What’re 5 of the Best Organic Top infant toys in the U.S.?

Over the last decade, the benefits of an organic environment for babies and families have come to the attention of many individuals. Sustainable lifestyle trends keep aging in popularity, and many modern families are looking for the best organic infant toys, clothing and nursery gear and food not only in the U.S but in many countries around the globe.

Today we like to chat about some of the best organic baby toys in the U.S and share 5 G.O.T.S certified baby toy options with you that are safe for your baby’s environment.

Top Infant toys-Organic toy basket filled with organic soft toys.
Top Infant toys-Organic toy basket filled with organic soft toys.

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What are the best Organic Top Infant toys in the U.S?

To select Safe organic toys for your infant, it is most trustworthy to choose toys certified with an independent standard such as G.O.T.S. In addition, you will find that products of smaller certified retailers are quirky and unique, making the best gifts keepsakes. They are also socially responsibly made and tested to be safe in your baby’s environment, providing you with peace of mind.

Let’s check five unique, organic top infant toys from Finn + Emma that are all certified organic with G.O.T.S underneath…

#1- Rattle buddy Ramsay

Top Infant Toy-Organic rattle buddy Ramsay the raccoon.
Top Infant Toy-Organic rattles buddy Ramsay, the raccoon.
Product:Organic Rattle buddy
Availability:U.S region
Quality:G.O.T.S organic
Special features:phthalate-free rattle inside
Ethical standards:Ethically made
Environmental standards:Eco-friendly dyes
Designs:Seven different designs are available.
Size:8″ tall
Free of chemicals:?Non-Toxic
Product details Organic rattle buddy.

#2– Two piece Stroller toys

Top infant toys-2 pc stroller toys
Top infant toys-2 pc stroller toys
Product:Two pc stroller toys
Location:U.S region
Toy 1:Organic Knitted toys
Toy 2:Wood toy
Features:100% Non-toxic
Environmental standards:Eco-friendly dyes & wax
Ethical standards:Ethically made in Peru & India
Material toy 1:G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton yarn
Material toy 2:untreated Indian hardwood
Options:These stroller toys can also be attached to the organic play gym.
Product details two pc stroller toys.

#3- All in one macrame toy

Top Infant toys-All in one macramé toy.
Top Infant toys-All in one macramé toy.
Product:All in one Macramé toy
Location:Available for the U.S region
Usability:Perfect to be clipped onto car seats, high chairs, strollers or the available Play Gyms
choices:6 Different designs
Manufacturing:Hand-knotted by artisans in India
Material:organic cotton rope smooth wood beats
Entertainment:The textures offer excellent tactile sensations
Quality:Non-toxic and 100% organic
Special mention:This gorgeous toy makes the perfect grab toy.
Stock:(4 designs are currently out of stock)
Product details are all in one Macramé toy.

#4Top infant toy- Baby Pacifier Holder with a hand-knitted soft toy.

Top infant toys-Baby Pacifier holder with hand knitted toys.
Top infant toys-Baby Pacifier holder with hand-knitted toys.
Product:Baby Pacifier holder with a hand-knitted soft toy
Availability:U.S region
Quality:100% organic, G.O.T.S certified
Ethical standards:Ethically made
Product choice:3 different designs: 1. Mermaid, 2. Sparrow, 3. Elephant
Clip:Non-toxic clip
DyesEco-friendly dyes
MetalsLead and nickel free
Manufacturing:Handmade in Peru
Product details baby pacifier holder with a soft toy.

#5Top Infant toy-Wooden stroller toys

Top infant toys-Non-toxic stroller toys.
Top infant toys-Non-toxic stroller toys.
Product:Wooden stroller toy
Availability:U.S region
Material:Untreated Indian hardwood
Finishing layer:Vegetable seed wax
Other Features:Non-toxic
Ethical standards:Ethically made in India
Usability:Suitable to attach to a ‘Play Gym.’
Environmental standards:Eco-Friendly
Available choices:8 different designs
Product details wooden stroller toys.

Wrap up for organic options and top infant toys

When purchasing toys for your infant, it is advisable to be critical. However, you would expect all toys to meet high safety standards and be safe; unfortunately, this is not necessarily true.

Luckily, cute, eco-friendly, organic toys are typically non-toxic and great options to categorize as top infant toys as long as you stick to certified organic toys.

However, sustainable, non-toxic toys maybe are a little more expensive than regular ones; it is still priceless to know that your baby’s toys are free of harmful substances, and potentially their little companies your pick might be their little buddies for many years to come.

You also directly improve another person’s life when purchasing a G.O.T.S certified product, as all workers are paid a fair, livable wage with these G.O.T.S global standards. Win-Win!

Lastly, Eco-friendly baby toys make unique baby shower gifts and are available combined with organic garments in giftsets. Many families will appreciate such gifts as sustainable lifestyle trends are popular amongst many families.

Did you know you can add your favourite organic items to some universal baby registries?

What are your favourite organic infant toys?


Organic top infant toy









  • 100% Organic
  • Ethically made product
  • Eco-friendly product


  • Slightly expensive
  • Not Locally made

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