube-friendly options made of Oeko tex-certified fabric.

The Oekotex collection we share today features a set of 3 rompers with no buttons or snaps available in 20 different patterns and colour choices and crafted from 100% cotton that is Oekotex certified.

The collection is well-reviewed, with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and is conveniently available from Amazon.

You can Check out Oeteo bodysuits below.

#14 Zipease

Baby brands use Oeko-tex standard 100 fabrics for their baby clothes.-Image of 3 Zipease rompers.
Baby brands use Oeko-tex standard 100 fabrics for their baby clothes.-Image of 3 Zipease rompers.

Zipease newest Oeko tex certified Bamboo Lyocell line was launched in February 2023,

We recently came across the exciting and promising brand Zipease, a unique baby brand with a zipper that opens from an ankle-to-ankle zipper designed to simplify diaper changes.

Zipease wants to improve the sustainability of its brand with a more eco-friendly line, which was recently launched in February 2023.

The new line will feature baby clothes made of Oeko tex-certified Bamboo lyocell, which is closed-looped and more eco-friendly than regular bamboo used for baby clothes.


You can check Zipease’s clothing underneath (including a g-tube line).

Final thoughts for Oeko Tex standard 100 baby clothes?

The Oeko-tex standard 100 baby clothes are perhaps not as commonly used for baby clothes as the G.O.T.S. certifications, yet you likely will see this standard more commonly.

Oeko-tex 100 is an excellent label, and it is an easy way to recognise household products and clothing that are safe and free of harmful substances for humans.

While some brands use Oeko-tex 100 only for the fabric and selected collections, other brands have their end products certified with Oeko-Tex 100, meaning the threads, buttons and zippers used for the clothing are also checked to be free of anything harmful to humans.

What is your favourite baby brand that uses the Oeko-tex 100 standard?

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