Is carter’s an Eco-friendly kid’s Fashion Brand in 2022 ?

Is Carter’s an Eco-friendly kid’s fashion brand moving forwards, and has it changed its philosophy and socially responsible approach as a business?

Carter’s is a significant kids’ clothing retailer based in the U.S. and is famous for its Doorstopper deals and cute, reasonably affordable outfits for acceptable quality.

Yet, they have been recognised as a fashion brand with room for improvement in their environmentally-friendly actions.

Has Carter’s improved its sustainability lately and become a more environmentally friendlier brand?

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Is Carter’s a Sustainable brand?

Among the many kid’s fashion brands available in the U.S, Carter’s is not a leader in its sustainable approach and won’t most likely be not nominated as the most environmentally friendliest kids’ fashion brand available on the market.

Yet, Carter’s is trying to improve their sustainability across their brand besides their organic Little Planet line to introduce more collections crafted from more sustainable materials.

Check out Carter’s more sustainable clothing collections underneath….

#1 Carter’s organic Clothing collections

As you may know, Carter’s already has one more sustainable collection called Little Planet Carter’s, which was launched in by Carter in early 2021.

Unlike Carter’s other collections, Little Planet is made from organic cotton grown without relatively affordable pesticides.

Carter’s Little Planet line is certified organic with the most respected standard for organic fibres worldwide (Global Organic textile standards).

G.O.T.S.-certified baby clothes are trendy amongst parents who shop for sustainable baby clothes. Little Planet by Carters is, together with a few other brands, one of the more affordable choices for G.O.T.S.-certified baby clothes.

#2 Carter’s Oeko-tex clothing collections

You may or may not have seen brands that carry the Oeko-text label. Still, the title is increasing in popularity, and the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is one of the most recognised and widely used labels for products with textiles tested for harmful substances.

While G.O.T.S. limited their certifications to organic fibres only, any textile products can apply for Oeko-tex certifications as long as it is free of harmful substances.

Carter’s has had goals to launch more sustainable clothing collections besides their Organic Little Planet line, and the Oeko-tex has been one of the goals on the list to improve Carter’s sustainability.

Carters has now proudly introduced the start of using the STANDARD OEKO-TEX 100 certification label. They expect to appear on many of their 0-24 months baby apparel and sleepwear by 2022.

#3 Carter’s recycled clothing collections

At Carter’sRaise, the future kid’s clothes collections, you can find Carter’s newest sustainable collections, such as the organic and Oeko-tex collections. In addition, you can find a recycled collection Carters has introduced with their latest sustainable improvements here.

Options for recycled apparel at Carter’s include shoes, jumpsuits made with recycled Poly and swimsuits U.P.F. 50+ made from recycled polyester.

Final thoughts on the sustainability of Carter’s clothes

However, there is plenty of work left and room for improvement; Carter’s shows goodwill by launching new, more sustainable approaches across its brand and products.

You can now shop for organic, Oeko-tex, and recycled collections by Carter’s.

In addition, a range of other Sustainable approaches is launched, including the proud member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition that shows commitment to providing more sustainable choices, a much-needed upgrade for sustainability for Carter’s.

Carter’s further sustainable goals are to use 100 per cent sustainable cotton and polyester fibres by 2030.

Many of Carter’s customers and the environment highly regard Carter’s sustainability improvements.

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