Are primary baby clothes at Walmart?

Are primary baby clothes at Walmart?

You may have encountered the increasingly popular kids’ clothing brand Primary and wondered which stores sell this sustainably focused kids’ clothing brand.

Is Primary exclusively available on Primary’s official site, or can you find their apparel also at popular shopping platforms such as Amazon or Walmart?

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Are primary baby clothes at Walmart?

However, you will not find brand new Primary baby or kids clothes at Walmart, Wallmart does have a limited selection of pre-owned baby clothes from this increasing popular brand.

Yet, However, Primary was previously exclusively sold on Pirmary’s official site; since 2022, the popular children’s clothes brand Primary now also offers their gender-neutral collections across a few other major baby store retailers in the U.S.

Which baby retailer started selling Primary?

Primary is a relatively new brand launched in 2015 and was before March 2022, exclusively sold through Primary’s official site

Yet, Primary announced this change in March 2022 with an exclusive partnership they have encountered with leading specialty baby retailer Buybuy BABY.

Buy buy baby, owned by Bed Bath & Beyond, carry a generous selection of Primary pieces in over 100 stores and is also available at Buy Buy Baby online.


Fast forward to 2023…

Primary is now available at Maisonette alongside many other high-end baby brands under one roof.

Final thoughts on the availability of Primary clothes?

If you are up for buying preloved baby clothes from Primary, you may find something preloved at Walmart. However, their selection of Preloved Primary pieces is somewhat limited.

Yet another place to find a broader range of preloved Primary clothes is the Kidizen Rewear program. On this platform, you can find a wide range of other popular kids’ fashion brands and Hanna Andersson, a member of Kidizen.

As for finding brand new Primary baby clothes, you have limited options other than the official website of Primary, which until very recently was selling their popular pieces exclusively through their website. Yet from March 2022, you can now find Primary brands at approximately 100 Buy buy baby retail stores or by Buy Buy baby online.

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