Is Renting Organic Baby Clothes worth it?

Is Renting Baby Clothes worth it if you are interested in dressing your baby in organic baby clothes?

With the ongoing sustainable lifestyle trends and the firm prices of some premium organic brands, you can now more easily get your hands on organic baby outfits through various brands and services and renting organic baby clothes is one of these options depending on where you are residing.

You wonder, though, is renting Organic baby clothes worth it?

Is renting oranic baby clothes worth it?

Rental baby clothes services have excellent opportunities for families that follow a minimalistic lifestyle and prefer to avoid collecting the clutter of outgrown baby clothes as you can send the outgrown clothing back when outgrown. Renting baby clothes can also be interesting for families that like to use premium organic baby clothes for their little ones without breaking their bank account purchasing a complete wardrobe of premium organics.

Why renting baby clothes is worth it?

Renting baby clothing can give you great opportunities to be a sustainable consumer, as consuming less is one of the most effective strategies to be more sustainable.

But not alone does rental baby clothes gives you opportunities to be a sustainable shopper; it can also work out a lot more affordable than purchasing all organic baby clothes new.

Especially when you consider organic premium brands like Under the Nile, Finn+Emma, Make Make or Jazzy Organics that could easily add up when you plan to invest in an entire organic wardrobe for your baby.

For who can renting baby clothes be worth it?

1. The Minimalist!

When you are lucky enough to reside in a location where you can access sustainable services and rent organic baby clothes, it makes a perfect match with families who follow a sustainable minimalistic lifestyle.


Because of multiple reasons but to call a few:

  • No Clutter of outgrown baby clothes
  • More envrironmental friendly
  • Consuming less
  • Likely the most sustainable choice to dress your baby.

2. Families who aim to consume less.

However, there are many strategies to make more sustainable lifestyle choices; the fact is that consuming less is one of the most effective strategies.

Yes, one and one is two and yes, renting baby clohtes is a significant contribution to consuming less and avoiding good quality clothes to end up in landfills while it still has plenty of use left in it.


Well, your choice can be a decisive contribution that helps grow the community of families that support rental baby clothes services to continue to grow their sustainable goals.

Choosing to rent instead of buying help to:

  • Using less
  • Reuce manufactering for new baby clothes
  • Less strain on the enviroment.

3. Families that look for budget friendly options.

Except for a handful of cheaper certified organic brands, you may have noticed that most certified organic brands don’t come overly cheap.

Renting baby clothes can give you great opportunities to access 100% organic baby clothes that can be expensive per new item.

  • Save money
  • Acess premium organic brands for affordable pricing

Additionally, you could consider checking out cheaper organic brands that sell their organic in bundles but are still certified organic and genuine.

What companies have organic baby clothes services in the U.S?

If you reside in the U.S, you are fortunate to have access to Upchoose with excellent services with great reviews and excited and happy parents who are already on board this community.

Lately, we have also noticed lots of advertising from another baby clothes rental service called ‘Rent a romper’.

This company was founded by Lauren Gregor, who also stocks organic brands, but please note that Rent a Romper is not exclusively organic.

Hence, upon request, Rent a Romper can accommodate families lifestyle preferences by providing organic brands like coloured organics,

Final thoughts for renting baby clothes

Renting organic baby clohtes is trendy and for a good reason. However, when you think about it, it makes sense that you would instead rent items you used for such a short period, such as baby clothes.

Especially with organic cotton, as it is durable, it is perfectly suitable for multiple babies while remaining in excellent condition.

At the same time, it allows you as a customer to be more sustainable consumers.

The rental baby clothes trends are innovative and perfectly accommodate families following a minimalistic lifestyle. They aim to make sustainable choices for their families by consuming less in their day-to-day lives.

Is renting baby clothes something you would consider for your own family?

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