What’re Gerber Baby Clothes?-{Is Gerber’s organic collection worth it}?

What’re Gerber baby clothes?

What're Gerber baby clothes?-Baby wearing brown bodysuit and white socks.
What’re Gerber baby clothes?-Babywearing brown bodysuit and white socks.

Gerber was initially launched as a major U.S based company selling baby food; they also own Gerber childrenswear which is a well-known apparel line for babies and toddlers. The garments have very affordable pricing, especially organic baby collections drawing a lot of attention during the ongoing sustainable lifestyle trends.

If you consider Gerber for organic baby clothes, you may like to keep reading to learn a little more about this brand. Today we like to share some details about Gerber’s organic baby clothes as, in our experience, the sustainable value of this collection can come across as quite confusing.

What’re Gerber Baby clothes?

Gerber’s leading childrenswear is based in the U.S and includes a wide variety of clothing sold through their website, Amazon and various other retailers.

Gerber’s childrenswear collection includes garments for babies and toddler boys and girls up to size 5. They also have a unisex collection available, which is an increasing preferred dressing style amongst many families.

You will find a wide variety of clothing in Gerber’s baby and toddlers collection, including swimmers, newborn gifts sets, sleepwear and of course, plenty of different designs of baby onesies, which were trademarked by Gerber’s in 1982.

Are Gerber’s baby clothes Organic?

Over the last few years, dressing babies organically have gradually become one of the more popular choices amongst families in the U.s and many other countries globally.

In response to the popularity of these lifestyle trends, you may have noticed that many non-organic brands like Gerber have launched organic baby clothes besides their regular collection as well and often for much lower prices than exclusive organic brands sell their items.

What're Gerber Baby clothes?-Pregnant women with dog beside her looking at a baby outfit.
What’re Gerber Baby clothes? Pregnant woman with a dog beside her looking at a baby outfit.

When you have checked out Gerber’s organic baby clothes before, you are probably aware of the low pricing for their organic baby clothes.

You may wonder how it is possible that brands like Gerber can offer organic baby clothes for such bargain prices as most organic baby clothes don’t come cheap.

How can you know these cheaper items are actually organic?

Certifications in organic baby clothes?

It can be truly challenging to determine if products labelled ‘organic‘ or ‘eco-friendly’ really are what they claim to be.

Especially when it comes to the cheaper choices, it is unfortunately not uncommon that misleading marketing makes it really hard to determine genuine products from smart marketing or more commonly named ‘green washing’.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for the best eco-friendly diaper/nappy or looking for genuine organic baby clothes. Looking for certified products with high accredited independent labels is key to eliminating the risk of buying products that are taking shortcuts.

Are Gerber’s Organic cotton baby clothes worth it?

What're Geber baby clothes-Branch of white cotton.
What’re Geber baby clothes-Branch of white cotton.

Gerber’s organic cotton baby clothes have impressive low pricing, and they could be very interesting for families looking to dress their baby organically with a smaller budget.

You wonder, though, Are Gerber’s organic baby clothes worth it?

In our opinion, there are three areas we like to clarify the sustainable value of Gerber’s organic cotton baby clothes.

The following list points to keep in mind with Gerber’s organic baby clothes’:

  1. Inconsistency of product labelling organic baby clothes.
  2. Lack of information of the organic certification Gerber refers to.
  3. Oeko-Tex is not an organic certification.

#1 Inconsistency-

We found that there is inconsistency in the product details of Gerber’s baby clothes, which is very confusing. For example, while some ‘organic’ clothing mentions they are certified with Oeko-Tex, others don’t describe they are made from 100% certified organic cotton( The next lot we are checking out is made from ‘cotton with organic fibres’.

#2 Lack of evidence for organic certifications

However, we have seen claims online that Gerber organic baby clothes are 100% certified organic; we have not detected which label their organic garments are certified.

We presume that Gerber refers to the claim they make utilizing U.S.D.Certified cotton in their organic baby clothes. But even though Gerber utilizes USDA cotton in their products, that doesn’t mean the end product is certified with U.S.D.A. (We have sent two emails to Gerber to ask clarification about their organic certification, but we haven’t heard back up to this stage yet).

#3- Oeko tex certification-

Let’s state clearly that Oeko-tex is a great label that tests fabrics to be free of harmful substances for humans. Still, organic and non-organic textiles can qualify to use as this label is not on organic certification.

However, Gerber mentions that they utilize Oeko-tex 100 certification on products; it doesn’t specify which products are certified with Oeko-tex. If you check out the organic baby clothes, only some of the garments mention the Oeko tex certification.

Wrap up on what’re Gerber Baby clothes?

What're Gerber Baby clothes-Baby with white onesie and headband with bow.
What’re Gerber Baby clothes-Baby with white onesie and headband with bow.

Gerber has trendy affordable baby clothes available and is quite a popular choice in the U.S. This brand may be interesting to check out when looking for bargain-priced outfits for babies and toddlers. Yet, for organic outfits for your baby, it might be beneficial to check out other organic baby brands, in our opinion.

Multiple other baby brands offer affordable organic cotton baby clothes but are certified with G.O.T.S (global organic textile standard), which might be worth checking out.

Choosing certified organic baby clothes is really worth it. It can give you peace of mind that baby clothes are genuinely organic and socially responsible manufactured as well, and really certified baby clothes don’t have to cost the world.

What is your favourite affordable organic baby clothes brand?

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