Is Organic cotton better for babies?

Is Organic cotton better for babies?

Cotton has always been a popular choice for baby clothes as the cotton fabric has many benefits. Yet during the last decade, cotton has been making way for organic cotton.

Many baby brands have started using organic cotton for their baby clothes collections, yet this improved version of cotton doesn’t always come for cheap.

Is organic cotton better for babies and worth the extra money?

Do organic cotton baby clothes have to be expensive?

Is Organic cotton better for babies?

Organic cotton is a popular choice for babies and is increasingly used across various baby brands.

Organic cotton is better and safer for babies than regular cotton as it is grown without the harmful chemicals used in the conventional cotton industry.

Organic cotton is also often softer, more durable and eco-friendlier as well.

What fabric is best for babies?

Cotton fabric is the most popular choice for children’s and baby apparel. Still, organic cotton is the best, safest and most eco-friendly and increasingly popular one to look out for.

Organic cotton is super soft (especially the more expensive brands), hypoallergenic, highly absorbent, durable, and gentle for a baby’s skin.

Finding genuine organic baby clothes…

Organic cotton is grown without harmful chemicals used in conventional cotton farming. Therefore, organic cotton baby clothes are an excellent choice for parents conscious of minimising chemical exposure in their baby’s environment as much as possible.

Yet, finding genuine organic clothing can be confusing. Still, luckily, there are the G.O.T.S certifications that are increasingly used by baby brands, making it a lot easier to find genuine organic baby clothes.

Are G.O.T.S certified organic baby clothes expensive?

When looking for G.O.T.S certified baby clothes, you have a broad choice of brands with a wide range of price points.

Dressing your baby in genuine organic baby clothes doesn’t have to be expensive. Yet, if you have the budget, it is not hard to make it expensive as some of the most luxurious organic brands are not necessarily cheap.

Some of the more expensive organic brands often have more unique prints such use higher quality cotton, such as Organic Pima cotton, which has higher quality. (Check no 6 for Organic Pima cotton baby clothes in our review for the best organic baby clothes here)

Other more expensive organic brands cost but are locally made in the U.S, such as these cute brands.

Yet, you still have opinions from brands like these here for a smaller budget.

What are the purest Organic cotton baby clothes existing?

Organic farming is a vast improvement compared to conventional cotton farming as many toxic chemicals can not be used to grow the crops. Yet, organic farming can still use certain products approved for organic farming.

For those who want to take things one step further and are looking for the purest form of organic cotton baby clothes, biodynamic cotton can be considered an option.

Biodynamic organic cotton is grown on a biodynamic farm that uses no external products to grow its cotton crops.

Biodynamic is rarely used for baby clothes, yet there are baby brands that use biodynamic organic cotton to make baby clothes.

What about Bamboo?

Yes, Bamboo is quite famous for baby clothes and has been significantly reviewed by parents for its excellent properties. Remember, though, that Bamboo is not considered a natural fabric as it requires to be completely broken down to pulp and mixed with chemical solutions before it can be spun into fabric and, most of the time, not necessarily that eco-friendly.

Yet, If you want to go with Bamboo fabric for baby clothes but like the most eco-friendly and safe option, look for brands that use Oeko-tex 100, Lyocell bamboo and closed-looped systems.

Final thoughts for Organic cotton for babies?

Organic cotton is understandable as it has all the suitable properties to make comfortable, breathable baby clothes while being one of your more eco-friendly choices.

Many baby brands have introduced organic cotton to some of their collections, while other brands use organic cotton exclusively.

The GO.T.S certification is now used by many baby brands and is an easy way to recognise genuine organic baby clothes.

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