#5 Sustainable Baby clothes in Australia with Oeko-Tex 100

Are you looking for sustainable baby clothes that are safe for your baby?

Did you know Besides G.O.T.S-certified baby clothes, baby clothes certified with Oeko-tex 100 could be another option to find some fantastic sustainable focused baby clothes brands that are tested to be safe for humans?

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Do brands have to be certified to be sustainable?

No, there are excellent sustainable focussed baby and kids’ clothing brands without any certifications that are highly focused on sustainability and eco-friendly approaches their brands, such as the fantastic girl clothing brand Oobi.

Yet, Oeko tex or G.O.T.S. are handy to recognise safe and sustainable clothing brands easily, and many people like the reinsurance and that extra peace of mind that clothing is tested to be safe from harmful toxins.

Therefore, increasingly high-quality boutique brands choose to apply for this globally recognised label that tests clothing for regulated and unregulated harmful chemicals for humans.

And however, your choices may be more limited compared to America; still, you got a few fantastic, sustainable, focused kids’ clothing brands in Australia that use Oeko-tex 100 collections too.

3 Sustainable Baby clothes in Australia with Oeko-Tex 100

Check out these 3 sustainable baby clothes brands in Australia that have moved away from mainstream clothing to bring you quality and sustainable pieces with unique collections of Oeko-tex 100 baby clothes in Australia.

*We use affiliate links and may earn a commission at no extra cost.


Pop See is based in Melbourne and is a Scandanavian kid’s clothing brand with adult clothing collections.

Pop see has a sustainable focus bringing Australia a range of sustainable clothing, including organic and Oeko-tex collections.

Some brands you find at Pop see include Curious Story, Dear Sophie, Frugi and Jeco, to name a few.

To browse Oeko-tex 100 kids’ clothes at Pop See, you can check out their range from Alba of Denmark using the Green button below.

Alba of Denmark is a Retro and fun kids’ clothing brand designed in Denmark and certified with the highly respected eco-label Nordic Swan and Oeko tex 100.

#2 Boody

Boody is Bamboo underwear that makes Bamboo baby clothes a highly sustainable focus.

Boody is the first underwear brand in Australia to receive a B certification and works with multiple certifications such as F.S.C. ( Forest Stewardship Council), Eco cert and vegan approved.

Boody also uses Oeko-Tex 100 for some of their products, Yet remember you have to look per product to check certifications as not all Boody’s products are Oeko-tex certified.

However, Boody is not the place for colourful designs, busy patterns and pretty dresses; they are an excellent eco-friendly option for a comfy, super soft Bamboo baby sleepwear brand that is one of the very few Bamboo brands with a genuine, highly sustainable focus.

#3 Scandi

Besides Pop see, Scandi, based in Melbourne, Australia, is yet another Scandinavian kid’s clothing website in Australia that focuses on quality and sustainability.

Pop See has various baby, kids’ and adult clothing brands with kids sizes up from baby to 12, and a selection of their kids’ clothing is certified with Oeko-tex 100.

Not all brands on their websites are Oeko-tex 100, so we have selected the Oeko-tex clothing for you, which you can find using the green button below. (Still, double-check per item that the vibrant colour pieces you have selected are Oeko-tex 100 indeed).

#4 Ettitude

Ettitude is an Australian-based Bamboo brand company with a US online store.

However, Ettitude has no baby clothes. They have a fully certified Oeko tex baby line where you can find Oeko tex crib sheets, hooded towels, and crib mattress protectors crafted from 100% Bamboo Lyocell.

#5 Bam loves Boo

Bam loves Boo is a small slow, fashion Australian Bamboo baby brand with a highly sustainable focus.

Bam loves Boo uses non-toxic water-based inks and certified Organic grown Bamboo and Organic Cotton for their products.

However, Bam Loves boo, at this stage, does not use a natural solvent to process the bamboo for their clothing; they do so use a closed-loop system for their clothing processing, which is a much more eco-friendly method than many other bamboo baby brands use.

Also, all Bam loves boo end-products are certified with Oeko tex 100 to ensure their clothing is completely safe and free and tested for harmful substances. Any chemicals are entirely removed from the fabric.

Final thoughts for Oeko-tex 100 baby clothes in Australia

We hope these unique go-to stores to find safe, Unique; Sustainable Oeko-tex bay clothes are helpful for you to find baby clothes that fit your lifestyle.

What are your favourite Oeko-tex 100 baby clothes in Australia?

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