Is bloom baby Greenguard gold certified?

Is Bloom Baby Green Guard gold-certified?

The voluntary GreenGuard gold certification is increasingly used for nursery products such as cribs, changing tables and other indoor products; it is helpful for parents who want peace of mind that chemical emissions are minimized inside their house.

However, the GreenGuard Gold standard is frequently found in nursery furniture in the U.S.; it is also increasingly available in Australia. Today, we are checking out the Australian brand Bloom Baby, a global brand with eco-friendly and sustainability integrated as priority goals.

But is Bloom Baby also GreenGuard Gold certified?

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‘Please note that GreenGuard gold is yet one of the things to consider when buying a mattress. Also, consider other important details like a mattress’s firmness, support, breathability, and size.

Is Bloom Baby Green Guard Gold certified?

However, Bloom Baby takes many steps to be an eco-friendly and safe baby brand, and environmental sustainability is one of Bloom’s baby priorities. Yet, Most of their products are not GreenGuard Gold certified.

Do baby cribs have to be Green Guard Gold certified?

Bloom baby cribs use responsibly sourced wood, Low VOC and baby-safe finishes, and MDF & formaldehyde-free.

Also, they are passing all CPSC & ATSM safety standards. Yet, their products are not certified with the voluntary Green Guard gold standard for chemical emission.

No, cribs don’t have to be GreenGuard Gold certified. Yet, it has become an increasingly desired choice by families. As Babies are more susceptible to chemicals, and to improve indoor air quality in your house and baby’s nursery, GreenGuard gold can be beneficial to help minimize chemical exposure.

Are Bloom Baby’s matrasses Green Guard Gold certified?

Additionally to a few other brands that have GreenGuard gold matrasses in the U.S., Bloom also has a Green Guard gold option called Bloom Breathe.

Yet, Please note that GreenGuard gold Bloom Breathe matrasses are made and sold in the U.S. but are NOT available on the Australia website.

alma max crib mattress – US standard size

from: bloom

Final thoughts for Bloom Baby Greenguard gold certification.

However, Bloom has safety and sustainability as one of its main priorities; the Australian brand Bloom, which is now a global brand, has only the Bloom Breathe matrasses available as a GreenGuard Gold option at this stage, with no availability for this product at Australia, where this brand originates from.

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