The 6 BEST Organic Cotton Baby Clothes BRANDS in the U.S that use GOTS cotton.

If you are looking for the best organic cotton baby clothes brands in the U.S., you have arrived on the right page.

Today, we will share 6 of the best organic babywear brands in the U.S. that make the most luxurious baby clothes that all use G.O.T.S certified organic cotton.

(We will update this post and add additional brands moving forward, so keep checking back regularly)

Tip- Check no 2 and 3 for Fairtrade brands and

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What are the Best Organic baby clothes brands in the U.S

It can honestly be hard to determine whether organic baby clothes are genuinely organic. The number of brands offering organic cotton baby clothes now is astronomical.

Besides finding cute prints and garments in a style and price that suit your lifestyle, the following tips may help determine whether baby clothes are organic.

Things you like to LOOK FOR include:

  1. Certified organic with G.O.T.S
  2. Clear and extended information about the brand and products.

The six organic cotton baby clothes we have selected today meet the abovementioned standards and are all G.O.T.S certified and genuine organic.

The prints and design are unique for each brand, and these brands have some of the highest-quality organic baby clohtes in the U.S.

6 Best Organic cotton baby clothes brands in the U.S with GOTS

#1 Finn + Emma

Finn + Emma
Product:G.O.T.S-Global Organic Textile standard
Sizes:Baby clothes
Baby Gear
Baby toys
Baby gifts set
Organic Percentage:100% Organic cotton
Certifications:*Sibling matching opportunities with t-shirt sizing and pj’s up to size 5
*Gorgeous organic, ethically handmade baby swings for great pricing
*Unique organic baby toys
*Great place to select unique baby shower gifts.
Location:U.S. brand, but offering international shipping
Uniqueness:*Sibling matching opportunities with t-shirt sizing and pj’s up to size 5
*Gorgeous organic, ethically handmade baby swings for great pricing
*Unique, organic baby toys
*Great place to select unique baby shower gifts.

Finn + Emma is an exclusive certified organic brand founded by Anna Schwengle.

She created this brand to bring classic yet modern, high-quality organic baby clothes to families.

Finn + Emma’s passion for ethically made baby clothes shines through in everything they do.

So it is no wonder many parents and carers love the buttery soft garments displaying bold colours and unique prints and graphics.

Still, their sustainable play gyms, rockers and baby toys are unique and worth checking out if you are after some of the best organic baby stuff.

#2 Under the Nile

Best organic cotton baby clothes in the U.S-Under the Nile organic footie.
-Under the Nile organic footie.

Under the Nile was founded by Janice Masoud in 1997 and had impressive certifications.

They are a certified fair trade brand and the only baby brand globally certified with goldenseal using 100% authentic Egyptian cotton for their products.

However, we love all these organic baby brands. We must say that Under the Nile has to be the most impressive high-end baby clothes brand we have come across, and Janice Maasoud has created something special.

Under the Nile
Location:U.S. brand offers international shipping to Australia, Hong Kong, India, the United Kingdom and Canada. (keep in mind extra taxes, though)
Certifications:*G.o.t.s (Global organic textile standards)
*Gold seal (100% Authentic Egyptian cotton)
*U.S.D.A. (The cotton Under the Nile use is certified by the National Organic Program (N.O.P.), which the U.S.D.A. strictly regulates)
*Fairtrade certificate
Products:*Baby clothes
*Toddler clothes
*Gift sets
*Home goods
*And much more
Sizes:0-24 months
Two up to 7 years
Uniqueness:*Made with biodynamic cotton (one step up from organic cotton)
*All products are made at a fair trade certified facility
*Climate pledge friendly

Under the Nile could be the perfect place to find a unique luxury baby shower gift, but also your go-to for the purest organic cotton baby biodynamic clothes.

#3 Make Make Organics

Makemake Organics
Location:The U.S.
Certifications:G.O.T.S. (Global Organic Textile Standard)
Fair Trade
Products:*Recognized for the softness of their organic cotton in great reviews.
*Super cute prints are also available in affordable-priced newborn bundles.
*Climate Pledge friendly
* Fairtrade certified.
Sizes:0-24 months
Percentage Organic:100% certified organic
Uniqueness:*Recognized for the softness of their organic cotton in great reviews.
*Super cute prints are also available in affordable price newborn bundles.
*Climate Pledge friendly
* Fairtrade certified.

