Are Gerber Baby Clothes Good Quality?-(Eco-friendly?)

Gerber is famous for its baby food, but its baby clothes collections also have quite a bit of name recognition. Yet, their clothing receives a lot of mixed reviews.

Yet, did you know that even rental services like Upchoose use Gerber’s organic baby clothes as one of their organic baby clothes options to rent?

Yet, at the same time, many families wonder if Gerber baby clothes are good quality and worth buying.

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Are Gerber baby clothes good quality?

The main reason most people buy Gerber baby clothes is, more than anything, the affordable price tags for considerably reasonable quality baby clothing, including organic options.

Gerber quality and size accuracy is not overly highly reviewed by most families who have used Gerber Baby clothes.

Do Gerber baby clothes run small?

However, Gerber baby clothes suppose to be stretchy; the majority of families who have used or purchased Gerber’s baby clothes agree that the pieces look tiny, and mums who have purchased Gerber baby clothes agree they are unsure how to fit their babies in the recommended sizes.

Especially compared to Carter sizing, Gerber is reviewed as tiny and unsuitable design for babies with a long torso’.

Are Gerber baby clothes eco-friendly?

However, Gerber makes various efforts to improve its social responsibility, such as its membership with better cotton and its goal to have 100% recyclable packaging and eliminate P.V.C. in packaging by 2025, Gerber is still not always the most accessible brand to find eco-friendly baby clothes.

Yes, they have improved with some of the communication about their sustainable journey, which is helpful for sustainable shoppers.

Still, the information given remains limited across the Gerber brands, making it tricky to determine which Gerber baby clothes Gerber is 100% organic or Oeko tex certified and more eco-friendly.

Like this Gerber video below, it would be helpful for sustainable shoppers if Gerber shared more transparent information about their eco-friendlier collections providing information about certifications or the dyes used in their clothing, right?

Are all Gerber Baby clothes organic?

No, not at all.

However, not all Gerber baby clothes are organic; Gerber has an Organic collection of essentials for boys and girls and a unisex collection.

Also, when shopping for Geber organic clothing, you will have to check per item if they are made with 100% organic cotton (If this is what you are chasing).

Gerber also sells organic clothing made of cotton with organic fibres, different from 100% organic. So it pretty much means you don’t know how much of the cotton is organic in that particular outfit.

This confusing labelling can make it pretty confusing to buy Organic baby clothes from Gerber. You need to read the product details carefully to learn about each item and what you buy.

Check out the screenshot below to learn how descriptions can be confusingly worded.

Are Gerber baby clothes good?- Screenshot of Gerber baby clothes description stating 100 % organic with organic fibers.

You see how it states 100% cotton with organic fibres, which is different from Gerber following product out of the organic collection with the description you see underneath.

So if you want to buy Gerber organic baby clothes, check for the product description mentioning 100% organic cotton if you wish the baby clothes to be made from 100% organic cotton.

Also, remember that Gerber baby clothes do not appear to be certified with G.O.T.S., the most respected label for organic baby clothes around the globe.

And however, your choice may be limited; you still have a choice for some affordable organic baby clothes that are certified with G.O.T.S. as well.

Does Gerber have Oeko tex certified baby Clothes?

Yes, like several other brands in the U.S., also Gerber has a selection of Oeko tex certified baby clothes.

Yet, shopping for Gerber Oeko tex baby clothes is not overly user-friendly as you can not shop specifically for these certified items but have to check per clothing item if they are Oeko tex certified.

Does Gerber have any other sustainable focussed baby clotheslines?

Besides their organic and Oeko tex baby clothes collections, Gerber has also introduced a baby clothesline named our softest edit. as an eco-friendlier baby clothes option.

This newest clothing line of Gerber is sustainably produced with environmentally-friendly viscose, which is a nature-based fibre made predominantly from
eucalyptus blended with spandex.

The collection made from Livaeco by Birla Cellulose includes rompers, twirl dresses, footed P.J.s, hairbands and pajama sets.

Final thoughts about Gerber baby clothes

Like major baby clothes seller Carters, Gerber appears to start focusing on sustainable baby clothes catering with a few more eco-friendlier choices, yet read labels carefully to know what you buy.

Yet overall, for many, Gerber is a go-to for cheap pricing, and thus far, their baby clothes reviews are mixed in regards to quality, and many agree that their clothing runs small and is thinner than Carter’s quality.

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