Hanna Andersson VS Primary

While Hanna Andersson has been around a bit longer since 1983 and is most likely still the winner for huge brand recognition for their hands me down quality kids clothes, Primary has gained a lot of popularity too for their quality kids clothing, reaching not less than 30 million in revenue in 2018.

While you won’t find logos on Primary kid’s clohtes as they stand by no gender-specific and non-slogan style kids clothes, their simplified clothing features now a choice of patterns like you find at Hanna style pj’s.

Like Hanna Andersson, Primary has gained massive popularity, with many people joining the waiting lists for regular newly launched prints.

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Hanna Andersson VS Primary

While Primary’s kid’s clothing may not have reached the brand recognization that Hanna Andersson has, they are doing very well gaining lots of traction growing their affordable non-slogan gender-neutral Oeko-tex kids clothing brand.

Are the similarities between Hanna Andersson and Primary?

Hanna Andersson and Primary have quite a few similarities as quality kids’ clothing brands that are made to last, avoiding ending up in a landfill.

These two mid-range U.S.brands have quite a few things in common. However, Hanna Andersson is around for longer Primary is becoming a serious competitor gaining quite a bit of traction with their likewise matching pj’s increasing popularity by families looking for durable quality kids clothes with a sustainable focus.

Similarities between Hanna Andersson and Primary

Let’s look for things that Hanna Andersson and Primary have in common: a few things.

Thins Hanna and Primary D.O. have in common include:

  • Oeko-tex certified
  • Partial organic collections that are G.O.T.S. certified.
  • Matching P.J.’s for the whole family.
  • Collections are manufactured outside thU.S.S.
  • Quality kids clothing
  • Pyjama collections are made from certified organic cotton.
  • Prewashed clothing- (MOST of Hanna Andersson’s clothing is prewashed, and ALL Primary clothes are prewashed).
  • Both brands utelise recyceld materials

Differences between Hanna Andersson and Primary

However, Hanna Andersson and Primary have many things in common; some differences set them apart.

You can view some of the differences between both brands in the list underneath:

  • Clothing style-Primary is Non-gender specific, -Hanna Andersson is gender-specific)
  • Hanna Andersson is more expensive than Primary
  • Hanna Andersson ships internationally, and Primary doesn’t.

Pros and cons for Hanna Andersson and Primary

So now we look at Similarities and differences. First, let’s look at the most significant Pros and Cons for Hanna Andersson and the primary ones underneath…

Let’s start with Hanna Andersson…

Hanna Andersson


  • Utilize organic cotton and recycled materials in collections
  • International shipping is available
  • Free returns within 60 days of purchase (*excluding finals sale products *excluding shipping cost).


  • Shipping cost for return on own expense
  • You have to spend at least $100- to receive free shipping on orders in thU.S.
  • Inconsistent customer service care
  • Firm pricing
  • You have to spend a minimum of $100- to receive free shipping on orders in thU.S.


Ok, now let’s look at some interesting facts about Primary, shall we?


  • Utilize organic cotton and recycled materials in collections
  • Clear sustainable focus across the brand
  • Free shipping over $35- in the U.S.
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free returns within 90 days of purchase. (*Excluding sales items) (Free return label provided)


  • No international shipping availability.

Final thoughts for Hanna Andersson VS Primary

Both Hanna Andersson and Primary are popular Kid’s fashion brands, especially for families looking for quality kids’ clothing brands with a sustainable focus. Still, in several areas, Primary seems to have some active pros, which explain the growth and popularity of this newer kids’ fashion brand.

While shipping, free return labels, and the more affordable pricepoint are by themselves quite a few bonus points for Primary, they are doing very well with their sustainable approach.

As increasing numbers of families value shopping as sustainably without compromising on style, Primary will be likey well-loved for the wide range of sustainable actions they take across their brand.

(Some of the sustainable improvements Primary has utilized include the use of compostable mailing bags, the exclusion of all non-certified viscose, modal and rayon fabrics in their entire assortment and the use of 100% sustainable materials for all synthetic styles, to call a few)

Additionally, Primary is cheaper than Hanna Andersson, has received great reviews about their customer service and has, like Hanna Andersson, now also introduced partial collections made with G.O.T.S. certified collections, including their P.J.’s collections.

Overall, Hanna maybe still win in brand recognizable and in sales with a strong following. Still, Primary is well on its way to increasing brand recognition and potentially expanding its success outside the U.S..

Did you try Primary yet, or do you prefer Hanna Andersson’s collections?

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