Are organic baby clothes worth it considering the price?

You may have noticed the hype around organic baby clothes. Perhaps you consider purchasing organic baby clothes yourself for your newborn and wonder if it’s worth considering the higher price point as mainstream baby clohtes?

Yes, we get it.

However, Organic baby clothes may not be as expensive as dressing your baby in Burberry or Gucci or Dolce Gabbana at $1000 an outfit. Still, some organic brands carry firm price tags.

Today we like to reach out to you and chat about organic clothes and why they may be worth considering for you and your baby. We also want to share some ideas to find genuine organic baby clothes working with a smaller budget.

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Are organic baby clothes worth it?

Yes!! Organic baby clothes are worth considering as they have beneficial values on many different levels. Both the environment and your baby can benefit from your organic garments. Some brands may be a tad more expensive, but they do have additional values, such as the use of biodynamic cotton or locally manufactured in the U.S.A. But if the expense is a reason that holds you back from choosing organic clothing, rest assured that dressing your baby organically doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Plenty of opportunities is out there to access affordable organic baby clothes.

Why are organic baby clothes worth it?

There are many benefits of organic baby clothes for both the environment and your baby.

Even though Organic farmers still can use a few products to protect their crops, the list is restricted compared to the products farmers that grow can use conventional cotton.

Did you know some farms are 100% self sustainable and work without the use of any extranal prdocuts to protect or fertilise their crops?

However, self-sustainable farming is even rarer than organic farming; it can be done with hard work. Perhaps you are familiar with this style of agriculture that is recognized as biodynamic farming.

iI you are after organic Baby clothes made from the purest cotton available on the market, you may like to consider baby clothes made from cotton grown on a biodynamic farm.

Why is conventional cotton a risk for the enviroment?


As you may know, many chemcials are used to grow cotton which is fibre often used to make baby clothes. Some chemcials that are used are a concern for the enviroment as the washed down toxins run into the soil and will polute the enviromoent and local waters.

Also, the farmers working on these conventional cotton farms are at risk with frequent exposure to these harmful toxins and often, workers wear not adequate protection.

Also, toxins dyes are often used to manufacture many mainstream baby clothes brands that end up in wastewater and the local environment,t contributing to more pollution.

Why can non-organic baby clothes be a concern for babies?

As you may know, a babies skin is diffrent than a adults skin and super sensitive and absorbive and staying away from any harmful chemicals is hihgly beneficial.
The high amount of toxins that are used during the grow of conventional cotton can stay present in cute outfits you buy in the shop.
Harmful substances such as the ones used during the grow of conventional cotton are linked on mulitple health concerns but also skin irritations is very common in babies.
If you are choosing for baby clothes that are made of organically grown cottton you can mimiize the chances you babies skin react to thefabric and using organic or biodyanmic cotton is one great way to mimize toxins your babies enviroment and especially not to come in direct contact with our babies skin..
(Nevertless, make sure you look for certified organic clothes to ensure baby clothes you buy are genuine organic).

How to access organic baby clothes at a lower price point?

Are organic baby clothes worth it?-A hand that hold a coin above a piggy bank.
Are organic baby clothes worth it?-A hand that holds a coin above a piggy bank.

1. Buying organic baby clothes bundles

While once upon a time maybe dressing your baby was slightly boring only dull colours available, this is no longer the case, and no reason to hold you back from choosing organic.

There are now many different style brands that offer trendy organic clothing with many different colours.

You may have noticed that multiple brands sell genuine certified organic baby clothes at a lower price. As Lamaze, Burt’s Bees or Little Planet sell basic organic baby clothes sets per bundle, which can help tremendously make organic baby clothes more affordable.

2. Check out Pre-loved organic baby clothes

Additionally, you could consider gentle used organic baby clothes from platforms like Kidizen.

Here, you can find brands like Hanna Andersson( not all garments g.o.t.s certified), Tenth and Pine (exclusively organic and made in the U.S.A), and brands like Make Make Organics, Under the Nile, loved baby. Kate Quinn is just a few organic brands that can be worth checking out at Kidizen.

3. Renting baby clothes

Suppose you have not heard of this trend before. In that case, it might sound odd at first, but renting premium organic baby clothes makes so much sense when you start thinking and realize the price point of premium organic clothing and the short period babies can wear a size before he has outgrown their outfits.

Renting baby clothes by companies like Upchoose or Rent a romper could be interesting to access organics and is perfect for families who follow a minimalistic lifestyle as you send back clothing that is too small instead of starting to collect clutter.

Final thoughts

Considering organic baby clothes for your babe is worth it. However, suppose you have a smaller budget to work with. In that case, you can still access premium organic brands like Tenth and Pine, Under the Nile or Finn + Emma through popular rental services or using shopping platforms where you can find gently used organics.

Also, more affordable options are brands that sell organic baby clothes bundles are a great option.

Just remember to check for certified organic brands. Hence, you know that the garments that come in contact with your babies skin are free from harmful substances and have ethical and environmental benefits making it worth it.

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