Do primary baby clothes run small?

Do primary baby clothes run small?

Clothing sizing can be one of the biggest challenges when shopping online.

As you may have experienced for yourself, there can be significant differences in sizing between countries and brands.

Luckily there are a few things before you order from a brand you never have before to maximise your chances to order the best sizes for your kiddies; today, we will chat on Primary’s measures and have no size chart displayed as some other brands do.

Do primary baby clothes run big, small or true to size?

Do primary baby clothes run small?

Overall most Primary customers agree that Primary clothing runs pretty much true to size while being slightly slim and lean. Nevertheless, to decide on the best sizing Primary provide an estimated weight and height guide for each size.

Do Primary clothing shrink?

You may have experienced buying the cutest outfit that fitted perfectly fine…until you washed it and it shrunk that much, it wouldn’t fit anymore, and you wished you had ordered the bigger size…

How frustrating!!

However, not all brands do; quite a few brands pre-was/ shrink their clothing before purchasing it, making a significant difference in clothing shrinkage at home after buying the brand new item.

Some brands that pre-shrink their clothing items before you buy them include brands like Finn + Emma, and most of Hanna Andersson’s garments are pre-shrunk.

Also, Primary does prewash their clothing to help reduce excessive shrinkage at home. Nevertheless, most of Primary’s clothes are crafted from 100% cotton, which is a fabric that is very prone to shrinking.

Therefore still take care to avoid shrinking by cooling the garments in cool water and only dry your baby’s outfit on low is the recommendation from Primary.

Sizing overview Primary

As mentioned before, Primary has their view on the most effective way to choose correct sizes, and from their experience, measurements have not been helpful while buying clothing.

To help you decide on the most suitable size for your children, Primary has included size charts on each product page with a range of estimated weight and rights per size.

If you feel unsure about deciding on sizing, Primary invite you to give a call on  1-844-435-5675 to guide you to the correct size by sharing information about what sizes your child was for other brands, plus considering their heights and weights.

Another helpful tool could be the use of could be sizing websites…

Did you know there are also websites like Size cast where you can fill out some details of your child, which give you a forecast for sizing for over 80 popular clothing brands, including Primary?

Is the returning process easy incase you have to return a Primary item?

One last step related to ordering the correct size online is the returning process.

Ordering online has always carried a risk as you don’t like the ordered items when tried on, or the sizing doesn’t suit your child’s body shape.

In those events, you probably agree that knowing a company has an easy returning process is paramount to confidently ordering online, right?

The good news is the primary has a pretty loyal returning policy and offers free returns on items that are unworn and unwashed items that are returned within 90 days. (Except for final clearance items that are not eligible for returns).

Primary will also provide you with a free prepaid return shipping label for eligible items you would like to return. If you wish, you could use the original shipping bag (make sure to remove any previous tags) to send the parcel back after you have attached the new shipping labels and have inserted the packing slip within your parcel.

Final thoughts for Primary clothes sizing.

Most individuals who purchased from Primary agree that the clothing runs pretty accurate to size but is slightly slim.

However, Primary doesn’t provide measurements charts with their sizes; they do provide you with estimates for measures with rights and weights.

Additionally, you can give them a ring on 1-844-435-5675, where Primary is happy to advise you on the correct sizes for their products, or you can also use sites like Size cast to find advice on sizing kids’ clothing.

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