Are Ecoriginals the best eco nappies in Australia?

You may have arrived on this page because you are considering eco nappies for your newborn, baby or toddler. Perhaps you are researching if Ecoriginals are considered the best Eco nappies in Australia?

Ecoriginals claim to have the greenest, most biodegradable nappy worldwide.

Is it true?

Is Ecoriginals the best Eco nappies in Australia?

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Is Ecoriginals the best Eco Nappies in Australia?

Alongside a few others, Ecoriginals belongs to one of the leading eco nappies brands in Australia with their eco-friendlier nappies made from 90% of planet based materials.

Ecoriginals goal is to create 100% biodigradable nappies by 2023.

Are Ecoriginals Compostable?

As mentioned, Ecorignals is one of Australia’s leading eco-nappy brands, with a high percentage of 90% biodegradable ingredients used to make their eco-nappies. Yet, unfortunately, they are neither compostable nor home compostable, like their 100% biodegradable wipes are made from 100% soft bamboo, organic aloe vera and other plant-based ingredients.

To produce a compostable nappy in Australia, the nappy must meet the Australian Standard 4736-2006 (certified for Industrial composting). In addition, Australian Standard AS 5810-2010 has to be completed to certify for home composting.

However, Ecoriginals now have achieved using compostable packaging for their eco nappies, suitable for home composting; their nappies are not compostable at this stage.

Yet, Ecorignals is well on its way to successfully meeting its goals to make 100% biodegradable nappies by 2023, with their current nappy being created from 90% biodegradable materials.

How to dispose of Ecoriginal nappies?

So, what to do with a highly biodegradable nappy that is not compostable?

Ecorignals claim their nappies can break down almost entirely within approximately three months. Yet, it is essential to dispose of the nappies correctly.

To compose correctly, you can use the Cornstarch bags( sold by Ecorignals) to wrap the used nappy in to dispose of.

Or you can use the nappy packaging or a newspaper to wrap the nappy in, ready for disposal.

Ecoriginals degradation testing shows that 93% of their nappy had completed biodegrading within three months.

Is any Nappy in Australia compostable?

Did you know Australia has one brand that has created a disposable compostable nappy?

You may not have seen them advertised as much as some of the other eco brands, but the brand name of the Australian eco nappy brand that is certified compostable is Eenee.

Unfortunately, there are still many challenges to concur regarding disposing of compostable nappies by commercial composters. There are few options to access commercial composters to dispose of these compostable nappies at this stage.

Also, they are not suitable for home composting and are costly.

Despite these facts, Eenee is the only compostable nappy in Australia at this stage, and this biodegradable nappy might be the nappy you were looking for.

Final thoughts for Ecoriginal Eco nappies?

However, Ecoriginals are not certified at this stage with an eco-label; they work with Australian scientific organisations like the CSIRO(Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

Ecoriginals is one of the leading eco-nappy brands in Australia. They excel in transparent communication with their audience. Besides sharing their most vital key points, they are open to sharing lots of details on their site and social media on points they are still working on improving themselves.

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Which eco nappies are your favourites?

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