However, this relatively unknown U.S. brand might not be as well known as some other organic brands; this does not always have to be wrong and can even have great benefits.

However, this is not always the case; quality is sometimes compromised if businesses grow too big. Therefore, buying from smaller companies can have positive outcomes for buying more consistent quality.

However, there are few reviews yet. Customers’ thoughts are 95% five stars, and they all rave about the quality and softness of Makemake’s organic baby clothing.

We are in love with the beautiful fresh prints of Makemake’s outfits, and if you check out this brand, look for the newborn bundles, as they have an excellent selection for relatively attractive pricing.

Have you tried out Makemake Organics yet?

#4 Colored Organics

Brand:Colored Organics
Sizes:From Newborn up to six years of age
ProductsBaby and kids’ clothes
Baby Toys
CertificationsUsus G.O.T.S certified cotton
Uniqueness:Comfortable but minimal
Beautiful colour choices
Greatly reviewed brand

Colored Organics was founded by mum Amanda, who also made it her mission to bring honest, sustainable clothing that would be adorable to the market.

Amanda did create all that, and covering organic is much in line with Monica + Andy and Finn, + Emma and a great option to check out if you are looking for some of the best organic baby clothes in the U.S.

#5 Monica + Andy

Brand:Monica + Andy
Certifications:Uses G.O.T.S certified cotton
Products:Baby and kids’ clothes
Gift sets
Nursery essentials
Baby Toys
Classes and Events
SizesBaby, Toddler, Kids
Uniqueness:Cutest prints
Well reviewed brand
Guide shops
Organize Events and classes

Monica and Andy is another brand founded by a mum looking for the best, softest clothing.

Monica Royer, the founder of Monica + Andy, decided to make it her mission to bring soft, sustainable baby clohtes to the market that are adorable. This brand is unique in the services it offers.

Monica + Andy are doing well with their premium organic brands using cute prints and G.O.T.S certified cotton. Yet, they also uniquely organize events and classes within their brands, covering various topics.

Monica + Andy has four guide shops where you can view their collection on appointment and some locations as a walk-in.

Are you interested in checking out the unique services and products of Monica + Andy’s collection?

You can view their limited edition baby clothes collection and services on their site using the green button below.

#6 Pip Pea Pop

Brand:Pip Pea Pop
Certifications:Uses G.O.T.S Certified Organic Pima cotton
Products:Unique bodysuits with attachable bibs

SizesBaby, Toddler, Kids
Uniqueness:Organic Pima Cotton
Personalise option
Unique design bodysuits

While Under the Nile is the only one that crafts its baby clothes from authentic Egyptian cotton, Pip Pea Pop is the only one in our review that uses organic Pima cotton.

Another unique touch to their products is the option to personalize products with an embroidery name for a small additional fee, making the perfect gift.

Pip Pea Pop is all about their unique design baby bodysuit that you attach on. Pip Pea Pop is G.O.T.S certified and uniquely made from the best Pima cotton.

Pip Pea Pop has high sustainable ambitions to become the most eco-friendly baby brand.

Pip Pea Pop is a gender-neutral brand. It is not your go-to brand for the most affordable organic baby clothes, yet it is an excellent option for families with a larger budget.

Conclusion for the best organic cotton baby clothes?

It is always good to research brands and check for independent certifications to find genuinely organic products when selecting organic products.

When you have the budget, you can choose from tons of cute prints and styles with options from some of the best organic baby clothes and some of the most luxurious cotton, such as Egyptian cotton or organic Pima cotton, used by only a handful of brands.

Still, if you are looking for the best budget-friendly organic cotton baby clothes options, check out our review for the best budget-friendly organic baby clothes or perhaps the popular trend of renting certified organic baby clothes that fit perfectly in your family’s lifestyle.

We will keep editing and changing this list of the best organic cotton baby clothes to stay relevant and up to date, so keep checking this page to find new sustainable brands.

What is your favourite organic baby brand?


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