What is Little Planet by Carter’s? {Organic baby clothes on a budget?}

What is Little Planet by Carter’s?

Carter’s is a significant children’s clothing brand in the U.S that initially sold non-organic apparel; however, this famous brand has now designated an exclusive label named Little Planet, made from organic cotton and aligns with sustainable lifestyle trends increasingly followed by many modern families.

The Little Planet clothing line is more socially responsible than mainstream apparel putting less strain on the environment and leaving a smaller footprint.

Today, we like to share some facts about Little Planet’s collection to help you decide if Little Planets apparel aligns with your lifestyle goals and your lifestyle to find organic clothing.

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What is Little Planet by Carter?

Little Planet by Carter’s is an organic apparel line of Carter’s with mainly babies’ wear.

The collection is crafted from 100% G.O.T.S certified organic cotton, and the snaps used for the bodysuits are nickel-free.

Little Planet is perfect for families looking for more affordable organic baby clothes.

What products can you find in the Little Planet collection?

Little Planet is the perfect place to stop by and check various organic baby apparel for affordable pricing. In addition, you will find bigger kids’ sizes for organic pj’s and allow you to purchase matching pj’s for siblings.

What is Little Planet by Carter's?-Little Planet Baby boy gift bundle set.
Little Planet by Carter’s Baby boy gift bundle set.

You will also find some mums and bubs matching sleeping apparel in the Little Planet collection.

Mostly these are the go-to items to check out in the organic line of Carter’s:

  • Baby gift bundles (including two signature bundles)
  • Organic bodysuit Bundles (Great value for money)
  • Affordable individual outfits (Super cute options)
  • Swaddles
  • Playsuits (Check out the golden lemon design)
  • Matching Pj’s

Are the Little Planet garments made from genuine organic cotton?

Yes, The Little Planet apparel line of Carter’s is genuinely organic.

What is Little Planet by Carter's?-Cotton Planet.
What is Little Planet by Carter’s?-Cotton Planet.

All the outfits are made from 100% G.O.T.S Certified organic cotton, globally recognised as one of the highest respected labels for organic fibres.

The benefits of Certified organic baby clothes

It can be tough to identify genuine organic products for organic products, especially with more affordable apparel.

Labels like G.O.T.S make it much easier for customers to know what product is ethically made and genuinely organic.

You can learn more in-depth about the many benefits of products with organic standards in the video underneath.

Affordability of Little Planets Baby Clothes

Generally, organic baby clothes don’t come cheap. Still, some labels like Little Planet offer certified organic baby clothes for more affordable pricing, giving families a smaller budget to spend on baby clothes and opportunities for excess organic clothing.

For the most significant value for money, check out Little Planet’s organic clothing bundles, as these have the most affordable prices across the clothing line.

Unlike other brands that offer organic outfits on a budget, Little Planet backs up its sustainable claims with independent certifications.

What is Little Planet by Carter's?-Golden lemon baby clothes' gift set.
Golden lemon baby clothes’ gift set.

You will find the most adorable baby outfits in Carter’s organic clothing line, mostly sold individually. Still, the more basic bodysuits and footies are also sold in bundles, giving you the most significant value for money.

Still, the gift bundles also include cute prints and various apparel and still are pretty affordably priced, and these will make super adorable sustainable gifts.

In an earlier article, we have also selected the Little Planet line in our top 3 most affordable organic baby clothes brands in the U.S.

Is the Little Planet limited collection worth it?

However, the Little Planet garments may not be made from Authentic biodynamic Egyptian cotton like Under the Niles organic baby clothes; the Little Planet apparel line is certified organic, super cute and allow you to excess genuine organic apparel for affordable pricing.

If you give Little Planet a go, keep in mind that Carter’s sizing generally runs a little small sometimes. Perhaps double-check the sizing guide to help you find the correct sizing for your little one and consider shrinking after washing the garments.

Other methods to excess premium organic baby clothes on a budget

However, this might not be for everyone; renting baby clothes services are increasing in popularity and another excellent way to dress your baby in certified organic outfits without breaking your bank account.

‘Did you know you can use excess premium organic brands like Under the Nile, Finn + Emma and Burtbees without spending significant money?

Renting pre-loved baby clothes is accessible, sustainable and convenient, and U.S families are lucky to have passionate communities like Upchoose who are happy to be a part of your sustainable journey. Services like this have become popular during many American families’ ongoing sustainable lifestyle trends.

Conclusion about Little Planet?

The little Planet apparel line has excellent opportunities for parents and carers looking for genuine affordable organic baby clothes.

Especially the bundles in the Little planet collections have super affordable pricing considering it is certified organic. Still, the gift bundles are well worth checking out and making great sustainable gifts to share with your loved ones.

However, Little Planet is the only Organic line from Carter’s at this stage; did you know Carter has launched their more sustainable line, Carters raise the future now?

You can find Oeko-Tex-certified clothing and clothing collections line made with recycled materials in this line.

Perhaps non-toxic and more sustainable clothing gradually becomes the norm with increasing brands using more sustainable approaches to craft and manufacture their clothing.

What are your favourite organic kid’s clothes brands?

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  1. I would have never thought you could find organic clothing!  I loved Carter’s for my children. I now have a grandchild on the way, so I can all kinds of cute clothes from Carter’s, and know they are organic …. better for the planet!  The prices are really not bad, as what you are getting is priceless!  Something affordable, cute and great for the planet.  Thanks for sharing!


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