What baby girl boutique clothing in Australia is ethically made?

When you search for Australian boutique baby girl clothes that are unique, fun, colourful, high in quality but ethically made, you have arrived on the right page.

While more families have become aware of unethical practices happening in the fashion industry, more innovative brands have started creating ethically made fashion. Including baby boutique clothing brands appreciated by many families following a more sustainable lifestyle.

If you are looking for ethically made boutique baby clothes, today’s post may be of your interest…

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What baby girl boutique clothing in Australia is ethically made?

Today, we love to share details about the Australian girl fashion brand Oobi, designed by Alexandra Riggs. They could be worth checking out if you are looking for ethical boutique baby clothes brands for girls aged newborn till age 10.


The Australian girls clothing brand Oobi have received multiple awards in response to their ethical practices..

Some of these titles Oobie received include the Best Ethical Clothing Retailer award by magazine Lux, a nomination by the Green Product Award and City of Sydney Business of the Year.

Aswell Oobi is rated ‘good’ by the watchdog company good on you followed by various other protocols that make Oobi an ethical children clothes choice.

What makes Oobi a ethical clothing brand, what are they doing better?

Oobi could be an interesting choice if you search for high en unique girls clothes that are ethically made for multiple reasons…

Low toxic dyes-The colourful designs of Oobi’s brands have a strong sense of identity, which you can recognise by bright colours and unique, playful designs many kids would be ecstatic about dressing up in. The best part is that Oobi only uses low toxic dyes to make their pretty clothes colourful, one of the many aspects that make Oobi an ethical kids clothing brand.

Did you know that Oobi even used vegetable dye for some of their designs’?

Use of Organic cotton– However, Oobi is not exclusively organic. Only the garments made with organic cotton are organic; all organic cotton used instead of conventional cotton is beneficial for the environment.

Oobie aims to keep increasing the percentage of organic cotton used for their collections in the future.

Organic cotton is great news for their environment as the growing organic cotton put less strain on the environment using no harmful toxins and needs a significantly lower amount of water to grow.

Support of Charities-Oobie is very passionate about the many charities they support or have collaborated with.

Some of the Charities Oobi make donations to include Pretty foundation who empower young girls to develop positive body images, good 360 who provide vital products to charities nationwide and Global Sisters who help disadvantaged women to become financially independent through self-employment.

The designer team designs ethically made-Oobi boutique girls clothes in Sydney but ethically manufactured by artisan women in  India, Bangladesh and China.

Oobie feels proud to work with women who keep traditional hand screen printing techniques alive through the crafting process of Oobie clothes, and Oobie only works with factories that are audited with Smeta.

Smeta covers various ethical standards that are protected, such as eliminating child labour, paying fair, livable wages, and reasonable length of working days that include sufficient lunch breaks.

The use of Sea freight– Oobie uses sea freight to bring their goods into Australia, avoiding air freight.

Minimising the use of paper-Oobi runs a paper-free office.

Finals thoughts for baby girl boutique clothing that is ethically made…

Oobi ticks all boxes when it comes to sustainable, ethically made boutique clothes for kids, as long as you are not after boy outfits, and this brand is exclusively designed for girl designs from the ages of newborn till the age of 12.

However, Oobi is an Australian brand, and designing happens in Sydney; the crafting is done abroad by the skilled hands of Artisan women from age 20 and over at Smeta audited factories ensuring ethical standards are maintained.

Oobi’s passion for making a difference with its fun, colourful garments shines through everything they do and all the charities they support. So the many recognitions they receive for their work are not surprising and well deserved.

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